Book cover of “The Vixen's Man“ by Gracia Bonifacio

The Vixen's Man

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Gracia Bonifacio
Heather’s past mistakes caused her father to punish her by sending her to Australia. After finishing college, she returns to her home country with the goal of proving to her father that she’s changed. However, her path crosses with Blake, the former suitor of her half-sister whom she despised before. Despite Blake’s initial rudeness towards her, ... 

Chapter 1

Blake’s POV

I am an only child who was raised by a one-woman man. My father openly shows his love for my mother. When I became an adult, I went out on dates but I never made anyone my girlfriend. According to my parents, relationships are commitments. 

When I met Kristel, I still wasn’t ready to be in a relationship but after a booze-up, we ended up in bed. I discovered that I was her first so I decided to make her my first girlfriend. A few months later, she told me that she was pregnant and I strongly believed that it was my responsibility to take care of her and our baby. I wasn’t in love with her but I stayed with her. I put up with her nagging and violent reactions and actions because of her jealousy. I had to give in to her demands just to avoid fights especially when Kurt was born. I did my best to be a good partner and a father. 

I didn’t know how to feel when after a few years, I found out that her son wasn’t mine. She met her son’s father at work. I felt furious, betrayed, but at the same time, relieved. Finally I had the chance to escape her although I was saddened to be separated from her son. But I had to accept the fact that he wasn’t mine and that his real father wanted him.

After that nightmare, I had trust issues and I didn’t want to be in a relationship again until I met the right woman for me who I used to dislike because I had a bad impression of her when I once saw her in the past.


Heather’s POV

I grew up not having my father with us since he had his business in another country. We would only see him once a year and it was hard for me to accept not having a complete family living under the same roof. My mother having her firstborn from her previous marriage fueled up my anger about my family’s set-up. 

I was bratty, rebellious and I did a lot of mischievous things to get my parents’ attention but my mom always tried to cover up for me. I was carefree and flirted with men because I was hungry for attention which I felt that my parents couldn’t give me. I hated my half sister Stacey because I wanted to be an only child and the apple of my parents’ eyes. I did a lot of bad things to her and got her in trouble so she will look bad to my parents. She was always the more beautiful, the more intelligent and the good daughter. 

But my life changed when I made my dad furious after he found out all the things I did to Stacey since we were young. After a few years when I finished college, I decided to go back to the Philippines to find work and become more independent. The old me was slowly fading and I would continuously change myself and my life for the better to find true happiness and true love. It will not be easy though since I will meet again a man from my sister’s past who I abhorred but will eventually help me turn over a new leaf and become the perfect man for me.


Author’s POV

Heather couldn’t believe that in a span of almost one and a half years she was back in the Philippines. She took a Bachelor of fashion major in Design and Technology for one year at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. Her dad insisted that she finished her studies in Australia because he had finally learned about what she had done to Stacey, her mother’s first daughter with her ex-husband. When Stacey left their house, maybe their mother realized that she had been really unfair to her since they were kids. She admitted to herself months ago that she was at fault and she regretted what she had done. She did a lot of bad things to her because she was jealous of her. Stacey had been prim and proper since they were young unlike her. She was smarter and prettier than her. She had a lot of good qualities which she didn’t have. She was happy that finally they had mended their relationship. They were not yet very close but definitely things were better between them. Her sister was living happily with her husband and their baby.

Her relationship with Stacey might have changed but not her attitude in general. She was still feisty and snobbish but not as bad as before. It was probably due to the fact that she matured a bit during her stay in Australia. She would be living alone here since her mother decided to stay with her dad. Her parents wanted her to be independent. She was a little nervous but she welcomed the freedom. Her mother almost begged their former help, Amy, to clean her unit once in a while. She was very rude to her so she knew why she was hesitant to accept her mother’s offer even if the pay was good. She sighed. She was really a bad girl and she couldn’t blame a lot of people for disliking her.

Even her sister’s husband, Nick, disliked her a lot. She threw herself at him several times but he had eyes only for Stacey. She had learned to accept that he wasn’t for her but for her sister. Nick might have rejected her but a lot of guys wanted her which at least was good for her ego. As they say, you win some, you lose some. He was better off as her brother-in-law anyway, there were plenty of fish in the sea. And contrary to what others think, she didn’t sleep around though she was a flirt. But she was no longer a virgin. Sadly her first time which was also her last was really awkward. She had a trauma because of that. Unfortunately, she was with the wrong group of people. She was just dared by them and she was so stupid to do it with an idiot. She regretted everything but she couldn’t undo it. It happened during their prom night. Her so-called friends that time paired her with the campus heartthrob of a well-known exclusive for boy’s high school. Some snuck bottles of booze so a lot of the students went wild after the party. The girls said that Harvey was the best devirginator. She was the only virgin in their group so she accepted the dare. It was very disappointing for her. Her first time was a disaster.

After a few sloppy kisses, the jerk just stuck his dick in her dry, beautiful and pink virgin pussy. It was terribly painful. Right after he went past her hymen, she pushed him and slapped him and got out of his car.

Her thinking about the past was interrupted when Pauline called her. She was one of her true friends who never left her. She was waiting for her downstairs. She checked her reflection in the mirror. She looked fierce! She was sporting longer hair now. It goes below her shoulders. She was wearing a dark red mini-dress. They were partying tonight. It was her first night in the Philippines and she wanted to enjoy herself before she started looking for work. They were meeting some of Pauline’s friends. They would paint the town red.


She and Pauline were heading to the gender neutral toilet in the bar when they heard some strange sounds. She put her index finger on her mouth to signal to Pauline to keep quiet. She slowly went near the door. Whoever was inside didn’t even bother to check if the door was locked or closed.

“You are so good, baby. Please…harder…yesssss…” moaned a female voice.

The man and the woman were having a quickie. The woman was noisier but the man only uttered occasional low groans. She peeked through and she saw a couple having sex. The female was facing the wall while the tall man pumped her from behind.

She almost giggled. She waved at Pauline to come closer to the door so she could also peek.

“Ahhhhhhh…” groaned the man.

“Ohhhh…baby…” the woman purred.

Seemed like they finally had their release so quietly, they moved away from the door. They were both stifling their giggles. They couldn’t wait to see who the couple was. Anytime they would be going out. They hid behind the artificial tree close to the restroom.

Her eyes narrowed when she saw the male. He was the man with tattoos who used to woo Stacey. She remembered what happened during their last meeting. He threw her very expensive bag to the street like it was worthless.

Thinking about that, her anger surfaced. She could use what she witnessed to have her revenge on him. What perfect timing!

“Be ready for my revenge, you arrogant male!” she mumbled to herself.

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