Book cover of “The Kingpin Returns!“ by Yay Yay

The Kingpin Returns!

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Yay Yay
Jonathan Wang was a young man from distant lands who ventured to Elite Summit to forge his destiny. After years of ceaseless toil and dedication, he established a business empire valued in millions of dollars. Following his triumphant rise, he united in matrimony with one Orla William. Before long, however, his brother-in-law, Harding William, c... 

Chapter 1

Prison No. 1. Southwest Direction.

Jonathan Wang, clad in an aged coat, stood outside the iron gate, peering up at the sky with a hint of desolation in his eyes, squinting slightly. His wife’s words from the past echoed in his ears.

“I only have one little brother, who is still too naive. If you expose him, resulting in his imprisonment, it’ll be the end of his life. Jonathan Wang, as things have escalated, please take all the blame. Once you’ve served a few years in jail, we can live together again!”

Six years ago, at a social gathering, his brother-in-law dr****d a young woman, intending to violate her.

However, when they got her into the room and started undressing her, he discovered she was not just any girl but the daughter of a prominent family in Elite Summit. He was so terrified that he lost all control.

If he were to violate her, there would undoubtedly be serious consequences.

But the dr****d girl was not in her senses, her body burning with heat, indicating that the dr*g had taken full effect.

If she did not engage in sexual intercourse, her nervous system could be damaged.

Caught in a dire situation, his brother-in-law dr****d an oblivious Jonathan, causing him to have sex with the girl, turning Jonathan into the fall guy for the incident!

When his wife found out, instead of helping clear her husband’s name, she used the baby in her womb to threaten him, demanding that her husband, Jonathan, confess to all the wrongdoings.

If he didn’t comply, she threatened to abort the baby. For the sake of the unborn child, Jonathan agreed to plead guilty.

Ultimately, he bore all the charges alone and was sentenced to six and a half years for rape.

Meanwhile, his brother-in-law enjoyed his freedom. Today was Jonathan's out prison day.

However, little did he expect that having sacrificed his reputation and freedom for his brother-in-law, his wife, Orla William, would not meet him upon his release!

She may need to be more relaxed with work and simply required to remember to. Thinking this, Jonathan trudged alone, backpack slung over his shoulder, onto the main road.

Just then, a taxi pulled up on the opposite side, and a modestly dressed young man quickly disembarked and ran over.

“Hey, man!”

Hearing this voice, Jonathan froze for a moment before realizing who it was, his good friend before his incarceration - Tommy.

However, Tommy’s cheap streetwear was shockingly unlike him.

Before his prison sentence, Jonathan had looked after Tommy, getting him a job in his company, where he drove an Audi A6.

How could he have fallen so far?


Tommy’s face fell as his joy of reunion faded. He dropped to his knees, sobbing pitifully.

“Bro, I failed you! I couldn’t protect your company, let alone Carla... Bro, I’m a wretch. I’m useless...”

As he wailed, he repeatedly struck his face.

“Stop hitting yourself. What happened to Carla?”

After hearing the bad news about his daughter, Jonathan’s heart blazed with a fiery worry.

Tommy choked out in a fury: “Bro, sister-in-law sold Carla to someone else!”

Jonathan was hit like lightning, disbelieving: “Why would Orla William do something like that?”

Carla was his daughter, but she was Orla’s child, right?

But Jonathan could never have imagined the first news he heard after being released from prison was Orla selling their flesh-and-blood daughter.

“Brother, not long after you left, your wife sold the company to Edward Tremblay, and then she framed me for leaking company secrets, forcing me to pay a hefty indemnity to leave the company! Last year, Neala Thomas, the eldest daughter of the Thomas family, was diagnosed with leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. Carla’ marrow was a match, according to her hospital records. Your wife sold Carla to the Thomas family for fifty million dollars!”

Tommy kneeled on the ground, his eyes wide in fury as he recounted the tale.

Jonathan’s mind spun, nearly losing his balance.

“You’re saying what? Orla sold Carla to be someone’s marrow donor?”

Doesn’t that mean Carla’ life would be ruined?

“Brother, Carla was too young last year, so her marrow wasn’t sufficient. The Thomas family has been raising her since then, so it’s okay. But today is the first marrow transplant! I managed to get news of it, and the operation will start at noon!”

Jonathan jolted up, hastily saying: “Which hospital? We need to get there immediately!”

Tommy quickly warned: “But brother, we can’t afford to offend the Thomas family!”

Even though Jonathan was a freshly released convict, even the Jonathan of five years ago, the owner of a company with stocks worth tens of millions, would be like an egg against a rock in the face of the Thomas family!

Jonathan roared: “I wouldn’t be afraid even if it were God. Which hospital?!”

“Elite Summit Hospital number 2!”

“Let’s go!”

Once he got in the taxi, Jonathan’s thoughts were a whirl, but he was beginning to regain some of his rationality.

He honestly didn’t understand why Orla would do such a thing.

At sixteen, he had left the countryside to do business in the city, riding the entrepreneurial wave. After several years of running an architectural company, his fixed assets were millions. He even bought a mansion worth over ten million dollars.

These assets should have been enough to prevent Orla from worrying about lacking anything.

Why would she do such a thing?

Even a shred of humanity would prevent her from treating her daughter like that.

“Brother, sister-in-law isn’t human anymore!”

Hearing Tommy’s frustrated remark, Jonathan’s voice turned icy: “She’s not your sister-in-law!”

After speaking, he gave Tommy a look that sent shivers down his spine.

Suddenly, he felt a strange sensation from Jonathan he had never experienced before.

Jonathan’s eyes glazed over: “Lend me your phone.”

“Here, here you go!”

Tommy quickly fished his phone from his pocket and handed it to Jonathan.

Jonathan dialed a number from memory, and a deep, middle-aged voice answered: “Hello, who’s this?”

“It’s me!”

Jonathan’s voice was low.

The person on the other end froze, and the voice trembled: “Young master, you’re out of prison?”

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