Book cover of “The Billionaire's Destined Wife“ by MuchoCutie

The Billionaire's Destined Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: MuchoCutie
Keila thought that the well-known playboy of their university, Dwayne Lopez, was serious about her. She made a mistake. She was also just one of the girls that Dwayne played with. She loved him, but she was only hurt. In the middle of her heartbreak, she meets the famous vocalist of Sky Light, Kean Marco. Kean is willing to help her forget Dwayne b... 


You thought you were destined, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

I was just looking at her while she was standing in front of me. She's just showing how low of a woman she is. There are still many people around us. Is she not ashamed of what she says?

"Did you get it, Keila?" She asked more.

I just shook my head. With the amount and speed of what she said, I didn't understand a single word. I understood even more the loud whispering of people around us.

"Babe!" he shouted, and he was looking behind me, so I also looked behind and saw Dwayne Lopez, my boyfriend, approaching us.

Suddenly, my heart beat faster when I saw him. He has such a strong effect on me that every time I see him, I get confused. This is what it's like when you see the person you love.

"What's up, Krystal?" He said it coolly while walking with the girl I was about to kill in my mind. "What's the problem?"

"It's like this girl; she said you have a relationship. Is it true?" They both looked at me, or it's better to say they stared at me like you thought I had committed a crime.

I was nervous about what Dwayne would say. He is known as a playboy and heartbreaker at the university. He probably won't turn his back on me; he's my boyfriend. I know he's a jerk, but he says he loves me. Can he say I'm his girlfriend? Sure, why would he reject me?

"I don't know what she's talking about, Krystal."

What he said slowly echoed in my brain. My world literally stopped. the pain, and I hate this damn feeling. After a week of our relationship, will he just reject me in front of a lot of people like that? faster than the blink of an eye.

So they were right; he was just playing with me.

I shouldn't have trusted him. I whispered to myself.

"See? You're delusional!" Krystal spoke as if she had won a battle. She came and slapped me. "Dwayne will never be yours! You're just his plaything. I'm his only girlfriend. Get it?"

I returned the slap she gave me. I slapped her with the remaining strength I had. I wanted to slap him and tweak him just to get rid of the pain and anger in my heart, but a hand stopped me.

"Keila, stop it!" Jenelle disobeyed Dwayne's sister and was my best friend. "What's going on?" She looked at his brother, who was now hugging Krystal. "Why are you with Krystal?! I thought, " She looked at me, and it slowly dawned on him what was really going on. She knows her older brother better. "You're being a freaking jerk again, Big Brother!" She shouted, but Dwayne didn't seem to care.

More and more people around us. We are like chickens that are being fought over and bet on. They are laches. What else can I expect? They are thirsty for news about famous people.

Me and Dwayne are famous dancers. Jenelle and Krystal are famous models.

This is the perfect scene for a perfect scandal that will surely spread throughout the university tomorrow. But who the hell cares about it? I'm damn hurting right now, and that's all that matters to me right now. I care about them all. Can they remove the pain I feel?

Why should I think of them? When I cry, will they cry too? Isn't it? So I don't care.

All the pain I feel is caused by the man I loved but who cheated and hurt me. It's just stupid.

You're the one who loved, and you're the one who got hurt. Sometimes it's dumb and stupid.

I feel like tears will fall from my eyes at any time. I can't allow myself to look poor and stupid in front of all of them. I better just leave here.

I had a hard time getting away from the crowd, and a tall man blocked me.

For reasons I don't know, what my brother told me echoed.

Destiny is playful, but it's up to you whether you play with him or not.

I pulled the man in front of me closer to me. I watched it in my favorite movie. Will my thoughts work?

"Kiss Me." I whispered to the man in front of me. He would have screamed, but I spoke again. "Kiss me, or I'll pierce your private parts." He thought more, but he pulled me in and kissed me on the lips. A passionate kiss.

Everyone was silent.

Exactly one minute later, I broke away from his kiss and looked at them all. I stared at Dwayne. He was shocked at what I did. Actually, they are all gaping now.

"Dwayne Lopez, if you think you're a freaking good player, you better meet your coach." I said.

I winked at them all after I pulled out the strange man who had kissed me earlier. I pulled him to the end of the university, where no one could see us. I stopped because I was so out of breath that I was about to pull away from him. He's heavy, huh?

Whatever happened earlier, the important thing is that I survived the shame. I will not let myself come out defeated.

"What the hell are you doing?" The man who pulled me asked irritably after he removed my hand from holding his arm. "Are you crazy?"

"Yes, madly in love." My answer.

"I hope you're beautiful, but you're stupid."

I faced him. My right eyebrow rose. He is too thick to tell me that. We're not close. But maybe I'm stupid.

"Damn it." He whispered. "I'm late for practice, and it's your fault. Tsk. Crazy girl." He said nothing and quickly left.

I couldn't do anything other than look at his back as he walked away. He is tall and has a beautiful body.

I didn't even know his name. I would have even thanked him for saving me from embarrassment. Will we meet again with that strange man?

I don't know if he will play a role in my life or not, but what I do know is that all the people who come into your life

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