Book cover of “The Billionaire's Babysitter“ by Essie Neh

The Billionaire's Babysitter

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Essie Neh
“Gisele! I have great news,” Lizzie shouted. “Will you tell me what you have to so that I can also be excited?” Gisele asked, a bit sourly. “Okay, so remember how I said I was going to help you look for a job? I did.” “Seriously?" “Yess!! And guess who you might be working with?” “Erm, Leonardo DiCaprio?” Gisele asked, humoring her. “Slate He... 

Chapter 1

“Gisele!” a sharp voice called from the next room.

Gisele shook with a start and frowned in confusion. She was on break and didn’t understand why Elaine was calling me. Still, she went to her office.

Gisele stood in front of Elaine’s office and knocked timidly, then went in when she heard the muffled “Come in.”

“Yes, boss? You called,” Gisele said, opening the door and standing in front of her desk.

“Sit, please,” Elaine said, making me raise my brows in confusion.

Since Gisele had started working here, Elaine had never been polite to her. Nevertheless, Gisele pulled the only other chair in the room and sat cautiously, making sure not to let any expression cross her face.

“How are you liking working here?” Elaine asked, making Gisele sit upright in her chair.

Was Elaine going to fire her? Was that why she called her into her office for the first time in the 5 months she had been working here?

“Don’t be alarmed,” Elaine chuckled, seeing her scared expression. “I’m not going to fire you.”

Gisele relaxed visibly and smiled tightly, too tongue-tied to speak.

Elaine laughed out loud, very creepily. Gisele didn’t understand why she was so nice all of a sudden.

“Don’t be scared,” she continued, placing her hand on top of Gisele’s. Gisele looked at their hands in bewilderment, not really understanding what was going on.

“My dear Gisele,” Elaine started, making Gisele look up at her. “I know this is strange. You’ve been working here for almost 6 months, and today is the first day I’m calling you into my office.”

Elaine chuckled, and Gisele smiled tightly again, wondering where the heck she was going if she didn’t want to fire her.

“I’ve been watching you, and I’ve noticed how hardworking you are and how much you enjoy working here,” – that was not true – “You impress me a lot, Gisele. That’s why I have a proposition for you,” Elaine paused again, making Gisele want to shout ‘what the heck do you want?!!’ But, of course, she couldn’t. Even though the job didn’t pay all that well, it still helped her a lot.

“What proposition?” Gisele asked before she lost her nerve.

Elaine smiled, then said, “Gisele, I would love to take care of you if you let me,” all the while caressing Gisele’s hand in a very disturbing manner.

“Take care of me, Mrs. George? I don’t really understand what you mean by that.” Gisele understood what she meant, but she just didn’t want to accept it.

“Gisele, don’t be naïve. I know you have lots of boys running after you, but I have so much more to offer if you give me a chance to show you,” Elaine explained, drawing weird random patterns on Gisele’s hand.

Gisele withdrew her hand and kept it in her lap, making Elaine press her lips together in annoyance.

“Mrs. George,” she started, “Aren’t you married?” She was someone who believed that relationships were supposed to be sacred and completely monogamous.

“Mr. George is not a problem. I can even convince him to join us,” Elaine said, smiling suggestively, making Gisele’s insides turn over in disgust.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. George. Not only is your proposition indecent and disgusting, but it could also be considered sexual harassment if taken to court. So, it is with deep regret that I tell you that I cannot accept it.”

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