Book cover of “Lover's Lust“ by Ljele

Lover's Lust

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Ljele
The hotel is difficult to understand in many different ways. There are corridors that connect to other corridors, as well as reception areas that have a great number of doors leading to a great number of locations. A parking lot that I hope I never have to go back to, and there's Dylan in it. I despise those in authority. I can't stand it in t... 


I open the door and peep. Left, then right.

No Dylan. I'm free to go.

My movement is rapid and for the task on my hands, I thank Goodness no one sees me. It'd raise questions, seeing a house keeper hurry so badly with detergent in one hand and a pile of misplaced laundry in the other.

What am I? A laundry thief?

But for these new complications, life for me is supposed to be easy. The hotel now feels like a busy Francisco intersection. If you're not careful, you could get run over. Only in my case I need to be run over, I just have to set my eyes on him.

This kind of addiction should have a medical treatment.

I stop to think, not really having considered my options. The supplies room or the room that needed the sheets? Logic sets in. It'd take ages to find the room that needs the laundry. Besides, the supply room is just a few feet away. I open the door and seek to keep the chemical substance in my hand on it's appropriate shelf, when my eyes land on him. He hasn't seen me yet, so I have about a second or two to turn around and get the hell out of there.

But I don't. I stay rooted to the spot like I'm tranced, because maybe I am. Maybe there really is no reason to run from all this and accept it for what it is. He takes his time, look through his clip board. He knows someone has entered; he just doesn't know it's me.

"Okay, I don't know if you came here to do anything but work's waiting out..." He turns.

He sees me as I do him and his throat bobs as he takes a huge gulp.

I'm physically almost salivating at the sight of him.

"You're here." He croaks.

I nod. Girthing my bones with strength I move to the shelve where the detergent rack is - coincidentally just beside him - and place the soap on the shelve stretching my arms and revealing my right side. He wastes no time.

He grabs me through my exposed torso and kisses me from behind. My neck and face is coated with his saliva before even my tongue gets a taste of him and once it does, it instantly familiarizes itself with its new friend. His grip gets firmer around my waist and presses my body into him, where I can feel his turgid groin.

Well, now I want that too.

Kisses from behind have never hit so sensually. My neck is arched to take in as much of him as anatomy would allow and it doesn't help that I'm not much shorter.

I begin to grind my behind on him, exciting the moment further and he says when our lips detached. "You were supposed to stay away."

"No..." I pant. "You were supposed to avoid this floor." I smile and push into him, making him grunt. His hands leave my waist and stretch into my thighs. First in the surface of my dress, then under. I feel scorched.

"I can't." He huffs. "I have to do my job."

His hands trail and touch me where I want to be touched. I moan pathetically, my whole body giving in to the sensation of being touched by him.

This is really getting out of hand.

"You think I was here to play?" I drawl.

" you are."

Fair enough.

We definitely can't get naked here, but that doesn't mean we can't be satisfied. It's quick small movements that matter. The fact that the door is unlocked hence the increased probability of being caught only gives me bigger thrills.

He raises my dress entirely above my waist and caresses my bare under.

"Dylan. There's no time." I groan.

His grunt affirms that he understands. When I hear the deep hissing sound of his zip, my mouth waters some more.

"You're dripping." He removes his hand from my flesh and shows them to me.

I am dripping.

"You're so wet. I can't control myself..." He mutters.

"Don't." I tell him.

I feel his tip nudge my entrance.

Here we go again.

The thrust doesn't take me by surprise. It's the pleasure that does. Sharp, far reaching explosive pleasure that makes me squeal.


But I'm far gone. As his movements become more rapid, so does my synchronous moans until I feel a heavy cloth wrap around my mouth.

"You're going to get us noticed, Candy."

I let out a moan under the strain of the sheets he used to muffle me. This was getting out of control. Seeking a better position, I take the sheets from him and wound it properly around my mouth, like a bridle and give him the other two ends to hold on to.

He uses them well, riding me up onto the point where I see nothing but the destination he wants me to go. He moans and grunts and curses as he thrusts frantically, but they're more controlled than my perverted moans underneath the sheet's gag.

In quick spasms, white flashes tear through my vision as my climax rips through my spine and floods my brain. Every nerve in my body strains ever so vividly and even he floods my insides as well with his seed.

Our uniform grunts of pleasure and sate subsides and dies down as the high clears and he holds me close to himself, not even coming out of me.

"This was a mistake." He breathes.

"Again." I agree

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