Book cover of “Sexy Lies“ by Mallowelhla

Sexy Lies

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Mallowelhla
“There are no vampires in this town. This is not a fictional world nor Twilight, where a handsome and hot vampire will fall in love with you. There’s no Edward Cullen here, and you’re not Bella,” one of my classmates said. If only they knew the truth… Throughout my teenage years, I’ve been bullied because of my fascination with vampires, and now... 

Chapter 1

His length filled me fully. I can feel the hardness of it inside. I move my hips so I can feel him more. His sweat is dripping down his ripped chest into his toned abs. He throws his head back while thrusting inside me.

I can see his piercing red eyes darted at me. His fangs are so sharp. I watch him as he ravish my body. I am his human prey, and he’s my vampire predator. All I can do is moan and scream his name while gripping tightly on the bedsheet. I can feel my womanhood clenching, ready to burst in any minute now.


“Adrasteia!” Fuck!

I turned to the girl next to me. “Oh?!”

I forgot that I’m in the park of the school where students are studying, playing, and chatting.

I’m here because I waited for my best friend. We used to wait each other at school so we could be together in the first class. It turns out that our first class is always the same. We have four more friends in college, we will soon graduate.

“You’re spacing out again!” Now she has come near.

Fucky! What a waste!

“Am I?” I wonder.

Really? I’m spacing out? It feels more like a daydream to me, wet dreams in fact.

“Yes! I’m not sure if your brain is flying or you’re fantasizing, your eyes are closed, it’s like you’re stuck!” she said laughing.

Oh fucky! Adrasteia, what the fucking fucky are you doing?!

It’s embarrassing! Those who saw me might have thought I was wearing a vibrator today.

Fucky! This is all because of what I saw last night! It awakened my fantasy for vampires again!

“Because maybe it’s what I saw last night.”

“Hmm? What did you see? Porn?” She chuckled.

“Fucky, no!”

“Then what did you see? Is it?” She put her right hand and then guided the hand in and out as if masturbating herself.

My eyes widened at what she did with a few passersby staring at her.

“Fucky, no! Stop that! You don’t have a hairy bird!” I laughed and said to her then pulled her to sit next to me.

“What did you see?”

“I know you won’t believe everything I will say, but promise me that you won’t laugh at me.” I seriously said to her. She nodded. I pulled her closer. I sighed heavily.

“I saw vampires in the woods.” I whisper.

I pulled away to see her reaction. She’s looking serious but her neck is turning red as her face.

Fucky! I know she won’t believe me!

She burst out laughing while slamming her fist on the wooden table. I rolled my eyes at her.

I got up from there and turned to her who was still laughing. “I know you won’t believe it. Why did I even tell you? You’ll take care of it!”

I marched out of the park. I’m freaking fucky serious. I saw the vampires in the middle of the woods! They’re like a cult doing a ritual or something.

“Adra! Steia! Adrasteia!”

I stopped to hear Alta shout.

“W-wait,” she said breathlessly. “You’re so serious! I was just having fun! It’s so funny what you said!”

I slouch my back. This is us again, it always makes me laugh.

I turned my back on her and regained my strength. “You know that’s just the effect of your research. That’s what you chose to research so you’re very much against doing that! You went out late at night and wandered in the forest just for that. Doesn’t mean you’re in the forest, it is the place where the vampire and heroine meet in what we read in the novel, but it’s not the same in real life!” she said.

Fucky! Maybe it’s just an effect of my research on vampires.

“You’re lucky you weren’t bitten by a snake oh you were bitten by what animal in there!”

“The only thing that bothers me, handsome vampire!” I said.

It wasn’t an illusion last night. I know what I saw, my eyes are not blurred either.

“This will be explored!” I point to my neck then to femininity.

“You’re only consumed by that research of yours!” Alta said.

“I’m ready to be eaten. I’ll get my body ready on the table!” Fucky! What am I saying?!

“I don’t know anymore, Adra. It’s your life!” Alta said laughing.

We walked together. “So if it’s true that there are vampires in the woods,” she stops herself from speaking.

“Then there’s Edward Cullen in? A hot mysterious handsome vampire,” she said sultry.

Even though you and Alta always laugh at me, I am happy to meet and she became my friend. She also loves vampires like me, we want to read novels about them.

Every time she sleeps at home we will watch the whole twilight saga, we like that. One of the most beautiful stories about vampires.

“Fucky! Really? Sure? Hopefully!” I was thrilled to say.

My forehead furrowed as she stopped walking. I turned to her and saw her staring somewhere. I followed her eyes. There was a woman sitting in the corner and quietly reading the book she was holding.

Is that serious? In the hallway really reading? Black, long, straight hair is blocking her face, so I don’t see much of her face.

“Then there’s Bella too, just like her.” Alta’s said.

“Fucky?! Are you serious Alta?” I said with disbelief in my voice. She glanced at me.

“Yeah! Look oh! She’s thin and pale too! Bella’s hair is as long as hers!”

I turned to the woman who could now see her face as she pulled out her hair. “And look! She looks like Kristen Stuart too!” Alta said in amazement..

I just shook my head as I stared at t woman.

“She’s no Bella.”

As I said that, I walked out. I don’t know why but that girl irritates me just by existing. Maybe because, Alta said she somehow looks like ‘Bella’ in twilight. No fucking fucky way!

I pressed my lips together then close my eyes as I sighed heavily. ‘She’s no Bella,’ I whisper to myself.

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