Book cover of “Triple Temptations: Mated to the Hot Triad King“ by Favy

Triple Temptations: Mated to the Hot Triad King

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Favy
Astrid Pierce-Cyrene, a human, relocates with her dad in an effort to rebuild her life after losing her mother to the icy and gruesome hands of death. Unexpectedly, she discovers that her mate is none other than the Alpha King Blaze Neptune Hunter — an incredibly attractive and captivating wolf. Her destiny doesn't conclude there as she is claimed ... 

Chapter 1. Saving the Dragon Prince (1)

"We shouldn't be doing this. Surely, this is a mistake!" Once more, to no avail, Astrid tries to wriggle free of his hold.

He traces his fingers along Astrid's soggy underwear, and she squeaks a tiny pant. He questions, his lips curving into a conceited smile, "You claim not to want this, then, why are you so wet?"

"I—" Astrid bites her lip, unable to find the words to articulate her conflicting emotions.

"I warned you that defying me only increases my desire for you!" He firmly grasps Astrid's drenched cunt, sheathed by the delicate fabric of her lace underwear, and thus eliciting a soft moan from her lips.

"Gosh, you are soaking wet, Mate!" He clings to Astrid's engorged vagina once more, enkindling a tsunami-like wave of energy up her spine.

"God! Please stop!" Astrid jerks her head backwards, moaning at his repeated grasping of her pussy. She was excessively sexed up, and she loathed herself for it. 

How could she possibly resist his advances when he was tantalizingly groping her sex-hungry pussy so expertly? God, she wanted him so much!

She abhors herself for being so enamored by him and for having such intense lust for him. Despite her repeated denials, her pussy still ached to be filled by his cock.

"I need you inside of me!" She cries out, fed up with repressing her desires for him.

He teases her throbbing core with his slow, methodical strokes as he rubs the tip of his manhood along her drippy entrance before ultimately diving deep into her warm embrace.


[May 19, 1946]

On a picnic blanket sat two striking men, Blaze Neptune Hunter and Dexter Aquilo Gunner. 

Blaze gazes at the sky, admiring the blue and fluffy clouds, sunbeams piercing through the canopies of trees as the cool morning breeze caused the trees to sway luxuriantly.

Blaze's eyes emitted a profound, natural radiance that sparkled within. His irises possessed a truly golden glimmer, radiating with such brilliance that it illuminated his entire countenance and penetrated to the depths of his soul.

With straight and thick eyebrows that were impeccably maintained, his square-shaped face emphasized his angular features. His chiseled and prominent jawline was perfected to sculptural precision.

With a refined and symmetrical structure, his nose exuded elegance and length. His lips, shaped like a heart and tinted with a vibrant ruby pink, were undeniably captivating. However, despite his striking appearance, his smile was as cold as the icy winter rain.

Blaze's golden Ivory skin dazzled in the morning light and his raven hair was tousled by the flurry of wind, adding to his masculine and provocative aura. 

He sported light stubble on his chin, further enhancing his rugged charm. He was truly a masterpiece, as if the creator had meticulously crafted him to perfection.

"Finally, some breathing space!" Dexter collapses on the picnic mat, puffing out a loud breath.

Dexter narrowed his eyes and glanced at Blaze, who was fully engrossed in marvelling at the breathtaking morning sky. Dexter's crimson eyes, reminiscent of the blooming maple tree flowers, brimmed with affection for his friend.

He furrowed his precisely groomed eyebrows in an attempt to unravel the mystery of Blazes thoughts. Blaze's demeanor was typically apathetic and aloof, making it challenging to decipher his innermost musings.

Dexter possessed a rectangular face that accentuated his sharp, distinguishing characteristics. His chiseled jawline was well-defined, while his nose was elongated and sloped downward with a noticeable curve to the prominent bridge.

His complexion resembled the pureness and paleness of snow, his slender lips were as crimson as blood, and his hair was akin to the frost on a field. However, what stood out the most was his beaming smile, which dazzled like the sun on a warm summer day.

Dexter wines while stretching his aching bones, "We ought to do this more often. Being a king is no easy feat! It's just been a year, and I already feel like I'm on my deathbed!"

Blaze teases with a slight grin, "You grumble too much for a vampire!"

Dexter howls like a rabid animal, his already pallid skin turning even more ashen. His flaming crimson eyes grew darker until his irises turned obsidian, and ebony veins that slither across his skin protruded.

Blaze expresses astonishment, "You are experiencing blood deprivation. But you only fed from me yesterday!"

"Recall the unpleasant interruption by those rogues during my feeding session!"

"Fine. I do need to get all this excess blood from my system." Blaze extends his ankle, signaling for him to drink his blood.

"That's why we are best of friends!" Dexter gushes out. He projects his fangs, impaling Blaze's flesh with them as he began milking out his blood. 

Dexter retracts his fangs about five minutes later after he had concluded sipping from Blaze. He licks the bloody remnant off his lips, and his eyes metamorphosed to their original hue. As the perforation on his ankle gradually heals, Blaze groans a little.

"Does it hurt that much?" Dexter asks with a hint of anguish in his gaze.

"I'm accustomed to the pain, so there's no need to fret," Blaze assures with a forced grin.

Both males discerned the sound of grunts, wails and dead bodies thudding to the dry earth. Despite the distance of the disturbance, their superhuman auditory abilities picked it up.

"Let's go check it out!"

In a matter of seconds, they arrived at the sight of the pandemonium or more akin to a slaughter. They sought refuge behind a copse situated at a distance from the scene.

Blaze examined the spectacle before him. Around thirty men were engaged in a fierce battle against a lone opponent. The solitary fighter appeared weary, and it seemed like only a matter of time before he succumbs to unconsciousness. 

His body was drenched in both his blood and that of his fallen foes, and he displayed numerous claw marks from the intense battle. Despite the visible injuries, he persisted in the fight, ignoring the physical agony.

Seated on a colossal fallen wooden trunk, a man observed with mixed emotions. This man was Cade Decker, the second in line to the Dragon's throne. The victim of the impending execution was none other than his half-brother and heir to the throne, Phoenix Bronte Decker.

In due course, Phoenix was subdued and compelled to kneel before Cade. The latter strode towards his sibling, amused by his pitiful appearance.

"Perhaps we could lend him a hand!" Dexter suggests under his breath.

"We should not meddle, as dragons are our sworn foes. Furthermore, it is not our concern, and intervening could exacerbate the animosity among the three nations."

"We cannot simply remain idle! Moreover, vampires and werewolves were once adversaries, but we brought them together. This could be our opportunity to unite the three nations."

"We can ignore this and pretend it never happened. I wouldn't be upset if that conceited and promiscuous jerk met his demise!"

"Do you two have a history? I'm confused," he asks Blaze with a furrowed brow filled with intrigue and bewilderment.

"No, it was a one-time encounter. I caught him having sex with my childhood crush against a goddamn tree and on my soil!"

"Ah, matters of the heart! I was unaware you possessed one. Besides myself, I presumed there was no one else you held affection for," Dexter gives a playful wink.

"I no longer harbor any liking towards her. However, it did cause me pain in the past. We both acted out in a fit of rage, and I have no qualms about his demise."

With a cold stare, he declared, "I possess a heart and I don't care for you!" 

Dexter playfully pinches Blaze's cheeks and teases, "You may act petty, but deep down, we both know you care for me just as much as I care for you!"

Blaze's irritation caused his cheeks to flush. "Please, refrain from doing that. If you weren't such a Cassanova like him, I would have assumed you were homosexual!" He swiftly brushed away the hands from his face.

"You sound like you've never been intimate with a woman before. Your personal issues with each other can wait; our priority is to rescue him. Remember when we faced a comparable predicament? We were both rejected for being different. I was on the brink of death, but you saved me and I saved you, so why can't we save him?"

Blaze let out a defeated sigh as memories of his agonizing past flooded his mind. However, he found solace in the fact that Dexter was there for him during his moment of despair, just as he had been there for him before.

"For a vampire, you are too softhearted!" Blaze's lips creases into a smile.

"You say it as though Vampires are supposed to be cold at heart?"

"Perhaps, I have no idea. Let's finish this quickly!"

With a furious tone, Cade exclaims, "I had already informed you, brother, that you would never ascend to the throne. It's beyond my comprehension why Dad chose to appoint an illegitimate child as the crown prince. You are the result of Father's infidelity, a blunder that should have never come to fruition. The crown rightfully belongs to me, not you!"

"I was aware of your envy towards me, but I never anticipated you would take it to this level. What on earth did you add to my drink? It's common knowledge that I can easily slaughter you and your accomplices without breaking a sweat."

"Although you remain as conceited as always, I must admit that we all recognize your immense strength in your human form and your limitless abilities when you transform into a dragon. It's impressive how you can manipulate fire even without assuming your dragon form.

"Being dead renders all that power useless to you. Additionally, I added toxikon to your drink. It prevents you from transforming into your dragon state and devitalizes your human form. Nevertheless, you managed to eliminate over ten of my soldiers. You continue to impress me, Phoenix!"

With a fiery rage in his gaze, Phoenix grits his teeth and seethes, "You despicable scoundrel!"

He berates himself for naively believing that Cade had turned over a new leaf. Had he remained vigilant, this entire debacle could have been avoided.

"I assure you, your promiscuous mother will be accompanying you shortly to the afterlife. I wouldn't want you to feel solitary," Cade says with a wicked grin, extending his sharp talons.

"Do not even think about touching my mother!" Phoenix struggled to break free from their relentless grip, but the more he tried, the more his strength dwindled.

"For someone who is neighing death, you are unreasonably audacious. You should be soliciting for your mother's life rather, and I just might spare her."

His face twists into a vicious smirk. "Regardless of your pleas, I intend to end her life. She is responsible for your existence in this world. I shall tear out your heart and display it to the world, revealing who is truly worthy of the title, "Dragon king!"""

As Cade was about to plunge his claws into his Phoenix's chest, Dexter abruptly appeared, gripping Cade's arm and rupturing his bone in two.

Cade emits a fierce growl as the searing pain of his broken bone courses through his body. Dexter unleashes a powerful punch, causing him to soar several meters through the air.

Upon impact with a tree, Cade collapses to the ground, writhing in unbearable torment. If he were human, death would have been instantaneous.

"Who the fuck are you? And what's your reason for meddling in my affairs?"

"I am King Dexter Gunner and this is my territory!"

"The Vampire King?" His eyes dilate with horror. Cade was extremely focused on chasing after Phoenix that he failed to notice that they were on enemy's soil.

A massive and ferocious black wolf emerges from the thicket, slaying the group of ten men who had imprisoned the phoenix in the twinkling of an eye. 

Blaze's wolf expels a ferine and domineering howl, and the surviving men tremble with trepidation.

"Alpha King?!" 

Apprehension washed over Cade, causing his complexion to turn pale. He knew he was no match for even one of these formidable men, let alone two.

"This is our business. I apologize if we trespassed, but please allow me to finish what I started." With a crestfallen expression, he murmurs while lowering his head.

This made Cade feel spiteful. How could the future king of the Dragon's Kingdom apologize to its enemies? He would deal with his hurt ego later, but right now, getting out of this alive was all that mattered.

"Yeah, to complete what you started? Killing your brother?" Dexter barks with fury.

"It is what must be done for I to ascend the throne. Please turn a blind eye. I will be on my way now." He signals his men to subdue Phoenix once again.

Dexter roars with rage and declares, "I'm afraid I cannot let you do that. You would have to go through us. Touch him and you all die!" 


Omg! I couldn't love Dexter less. Guys, how is the first chapter?

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