Book cover of “My Possessive Billionaire Husband“ by MuchoCutie

My Possessive Billionaire Husband

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: MuchoCutie
Thorn, a pâtissier and the owner of Délicieux Cuisines, had long given up on love and marriage. He was happy to be a bachelor. At the age of thirty-one, he already accepted the fact that he would never find the 'right' woman for him—not that he was looking. Until his parents suddenly announced that they had found the 'right' woman for him and t... 


Thorn never thought in his life that he would agree to an arranged marriage, but here he was, signing a marriage contract like he was signing a business deal. no grand wedding in church like his friends' weddings, no extravagant reception, and nothing more than a Judge in front of him and his bride in a private room of a restaurant, overseeing them sign so he could process their marriage immediately and legally.

Only their parents were present, and they all looked pleased after he and his bride signed.

Why did I even agree to this? Thorn thought. Was it his parents bombarding him with the idea of having a family all the time? Or was it because it's convenient? Yes. Convenient indeed. As long as his wife doesn't hinder him or his restaurant, this marriage will work just fine. Having a wife could instantly repel clingy women; having a wife also saved him from his parents constant reminder to get married, and not only that, he would have a family. Just like his friends.

He wasn't getting any younger. At that moment, Thorn knew it was a good decision to marry a woman with a good background. Who didn't want a good wife? His mother assured him again and again that Ms. Cassia Engelyn Wisper, now Mrs. Cassia Engelyn Wisper-Calderon, was a good woman and a good match for him.

So at the age of thirty-one, Thorn Calderon finally settled down. Not because of love—he was not as sappy as his friends—but because it was convenient, and convenience was what he needed in his life.

All he needed to do now to make this marriage work was to make his wife happy. He may not love her, but he will surely take care of her. It's the least he could do.

He simply turned to his 'wife, who was sitting next to him. She had been silent the whole ordeal, only talking when talked to and asked. She was sophisticated and graceful. She looked like a perfectly beautiful, adorned statue while sitting silently and unmoving beside him.

Because of his emotionless face, he couldn't see if she didn't like or dislike what their parents had agreed upon. Arranged marriage was, after all, a thing of the past. It doesn't exist anymore in modern society, so to be arranged with him, his 'wife' should have complained. Maybe she just couldn't voice it out because of her parents. He could tell that her parents were strict.

Thorn took a small, deep breath before placing the pen on the table after signing, then he looked at his 'wife' asking, "Is this really okay? I'm okay with a grand wedding." Since he accepted this set-up, he wanted to be a good husband.

"It's okay, son." The answer was Cassia's mother, whose smile was obviously fake plastered on her lips: "Cassia here doesn't need a grand wedding. It was already too much that you accepted her."

Thorn was simply stunned by what he heard. That didn't sound right to him. He could hear a tinge of hostility in that statement.

Thorn glanced at his silent wife, waiting for her to speak for herself, but she didn't, so he looked at his wife's parents again to talk to them, but they were already living, like they were forced to be there, and they wanted to leave pronto.

Thorn slightly frowned. Am I missing something? a family drama perhaps? But even though there was drama, weren't they concerned about their daughter's well-being? I'm a stranger after all. They only knew him through his parents. Even though her parents are partners in the business, it is still surprising that there is no concern on their faces about leaving their daughter to him.

"We have to go now." Cassia's mother said goodbye to everyone at the table, "Thank you for your hospitality. We're so sorry that we have to leave early. We have a business meeting in an hour." Then she looked at Cassia strictly, "Don't disappoint us and your husband. Be a good wife."

Cassia nodded.

"Good." Then, after bidding goodbye to everyone, including the Judge, his wife's parents left, leaving their daughter with him. A stranger.

Thorn looked at his wife again. "Are you okay?" He asked. They may not know each other, but she is his wife now, and according to his lunatic friends, a happy wife means a happy life. He had to apply it to his marriage now.

Cassia just nodded, and the dinner continued. Thorn parents tried to open a conversation to lighten up the mood and erase the awkward air around the newlyweds, but nothing was working until Thorn parents finally gave up and just let the newlyweds talk to themselves by leaving them and giving the two privacy.

When Thorn's parents left, the two became even more silent. Even Thorn didn't know what to do with the awkward air around them. This was the weirdest wedding he had been to, and it was his own wedding! To actually get married in a restaurant was by far the worst wedding he could think of, but it was his bride's family's idea. And for some reason, his parents agreed.

Thorn cleared his throat, but instantly stilled when his wife moved away from him, and by moving away, he means leaving the chair beside him and sitting on the chair in front of him.

He blinked at his wife. 'Why do I feel like I have a contagious disease? I'm pretty sure I'm clean. and I made sure to smell good before coming here.' Thorn cleared his throat the second time before pulling himself together and finally finding his voice to speak.

"I'm Thorn Calderon," he said, introducing himself to his wife. Husband and wife are supposed to know each other pretty well, but they are the opposite: "Thirty-one years old. Owner of a Restaurant. How about you? How do I address you?"

For the first time, his wife looked at him in the eyes and said, "Cassia Engelyn Wisper. I'm twenty-eight years old. I'm an Assistant Marketing Manager in my parents company, and you can call me anything you want."

There was a bit of a frown on Thorn's eyebrow. "Why assistant Marketing Manager? I mean, It's your parents company. Shouldn't you be part of the higher ups?"

An irritation crossed Cassia's face, but it quickly disappeared. "I don't know. Ask my parents."

That means fuck off. Thorn took a deep breath and said, "Okay. I won't ask about your work anymore. As for how I'll call you, how about cinnamon?"

Cassia couldn't help raising an eyebrow. "My name is Cassia Engelyn; there's no cinnamon in there."

Thorn leaned back on his seat as he watched how his wife raised an eyebrow at him and said, "Sure there is. Your first name is Cassia. It's related to cinnamon." He smiled, "Sweet and spicy."

"Okay, whatever floats your boat," Engelyn answered, not wanting to argue. All her life, she knew arguments would only lead to her getting hurt and humiliated.

Thorn's smile remained: "Okay. Cinnamon it is."

Cassia nodded, then looked at her husband for the second time that night. Thorn Calderon was a handsome man. With his body built, his height, his tawny hair, and those grey eyes of his that would turn baby blue every time the lights hit them, It was easy for a woman to be attractive to him. Fortunately, she knew the truth about him.

This gorgeous man in front of her would never take a woman. For him to actually take her as his wife, he must have an ulterior motive just like her.

Cassia simply took a deep breath as she looked into her husband's eyes, which seemed to be absorbing strength from being so angry.

Pulling herself together, she spoke. "Since we're now husband and wife, can we be honest with each other? Is that okay with you?"

Thorn was laid back as he sipped his wine and nodded, "Sure. I like that. Honesty is good, especially since we're just starting."

Cassia nodded and pushed herself to be honest. If she wanted someone to be honest with her, then she should take the initiative and be honest first: "I have my reason why I agreed to marry you."

Thorn was still sipping his wine leisurely. "I know. I have mine too. Don't worry about it."

Hearing that, Cassia slightly relaxed. "I understand your reason. It must have been hard keeping it a secret, with your family background and all. It's okay. I accept you as you are. There won't be a problem on my part."

A frown made its way to Thorn's forehead. "Ahm..." he was confused. Were they on the same page? "It's not really a secret. My parents knew my reason."

Cassia was now looking at Thorn in admiration, saying, "That's so brave of you. I admire you for that."

Thorn was even more confused at that point in their conversation. "Thanks, I guess?"

Cassia smiled for the first time that night. She was relieved. Her decision to marry Thorn Calderon was right after all. "Don't worry. I won't be a problem to you. I will be your good wife in public, and I will not hinder you from being with the person you truly desire and love. I promise."

At that point, Thorn was lost. "Oh?"

Cassia's smile widened, not noticing the confusion on Thorn's face. "I'm really relieved," she even put her clasped hands in front of her chest like she was praying and thanking God for a blessing, "I'm happy that I will not be with a perverted man. That's why I support your decision to be who you really are. I promise, I will be a good wife to you. I know it was bad of me to take advantage of your orientation, knowing about your true self, that's why I want to be honest with you."

Thorn was trying to understand his wife, but he had been lost since earlier. What is she talking about?

Cassia looked at Thorn, eye to eye; honesty was in her eyes as she spoke: "I only agreed to marry you because I know you bat for the other team."

Thorn stilled. He was speechless. He knew he dropped the glass of wine he was holding, but he didn't care. As his mind went blank, he finally understood what she was talking about earlier.

Her words. The changes in her demeanor. Her reaction. Her sudden smile and happiness

At that moment, Thorn couldn't help asking himself. Who was it again who said that a happy wife means a happy life?

Whoever it was, he wanted to ask that lunatic if he should still make his wife happy after learning that his wife thinks he's gay.

Jesus Christ... When the hell did I bat for the other team?

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