Book cover of “The Erotic Pen. Book 2“ by Yukides

The Erotic Pen. Book 2

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Yukides
Ravine dives deep into the world of revenge, turning mafia boss with just one goal in mind. But amidst the chaos, a promise to the Princess of Eulandia becomes his one shot at something more—love. 

Chapter 1. Prologue

Manchester City, USA

January 2025

My boyfriend and I are coming back to the city where we first met. It was a delightful meeting—a one-night stand. He came to me with a broken heart, and I let him bury his sorrows in me. He was youthful back then, and I would miss that version of him very much.

Skiez Enterprise was now handled by 21-year-old Aaron Skiez, my lovely boyfriend.

Ever since his uncle betrayed him while his father was on the deathbed, Aaron swore revenge against his own uncle and his two kids.

although we still have no clue about John, his uncle. They have turned rogue against their own family.

Aaron said that never in a hundred years of their family history did the Skiez experience any betrayal from their blood bond.

Greed was a natural human emotion, but John Skiez took it too far.

I see a small tear leave his eyes. He looks at his old building in the city. It was his established studio.

"Let's go back home." I want to kiss him in our limited space. We were seated across from each other in the new BMW he had just purchased. I knew he had made up a reason to come back to this city. He might even go meet his old crew, his cameraman, and his script writers.

I pat his back, slowly peddling on the acceleration.

After a while on the red signal, he smiles.

"It was a beautiful phase of my life. That made me crash into you. It's a shame I had to lose it." Saying he rests on the seat behind him. He sighs heavily, and I pat his thigh to raise his spirits.

"Don't be so cruel to yourself, Aaron. I hate to see you like this. It's alright if we cannot pursue what our hearts desire. But remember," I say to him, and he looks at me tiredly, "An Enterprise full of employees look forward to earning every month, working under you. They hope to see their efforts bloom into a big turnover for the company. Work for them if you cannot work for yourself."

"You're asking me to kill myself daily, Ravine. You're so lucky to have your dream job. I'm not even slightly as lucky as you." His words make me smile.

"I love my job too much. I..." I then remembered that a lot of people had opposed me in the past too. My parents, the King and Queen of Eulandia, pressurise me every day to stay a princess rather than become the queen and rule over what's rightfully mine. All because I was fat and I chose to be a pornstar.

It's all a mess to be in an industry that is taboo to society. I'm talking about the adult industry.

"It's fine. We're sailing on the same boat as royals and riches." He says it, and we chuckle. Today was the day that Sir Timothy Skiez, Aaron's father, passed away.

Two years went by like a blip into the future. I wish I could hold back time with my bare hands until everything looked brighter, lovely, and without damn regret.

The signal was green again. We were heading back towards his mansion in New York to add yet another car to his collection.

The mansion was lonely. Only he and I live in it, with no butler.

I do not know the actual background he has within his organisation as the CEO, but I wasn't a fool to notice every day for the past two years that he came home looking like a rag.

How much does he overwork himself?

We ever have sex when together. He begs me to let him sleep on my lap.

What was damaging my man so badly?

No wonder.

"I'll take this call quickly." I already know who is on that call. It was a lady investigator assigned to finding Mr. Betrayer John Skiez and his hot-blooded children.

"What!?" He screams into the phone. Concern washes over me. I run towards him, holding him by his shoulder.

There was a giant grin plastered against his face as he kissed my forehead. Wasn't it the investigator who called him?

He cuts the call after his secretary passes him the big news.

"Ravine! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" My smile spreads when I look at him, too. We hold each other in our arms as I inquire.

"What happened? Tell me! I'm dying to know!" He laughs like SpongeBob. Oh, how I've missed my little man.

"The stocks of our company are increasing! There's like a tonne of investors waiting to collaborate with our company!" He says this in a blissful tone as I begin squealing, hugging him as we jump around, blasting our ears off.

"Your two years of hard work have finally paid off! I adore you, my dear! This is a reason to rejoice!"

"Indeed! My secretary and cabinet members were all supportive. There was no way in hell I could manage without them. They ought to celebrate with us." He says.

"Let's search for a venue and throw a party for our investors! It's a good opportunity to mingle too!" I say, and he pinches my cheek while saying, "Ah, You cheeky businesswoman!" I try to act angry, but it doesn't work. My cheeks begin to hurt from his pinches.

"But..." I close my eyes. We were in our pyjamas; he was wearing his silk ones while I wore furry cloth material, which made my skin feel like a baby "before that."

I led his hand towards my huge chest. I released a sigh of relief.

"Give me you. Celebrate with me, right now." I suggest. I watched his eyes grow dark—just what I wanted. As he palmed my chest, I began touching his dick under his pyjamas.

He's grown quite thick over the years. He was around 10 and a half inches tall, perfectly thick to make sure none of our juices ever left my hole... unless he pulled out.

"Of course, my darling. Let's use those knee pads you bought for us." He says this while winking. I giggle, letting my lips meet his.

The blissful night was just the beginning.

The real tragedy was about to unleash itself—real, real soon.

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