Book cover of “The Secret of Billionaire Matchmaker“ by Pinky

The Secret of Billionaire Matchmaker

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Pinky
Sold off by her family, Valerie Watson was forced to carry the child of a stranger for a hundred million dollars by her stepmother. Valerie was not only robbed of her innocence, her boyfriend also abandoned her. After the birth of her child, the child was taken away from her. She was kicked out of the house she called home. Her conniving step-siste... 

Chapter 1

Valerie dialed his number again, and again, but it wasn't going through. She wasn't going to blame Justin because it's not his fault. If Patricia didn't tell him, maybe she would have summoned courage to tell him any other time.

“I have to find a way to explain everything to Justin” 

She got up from the bed, and headed downstairs. She was on her way out when she stormed into her stepmother, Claudia, and her father. 

It has been barely a week since they got the money, and they are already squandering it. She even wondered how her father recovered so fast.

“Where are you going, Valerie?” Claudia gave her a deadly glare. She gulped hard, and turned her face away. “I don't want to go on with this anymore. My life is already ruined, all because of this baby. I want to further my education”.

Tears circulated in her eyes, and her father gasped. “Valerie, how could you say something like that? If you don't give birth to this child, then we'll be doomed. I've taken care of you ever since your mother, and here you are willing to throw all of that away. If you ever think of getting rid of this child, then our family will be in deep trouble” Her Father freaked out.

“Why should I be the only one to do this? Justin just broke up with me” She continued sobbing, but her stepmother wasn't moved.

“And so what if that rascal does? He doesn't deserve you. As far as you give birth to this child, your father and I promise to give you whatever it is that you want. I don't want you to get yourself stressed up, so you're not allowed to leave this house, and as for anything you need, we'll provide it for you right in your room” Claudia pretentiously patted her back.

Valerie bowed her head in sadness, and headed upstairs. Her life was getting messier by the day. Now, she's trapped in her room. It was more like a prison than a house. She was still crying her eyes out when the door creaked open. It was her stepsister, Patricia. Patricia was carrying a tray of food, which she dropped on the table beside her bed.

“Your lunch, sister.” Patricia laughed sarcastically at her. Valerie turned to her with teary eyes.

“I'm not… I'm not hungry” Valerie managed to say. Patricia snorted at her.

“You better eat your food because the child ought to be very healthy. If anything happens to the child, then we'll all be going to jail” Patricia laughed, before walking out of the room. She locked the door as soon as she left.

That was the last time Valerie left her room. She stayed in her room like a prison, and was given everything she wanted.

Months later, Valerie was in labor. She was rushed to the hospital. The cry of a baby was heard all over the ward.

Even though Valerie didn't want the child, the baby was still hers. She needed to look at the child's face.

Valerie struggled up from the hospital bed, and grabbed the nurse's gown. “Nurse, can I please see my baby?” She requested. 

“What baby are you talking about? This baby is not your child, you've already been paid in full. You're not allowed to touch the baby” The nurse slapped her hand off.

“Nurse, let me just look at the baby. I just want to see my baby” Valerie cried, but the other nurse overpowered her as they held her down to the bed.

“Take the child out of the ward, now” The doctor instructed the first nurse, as she left with the child.

“I just want to look at my baby, please” Valerie kept struggling before a syringe was injected into her arm. The baby's cry was the last thing she heard before passing out.

After the baby was taken from her, and she woke up, she was yet to set her eyes on her stepmother, Father, and stepsister. Did they abandon her at the hospital?

Two days later, at the Watson's residence, the voices of Claudia and her daughter were heard yelling at Valerie, who just got back from the hospital. Her luggage was packed, and kept at the doorstep. Her Father wasn't in the house at that time.

“Why are my bags packed? Am I finally going to Oxford?” Valerie asked the moment she stepped into the house, and Patricia laughed mockingly.

“You actually think that Mom and I would give you some money so that you can further your education?” Patricia mocked her.

Valerie stared at them with confusion all over her face. Are they really not going to give her some money? “You promised me, mother. You told me you were going to give me some money so that we can further my education with it”. 

“You have no place here again, Valerie. No one is going to save you, your father travelled out to get his treatment completed. Take your bags, and leave this house. Don't bother coming back because you have no place here anymore”. 

“Mother! How could you do this to me?” Valerie sobbed as she went on her knees, but Claudia wasn't touched by her genuine tears.

“You wretch! Do you think your tears are going to help you? Get out of this house, Valerie. You're not wanted anymore. Don't bother going to Justin because he already left the town. I will take good care of him because I'll be going to Stanford University soon where I'll meet him” Patricia made fun of her, and Valerie glared at her maliciously. She couldn't take it anymore, so Valerie slapped Patricia hard on the face.

“You wench! How dare you hit my daughter? Get out! Leave, you piece of trash” Claudia pushed her out of the door, and threw her bags at her.

Valerie sniffed hard as she picked her bags, and walked out of the Watson's gate in agony.

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