Book cover of “Flirting with the Werewolf“ by Yay Yay

Flirting with the Werewolf

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Yay Yay
From the moment she first met Wolfgang, Emily had fallen in love with him. He treated her well, exuding a handsome and gentle charm that utterly captivated her. Despite his tendency to change from being romantic and friendly to being cold and distant, Emily remained determined to win him over no matter what. Until one fateful day, on a full moon... 

Chapter 1

The bustling city is lively all night long. Emily lazily walks from her house to the narrow street ahead, finally stopping at the entrance of a supermarket. The supermarket is located very close to her home, and being a reserved and ordinary girl, Emily always buys food here and is very fond of this place. But now, as she looks at the large signboard of the supermarket, she can't help but sigh. 

She takes out her mobile phone, searches through her contacts for "Man who viewed profile 42" and sends him a message: "Hello! I'm Emily. We contacted each other before, and I'm sorry to bother you, but you made an appointment with me today at the live meat section of supermarket XX?" 

One minute later, she receives a short reply from 'Man who viewed profile 42': "Okay, I'll be there in ten minutes. Wait for me." 

"Okay..." Emily sighs and adds an 'x' behind "Man who viewed profile 42" indicating that he has been eliminated. 

It's not Emily's fault! Ever since her mother forced her to go on a blind date six months ago, she has encountered many surprises. Emily's standards are not that high. She is 25 years old this year and works as a secretary in a large company in this bustling city. Recently, with the support of her parents, she bought herself a spacious room. Regarding her looks, she doesn't think she's too bad. But for some reason, every time someone introduces a potential partner to her, it's always tricky. 

There have been times when she went out to eat, and the person faked their death to avoid paying and left Emily to foot the bill. There was someone who, upon meeting her for the first time, immediately asked about her salary, and when he found out it wasn't high, he looked contemptuous on her. Someone had only met her a few times and already started lecturing her about household chores, saying that, as a man, he would never help with such things... 

At first, Emily was new to dating and was about to be pressured by those men with bad intentions, but luckily she had a good friend named Dani. When Dani heard about Emily's situation, she teased her and first taught her a lesson, then immediately took her mobile phone and wrote some 'x' marks after the names of the men who were dating. 

Since then, Emily felt more experienced, and whenever she went on dates, she would take notes and mark their phone numbers with 'x' However, despite her advanced dating skills, she still couldn't meet the right person! 

Two months ago, Emily struggled to find a suitable man and finally found someone who was not only good-looking but also had a stable job and a good personality. Although not a handsome actor level, he was considered attractive. However, their hobbies were not similar, as Emily was a woman who enjoyed staying at home watching movies and eating snacks, while the man liked to socialize and go out. They didn't fit well together, so Emily had to let him go. 

After that, Emily realized that being single was quite fulfilling. If she couldn't find true love, being single was also good. From then on, Emily entered a state of not caring, and when her mother introduced her to a date, she would just meet them casually. 

Now, how does she have to date this man today? 

The first time her mother talked to her about a blind date, Emily didn't take it seriously. When the man called to arrange a meeting, she was surprised by his pleasant voice. If her mother hadn't called to urge her today, Emily would have forgotten about her blind date. 

In the afternoon, she was snacking and watching a movie on her computer when her mother called: "My daughter, aren't you supposed to go on a blind date tonight? Let me tell you, you must seize this opportunity, you know? This time, the matchmaker is my friend, very trustworthy! She said the person is also successful, doing business overseas! I'm not after money, but with our economic conditions, you can only live well if you get married!" 

Emily's head spun: "Mom, I haven't even met him yet. How can you imagine marrying me off to him!" 

"I'm just saying a few words. Is it that bad? Alright, hurry up, make yourself beautiful, and show well tonight! I'm waiting for good news from you!" 

Emily gave a long "yes" and continued watching the movie until 20 minutes before the appointment time, when she finally washed her face, tied her hair in a ponytail, and left with her tired eyes from staying up because late watching the movie. 

So now, Emily was standing in the raw meat section of the supermarket, bored and taking out her phone to play games. 

After a while, feeling even more bored, she sent a teasing message to Dani: "The blind date tonight is 'x' for sure! He even wants to meet me in the raw meat section of the supermarket! I don't understand why he wants to meet here!" 

Dani quickly replied: "Maybe he doesn't want to go out to eat and spend money?" 

Emily's fingers quickly moved on the screen: "Then I'm leaving. I don't want to waste my time with 'x'!" 

Dani: "You can do that, but will your mom beat you up?" 

Emily: "...... Hmm... you're so mean!" 

Her face looked like she was attending a funeral. She put her phone down, feeling sad about her mother's pressure on her marriage, and could only continue waiting. 

Having stood in one place for a long time, a middle-aged woman looking at the meat in the refrigerator looked up and said to her: "Hey, little girl, could you please cut me a pound of pork belly?" 

Emily quickly shook her head: "I'm sorry, I don't work here." 

The woman apologized and left, leaving Emily crying silently. Finally, Wolfgang, her match, when arrived? She didn't want to stand in front of a pile of meat anymore... she was famished and hadn't eaten dinner yet! 

Emily bowed her head and continued playing the game. After a while, someone lightly patted her shoulder. Emily was in the middle of an important moment in the game and didn't look up: "I'm not an employee here, and I'm waiting for someone." 

There was a moment of silence, and then a deep, soothing male voice said: "I know. I'm also here to find someone." 

Emily stopped her hand, looked up, and looked into a pair of black eyes. 

The man in front of her was at least 1.9 meters tall, wearing a black shirt and black pants, with long, perfectly straight legs that were even more perfect than the best models. But the most astonishing thing was his face - short, neat hair, bright eyes under thick eyebrows, a high nose and pale lips... really... he was more handsome than a movie star! 

Emily couldn't stop swallowing saliva: "You... you are Wolfgang?" 

The handsome man smiled slightly and nodded: "Yes, I am. You must be Emily. It's nice to meet you." 

Wolfgang extended his hand to her. 

Emily was stunned for a moment, then immediately put away her mobile phone and shook his hand with all her strength: "I... I... I... I'm very pleased to meet you! Extremely happy! So happy that you can't imagine!" 

Wow, after so many eye exams, fate finally brought her an outstanding man! Emily was so excited that she wanted to roll on the ground. 

It seemed that Emily's enthusiastic reaction was unexpected. Wolfgang raised his eyebrows slightly and said: "I'm sorry to keep you waiting here. I just wanted to buy meat at the supermarket, so I stayed here. After I finish buying the meat, let's eat dinner, okay?" 

"Okay, of course, no problem, no problem!" Emily's face was flushed with excitement, and she had forgotten entirely the sarcastic remarks she had made earlier. 

"Okay." Wolfgang asked the salesperson that he wanted to buy meat, wanting to buy dozens of kg of it. Emily followed him straight to the cashier, still staring at him, not even blinking, until Wolfgang turned around and looked at her: "Miss Emily." 

"Huh?" Emily blinked her eyes wide. 

"I have to pay now." 

"Huh? Don't you have money? Let me help you pay!" Emily immediately said, truthfully, she used to hate meeting men who didn't pay, but today, she could spend money to support him! Okay, this is indeed a new world! 

But unfortunately, Wolfgang laughed and said: "No. I have money, but I have to pay. Can you let go of my hand?"

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