Book cover of “Trapped by the Possessive Alpha“ by Fresh Vanilla

Trapped by the Possessive Alpha

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Fresh Vanilla
Heartbroken Selena doesn't realize she has entered the wrong room as she was drunk and not mindful that the room was occupied by a mysterious man, Cedric McKinley. Cedric McKinley is a rich and powerful guy who controls many businesses, but no one knows that Cedric is an Alpha werewolf in trouble. They are both involved in a misunderstanding that r... 

Chapter 1. I Am Not a Fool

Selena Lee, a woman with long hair, just stepped out of the building where she works. Selena looked really attractive in a thigh-length spread skirt with a tight white blouse sculpting her lovely figure, and many guys were fascinated along the road.

Selena doesn't like the way men stare at her, and she annoyed with herself since she had left her coat there and couldn't go back because she had prohibited from entering again by the boss, or rather, the boss's wife.

She got dismissed today due to a misunderstanding. The boss's wife felt she was flirting with her husband, but it was Selena who was always trying to escape the elderly guy who always snatched the opportunity. She had stated the truth, but the boss's wife was too envious to overlook the fact that her husband was a flirt.

Selena checked the little watch on her left wrist and noticed that it was still approximately two o'clock in the afternoon, far too early for her to go home. Additionally, she was still irritated by all that occurred today.

"Perhaps I should go somewhere to calm down," she said.

Selena walked to a local park that was still in the same direction as the house she was living in. She was hoping that if she went there, her mood would be better, so she would be ready to prepare dinner earlier.

Selena arrived in front of a beautiful park full of vibrant flowers and lush green trees. Selena felt the fresh air enter her body, and the beautiful scenery here might make her mind feel calmer; at least she could forget all the incidents that had happened to her today.

Selena walked to a park chair under a big tree near the lake. She sat down, stretched her body on the back of the chair, and closed her eyes to catch her breath. Selena tried to keep herself calm despite the reality that her mind was rushing along with plans about what she would do when she hadn't been working.

 But she couldn't plan her life too far ahead since she had recently realized she had many few dollars. Her savings have been draining to feed two people for the past year because her boyfriend was unemployed. When she thought about it, the money she had left was just enough to pay her monthly rent and living expenses for one month.

Then she opened her eyes because she remembered something: Daniel, her boyfriend, should have started work today. They had been dating for almost two years and living together all this time. Selena remembered the way they first met by randomness at the restaurant where she worked part-time, and Daniel was a new employee at that time. Somehow Selena naturally subconsciously liked Daniel, a romantic man she had only met in her life.

Daniel respected her as a woman and as an orphan who needed affection. He didn't dare to touch her, and even kissing her asked for permission, all of which made Selena smile to herself in the garden. Their relationship had always been great, even though Daniel had been unemployed for the past year and had struggled to find a job. But every one of those struggles ended today.

"Well, at least now it's Daniel's turn to work," Selena said as she stood up and left the park, getting home.

She checked her phone as she walked and saw a message from Daniel saying that he would pick her up and wait for her in front of his office. Selana could only smile at the fact that she no longer worked there.

Selena replied to Daniel's message and said: she would be home early and would cook dinner. Selena planned to explain her situation later, when Daniel was home, so as not to disturb the man's happiness.

Selena went home, but before that, she stopped by the supermarket near her house to buy groceries. She bought more groceries to celebrate her boyfriend's new job. "It's going to be a great dinner party," she thought.

Selena couldn't wait and thought Daniel would love the dinner today; just thinking about it made her excited. However, when she arrived at the front door, she was shocked to find it unlocked. Selena's pulse was hammering; she thought the burglar had broken in because she felt she had properly locked the door this morning.

Selena sneaked into the house, slowly put all of what she had on a chair, and then took a baseball bat from the corner in case the thief appeared. She stepped into the quiet house, checking every room but finding no one.

Selena sighed; maybe she had really forgotten. However, when Selena was willing to return to get her groceries, she heard a strange sound from the other side of the room. Her pulse was racing again, so she grabbed the stick tightly and moved ahead carefully towards the room, which had a little open door.

The closer they got, the clearer the noises from within became. Fear had turned into something inexplicable. The voice was not that of a debate about the robbers who would steal the useless stuff in her room, but of female sighs.

Selena was standing just in front of the door, and the woman's voice was suddenly answered by a man's sigh that sounded suspiciously like Daniel's. Selana's mind began to rush with negative thoughts, but she quickly dismissed them because Daniel would never do anything wrong with another woman, let alone in her house. Curiosity got ahead of her, and it pushed Selena to open the door swiftly.

“Oh, my God!" shrieked Selana.

Selena was stunned. She quickly covered her mouth with both hands, causing the baseball bat to fall. Selena's tears began togather as she realized what was occurring in front of her. Daniel was dozing off while a lady danced on top of him. "Oh, my God, Selena!"

When they heard the stick fall, Daniel and the stranger were both shocked. Daniel awoke and pushed the woman, whose body was still attached to his away.

"Selena, I can explain." Daniel stood up and approached his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the strange woman sat staring at them with a very annoying expression.

"Selena," Daniel said as he held the hand of his crying sweetheart. "I can explain that it isn't what you see."

"What?" Selena's face creased, as if she hadn't expected to hear this nonsense from this jerk.

"How do you mean it's not as I see it? It's clear you did it right in front of my eyes." Selena yelled, pointing to Daniel and the still-naked lady.

"No, dear, not like that. Just me and her ..."

"Enough! I'm done listening to your explanation. Do you think I'm a moron?" Daniel took a breather when Selena snapped.

"Of course you are," replied the odd woman, who was still sitting on her bed calmly.

"Shut up!"

"Tsk, you're such an idiot. You'd think that man would want to be with a stiff woman who wants nothing other than a kiss. Come on, it's almost 2023; why are there still old woman like you?"

"Shut up, Vanesha!" Daniel told her not to say anything else that would harm Selana.

Selena remained mute; Vanesha's statements made sense and made her realize she had been mistaken in trusting Daniel. Where would anybody want a lady who can't satisfy a man's desire nowadays?

"You're right," Selena responded, surprising Daniel and making Vanesha smile."But that doesn't mean you can pollute this house with your actions," she said, picking up the fallen stick.

"Selen..." Selena gave Daniel a harsh glance, and Daniel's sentence drifted off.

"Now, you two get out of here!"

"Wa-wait, baby."

Selena scowled at Daniel, making him know Selena was enraged. And Daniel knew that if Selena got angry, she would ruin everything.

"Get out!" She shouted commanded once again.

Daniel directly left Selena, and Vanesha looked upset; she got out of bed, gathered up her clothes from the floor, and walked away from Selena while whispering something into her ear.

"Death to you, old spinster!"

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