Book cover of “The Legal Wife's Return“ by Ek-ody

The Legal Wife's Return

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Ek-ody
“Carmen darling…” he said, knowing pretty well that it pisses me off. “I hate you,” I whispered. “How does it feel to burn with lust for someone you hate?” he asked. “And don’t forget, Carmen, you are my legal wife, and it’s not going to change.” Carmen and Marc had been separated for seven years, yet their legal marriage still bound them. C... 

Chapter 1

The mid-afternoon sun was very pleasant and warm as spring was about to arrive. But I was feeling very hot and uneasy for the entire morning. And I decided that the workload was catching up with me because of which I was getting panic attacks and my body was overreacting. I was walking down the stairs as I had very little time for my lunch. I had to get back to work and finish up the news which was supposed to be printed in the next day’s paper. And the reason why I had come out to have lunch was that I was annoyed with the piled-up work on my desk and I direly needed some fresh air.

Oh! How I miss those carefree days when I would be free as a bird and life would be so simple. I reached my favorite restaurant and was pleased that it was not that crowded. I got myself a seat and ordered some white pasta and wine to go with it. I usually never had wine during working hours but the work pressure was killing my head and I had to relax or I would go mad. I looked around the café while I waited for my order.

Macy’s was always crowded as it was in the center of the town and the food was very good they served all kinds of cuisines. I looked around and observed the families who were enjoying their meal and watching their interaction somehow made my eyes wet with tears. But when a drop of tear landed on my cheeks, I became alert and quickly wiped my eyes wondering what had gone into me and why was I being so emotional. It’s been a long time since a scene like that affected me. I felt like pinching myself as I never allowed myself to become so weak. Just then my food arrived and I gave a sigh of relief after thanking the waiter I started eating my food slowly, while I sipped the wine along with it not wanting to let the emotions that were churning inside bother me.

I was enjoying my food when my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller and when I saw that it was Don, I smiled and picked up the call.

“Hey, what’s up?” I said softly as I gulped my food.

“Hey, Carmen, where are you?” Don asked me from the other end.

“I was just enjoying my quick lunch at Macy’s. You never call me at this hour. Is everything alright?” I said with concern because, for the past five years since I have known him, he would never call me during office hours. Although we work for the same company we work in different departments and we hardly meet.

“No, no nothing’s wrong I was just calling you to ask if you could come to my house for dinner today?” Don asked me hesitantly.

I was shocked because the Don I know would never ask me out on weekdays as he was a workaholic. I came out of my shock after a few seconds and asked.

“But Don it’s Wednesday and we have so much work pending I don’t think I will be able to make it,” I told him truthfully not that I did not want to go for dinner.

“It’s alright, don’t worry I have talked to the boss, and he said he will let you go off early and so you see there is nothing to worry about regarding the pending work as James is ready to help. Now I am going to hang up. I will meet you at home.” And without waiting for my response he hung up.

I looked at my phone and shook my head. Why is Don behaving so mysteriously? Anyways I had to get back to the office so I ate my lunch hurriedly and after paying the bill I rushed towards my office. As the elevator door opened and I walked towards my office I was shocked to find James Cameron standing outside my office and grinning at me. I rolled my eyes and walked towards him.

“Don’t you have work of your own? Are you so free that you came down from your department to help me?”

James looked at me angrily and said. “Listen, you little witch I have better works to do than help an ungrateful woman like you but what can I do when my boss has sent me to help you.”

After saying that he went and sat on the chair. I laughed as I had never seen James so angry before. He usually was a messenger between me and Don whenever Don had to send something for me he would send it through James his convenient secretary but today was the first time he had sent him to help me.

“Hey, it’s okay, you know? I can manage, you don’t have to go through this ordeal. You can take a break and go and enjoy the sun or go home.” I added generously. James pouted his mouth like a kid and I wanted to laugh at his expression wondering why was he behaving in such a way.

First Don and now him. There is something wrong with them.

“If I don’t do your work how will my boss get…”

James dragged the sentence and relented at what he was about to say and said. “It’s alright I like working. Now can you please brief me so that I can get started?” He ignored me and focused his eyes on the computer screen. I looked at him helplessly and told him the work that needed to be completed and sat on the chair to guide him.

After that, we were both so engrossed that we forget it was time to leave but thankfully everything was completed on time so we both decided to wrap it for the day and leave. James walked me out to the parking lot as I waited for my company’s car to drop me home. After the car arrived I said goodbye to James and got inside that car and waved at him and I heard him shouting.

“Have a nice dinner, Miss White!” And when I turned and looked at him he was grinning.

I wondered what was wrong with him just a few hours back he was grumpy and now he is grinning like a naughty kid. Then I thought maybe he was happy because he was going home.

Anyways I had better things to worry about so I did not ponder on that thing and looked at the outside view of the city. It was almost eight when I arrived at Don’s doorstep and I tidied my dress as I rang the doorbell but he did not open the door I wondered if he has still not arrived from the office or if there was a load-shedding. His apartment is on the fifth floor and didn’t know what to do. So I started knocking on his door but soon the door moved slightly and I pushed the door wondering if Don was playing any prank on me so I called his name softly.

“Don! Are you home?”

But there was no response so I pushed to door open but I couldn’t see anything as the room was dark. I put my hands inside my bag to retrieve my phone but to my dismay, there was no phone. I then remembered that I had left it at the charging point when I had reached home and forgot to get it.

I was feeling very helpless and scared but I still got inside the house to find the switch. But as soon as I got inside the house the door was closed and I closed my eyes and screamed.

“Ahhhhhh!” But suddenly a hand closed around my mouth and I heard someone whisper.

“Carmen, it’s me.” My whole body was tensed up but when I heard his voice I calmed down and looked at him angrily.

“You! What is the meaning of all this?”

Don just smiled at me and turned me around and when I saw the beautifully decorated room with red roses, I was speechless but the next thing that caught my eyes brought tears to my eyes. And at that moment Don got down on his knees and opened a small box and looking at me adoringly he whispered.

“Marry me, Carmen!” And I couldn’t breathe.

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