Book cover of “Tales of the Broken Queen“ by Lilyanna

Tales of the Broken Queen

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Lilyanna
Eleanor was the weakest werewolf and was thus the laughingstock of her pack. Her parents, the ones who were supposed to protect her, were murdered right in front of her, with no one to come to her rescue. She finds her mate who turns out to be worse than everyone. Just when she thought that the moon goddess had finally decided to answer her sil... 

Chapter 1

Eleanor's POV

I walked into the school with my head held high. I wasn't going to let what anyone says about my nature get to me. 

I am finally going to stand up for myself. I heard them talking behind me but I made sure that the smile on my lips never wavered. They don't affect me again. 

I was too focused on making it to my locker in peace that I hit someone. The books in my hands drop to the ground and I immediately drop to my knees to pick them up muttering sorry to whoever I bumped into.

"Can you watch where you are going? I wouldn't want to be infected by your wolfless nature.

"There was no way I couldn't recognize the voice. It was Kaitlyn, one of my biggest bullies. She is the daughter of the Beta of the pack. I wouldn't want my parents to have a problem with the Beta and his family. 

I muttered sorry to her but she stepped on my fingers with her high-heeled boots.

I looked at all their faces, they were laughing and enjoying my screams. Kaitlyn twisted her boots and the effect it had on my hands made me scream louder.

She pulled me by my chin and spoke directly into my face forcing me to look at her dolled-up face. 

"Know your place in this pack. You and your family are nothing but a leech to this pack. All you ever do is leech off this pack. You should be glad that this pack still feeds you all with money that would be better off with the orphans."

When she let my face go, I could feel my chin burning. She stepped harder on my fingers and laughed alongside everyone in the hallway. 

When she raised her boots from my fingers, I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. I could feel my cheeks wet, not knowing how long I had been crying, I forced myself to stand up without the help of anyone.

No one cared enough to help me, not even the teachers. They all stood and watched Kaitlyn bully me laughing their butts off as though it were a comedy. I wasn't like my peers. 

I wasn't going to heal on my own without the aid of antibiotics. I had no wolf and therefore couldn't heal myself.

This is exactly how I live my life. Being tortured at school and everywhere and by everyone except my family. Isn't that a grand lifestyle?

I forced a smile on my face as I pushed open the door prepared to see the only family that cared about my entire existence.

"Mom! Dad! I'm home already…"

The rest of the words got stuck in my throat as my hand flew over my mouth.

"Be quiet, we have a guest and he is resting. Don't wake him up with your loud mouth." 

"I'm sorry Mother, I didn't know that we had a guest. It's been forever since someone visited us." I said as low as I could sound.

I wonder who it is anyway, it's not like my parents had any friends. We were omegas and were treated like outcasts. Maybe it's a distant relative.

Father came into sight and before I could go to him, mother beat me to it. 

"How is the man?" She asked worriedly.

"He is fine, I managed to remove the knife that got stuck on his leg and treated his wounds so he will be okay in no time."

"Who is this man?" For the first time since I came into the house from school, my father looked at me. He looked stressed out, there were beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

"Hey honey bee, you're back home, how's school today." He asked pulling me in for a bear hug.

"School was just like always. No one talked to me and the teachers ignored me." I said with a smile on my face and my father hugged me again a little tighter while my mother rubbed my back.

"Don't worry, this will all pass away." Mother said and I nodded.

Pulling away from my father's hug, I looked into his eyes. "So who is this mystery man?"

"Oh, I found him on my way back home. He was injured and was losing a lot of blood and I couldn't leave alone to die so I brought him here to treat him."

"How is he doing now?"

"He should be fine. He was hit with a silver knife so his wolf was shut out so he can't heal fast. He will heal slower than supposed but he should be fine" Father said assuringly. 

"Now don't worry about him, just go upstairs and freshen up. Dinner should be set by now." Father added, placing a kiss on my forehead.

"Are you the one cooking tonight?" I whispered to him and he nodded his head.

"Cool, finally I get to eat a healthy meal," I whispered and Father chuckled.

"I heard that Eleanor." 

"But it's true," I said and Mother snickered. 

Mother has never been a good cook. She is so bad at cooking. Anytime she cooks, Dad and I end up taking cornflakes.

Father covered his mouth with his hands to stop him from laughing and mother elbowed him. He faked a groan and his mother immediately rushed to his side buying his act. 

She always falls for this trick every single time. I shook my head at him and he winked at me.

I looked at them one last time before I went to my room. They looked cute together. 

I can't wait to find my mate. He would be just like my father and he would love me to death. I shook my head at my little fantasy and I walked up to my room.

I just wished our lives would have been a little more different. I wished that they would stop seeing me as a plague. 

Sometimes, I wished that I were in Kaitlyn's shoes.

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