Book cover of “Unsavory Redemption“ by Failia_Baighaan

Unsavory Redemption

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Failia_Baighaan
Rebecca Morris — a woman haunted by insecurities and haunted by her past, which tragically impacted her future. She found herself in an undesirable predicament, forced to marry a man who had once given his heart to her sister. Her father, harboring nothing but disdain for her, cunningly seized this opportunity when Ryan Knight proposed to Rebecca'... 

Chapter 1

…If you are a rose, then I want to become a thorn so that I can protect you from all the abhor of this world…

A smile crept upon my lips when I read the sweet note in my book. I lift my sapphire gaze while tugging a strand of my raven hairs behind my ears searching for the one who wrote it. “Who could be kind enough to send me this?” I asked myself.

It's been six months since I have been receiving these notes. Like every once in a week, there's a note in my book with something sweet written on it. I have been searching for that guy ever since the first day but I couldn't find him. He just left the note magically in my book and left without leaving a trace behind. “Why did you do it when you don’t intend to reveal yourself huh?” ‘But, these are my salvation, the only other thing which made me feel loved after my sister Marianne.’

I sighed deeply and shook my head.

"Just where are you?" I mumbled to myself as I stood up from the garden of my university.

I'm Rebecca Morris, I'm 25 years old. After completing my Masters, I enrolled in a hotel management university because I'm really looking forward to a life in hotels. My father, Dayle Morris is a successful businessman owning Garnet Enterprises, based upon the name of my dead mother. ‘Well, actually ‘my’ empire is labeled as his.’

My father never wants me to get a degree in Hotel management, he wants me to learn Business Finance so that I can help him in business but I prefer jobs over business so I pursued my dream. But, none of this would be actuality if it wasn't for my beloved sister Marianne Morris, she is 28 years old, with the same looks as me but height a little taller than mine and having hazel eyes, A supermodel living in California. 

She always supports me and loves me dearly and I love her too. ‘If it wasn't for her I may have died with Jane, she gave me hopes for a better tomorrow or else I am still imprisoned in my nightmares.’

As loving sisters we are and how my sister made me feel that even if you stumble on your path, some act of kindness will always pull you up. And at the same time my father, he who made me face the bitter reality of the world that if you fall others will crush you even if that person is your own father. “Pathetic…” 

Being nothing but a contempt to my father, is something I never want to become but after 'that incident' I felt scared to be number one. When I lost my strength, he left me all alone in the dark. Trampling over the empire I built from the shadows at the age of 18 and owning as his. 

‘But. I am not complaining, I am never the one who cares for money so I don't mind but where were you when I needed someone’s support? When I tried to halt the toxicity rushing in me?’

“Where were you when I needed you? When I was alive?” I asked in a dejected whisper.

Back again to the reality that hit me hard that I couldn't find this secret admirer for the past six months. “Goddammit, what good hiding will you do? At least show me, I hold the ability to connect, prove me wrong for being an uncaring bitch.” Muttering, I got up.

I even left notes in my books so that he could see them and show me his face. I waited for him countless times and at countless places but he never came. I looked down and murmured a 'thank you for evoking emotions I lost' to myself and left for my classes.

On my way, I called Marianne.

"Hello." I heard her voice and replied.

"Hey, Marianne, When are you coming home? " I asked.

"Uh, Who knows? Whenever my sister calls me. " She said sweetly as a smile crept upon my lips.

"Papa is going out of the country. Can you come home and stay?" I asked.

"Rebecca, I am saying this again and again, move out of that place and live somewhere alone or maybe share an apartment with your friends, it's better than living there.” She sighed.

“You will lose your sense of reality and become more emotionless than you already have. Just get out of there." ‘It’s not like I chose this behavior.’ She lectured me and I know she is right that I need to start my life but I don't think I can.. Not after it has ended.

"I can't. Can you please come? I truly don’t wanna talk about it." I almost pleaded with her.

"Fine. I'll be there tomorrow. Until then, stay strong and you know it, what to do if you get scared,.don't you? "

"Mari-Jane-Acca. " I said our spell to vanish our fears.

"Good Girl, Now wait for me til then. Love you. Bye. " She said.

"Love you too! Bye. " I said in glee and cut the call. I am so exhilarated she is coming, my only reprieve. I have missed her a lot.

Ryan POV:-

I watch her from a distance, her raven hairs swaying with the wind. Eyes blinking while holding my heart captive in them. Her thick lips making a pout elicit the desire to kiss them in me. ‘How can one be so exquisite?’

She put a hand on her neck while giving a beguile look but it wasn’t the arrest but the innocence I had never seen before. She seems so powerless, a weak-hearted person I wanted to protect. My heart flutters in happiness when I look at her. Just like a fascinating angel having an angelic name, Marianne.

‘What secrets do your eyes conceal?’

I leaned on the wall watching her from afar as she was photo shooting for our new campaign as our model. I continued to watch her from afar with a faze of how someone can be inexplicably beautiful.

I'm Ryan Knight, An American with Indian heritage and culture my parents needlessly strictly follow. ‘What’s the point of doing what is done there but not here?’

I have gray eyes along with my pitch-blacks combed backward perfectly, a fair buildup body and a tanned complexion enhanced by my tattoos starting from the right side of my neck to all the way to my right wrist. I'm 32 years old and tired of hearing my parents wanting me to settle down. ‘Which era am I living in huh? Victorian age?’ I always shrug them because the person whom I want to spend my life with doesn't seem like she has any interest in me. I even told my father about it and he gave me advies too but to comply with them is so difficult. “Beautiful!”

My mother, Sarah Knight and my father Xavier Knight had a love marriage. I also want to marry the person I love like them but thankfully they didn't force me that much. After my father's retirement I came back to California and took over business even if I don't want to. After the shoot, I invited Marianne for dinner because every moment I spend with her is cherished deeply.

"I am glad to have you as our model again." I said to her, She just chuckled in her melodious voice and replied with a 'thank you'.

"By the way, Marianne, what are your plans for tomorrow?" I asked. I just loved how her name rolled on my lips, after watching her from afar for the past 3 years.

"Oh, I am going back to my hometown, my sister is home alone and she is afraid of being alone. " She replied. ‘There she goes, talking about her weak sister Rebecca again.’

"Don't you think she is old enough to take care of herself and what about your father? Would he be present for her?" I asked. "Fears don't come with age, Mr Knight. Only they are etched, they are difficult to remove.”

“And My father is going out of the country so I am going back with the next flight to Boston. I need to stay by her side, she cannot bear loneliness nor darkness." She ended sorrowfully.

"I am in no position to ask what made her like this. I hope she overcomes it… her fears, I guess." I mumble, not knowing what to say.

"And I am in no position to tell so it’s okay, you don’t have to sympathize with her condition anyways, she did this to herself. " She replied and turned her attention to her food. “To herself?” I questioned. “A lost tale, forget it.” She mumbled. ‘I don’t care about your sister, tell me about you’

After a silence our sweet dinner came to a halt.

"When is your flight?" I asked her, dropping off at her place. She lives in California but her family lives in Boston.

"At 3 am. "

"If you say, I can drop you off..? " I offered. she passed me her usual smile and said/

"You don't have to Mr Knight. You have done enough, thank you very much." She said and went away.

I took a deep breath and went home, only to see my parents sitting in the lounge while looking at our photo album. I gave Father a side hug and kissed Mother's forehead and sat in between them.

"Ryan, Look how cute you are looking!" Mother squeaked as I asked. 

"Am I not cute now?” I asked with a teasing smirk. 

"No, Now you are handsome like me. " Father said proudly. I chuckled and looked at my childhood picture, noticing how adorable I looked. 

"Mom.. Dad... " I called them, dragging them out from those sweet memories. They both looked at me and I blurted out. 

"I have found a girl for me and I would like you guys to go to her place and ask for her hand in marriage. "

'Since you will kill me if I break your old traditions of proposal.’ It took them a few seconds to register my words and when they did, they burst.

"What's her name? Who is she? Since when are you guys dating? Why did you never tell us about her?" I paused at their series of questions and responded impassively.

"Her name is Marianne Morris, the top supermodel, the daughter of Dayle Morris, the Garnet Enterprises owner. We are not dating, she is not the type of a girl who would date guys and as if you will allow me to.” I mumbled.

“At least that's what I think, so I thought... Maybe we can ask for her hand in an arranged marriage. I know the chances of it are rare but her Father is a materialistic man, his response depends upon our status and money but don’t worry. Marianne is not like her Father.'' I said, telling them everything. After working with her, I know this much. For someone with no dating experience, arranged would be the only option for her. Mother remained silent upon hearing it but Father began to say.

"Look Son, We will do it but don't you think you should ask her about it beforehand? Marriage is a great commitment, you'll spend the rest of your lives understanding each other, supporting each other, loving each other.” “Like dating-” I was about to ask happily but-


“But a quality reassurance. And since you don't know her thoroughly, you have to be prepared to accept her good and bad habits and no matter what happens, you'll never regret your choice as you'll hold her hands tightly with the intention of never letting it go.” He explained.

“And I am not telling this to you for just this but to whoever the girl that will become your bride. Do you understand me?'' Dad's words of wisdom never fail to teach me good stuff.

"Do not worry father, I'll try my best to fulfill all my obligations as a husband."

"They may be obligations but do not forget to not make your marriage a mere bond of responsibilities. It's a sacred bond and you should respect that. "

"I understand this much, Father." I said sincerely.

"I agree we want you to get married but since we are going in for an arranged marriage, you'll have to be ready to face rejection, anything can happen.” He shrugged.

“It was your idea.” “Your call, son.” He smirked.

“Do I even have a choice?” I asked, arching a brow. “They are rare nowadays. I doubt anyone would agree.” I said, frowning and they knew my distress.

“You should be prepared for everything, Okay? " Father explained as my heart skipped a beat in dread just by thinking about it but I know asking her will be meaningless.

“Or I could just date-” And he poured water over my dream.

“No.” I wanted to argue but stopped, sighing deeply.

"I have thought about it for quite a while. I've mentally prepared myself for the worst case scenario but I will try my best to assure her." I said proudly.

‘But little do I know, I wasn't ready for the upcoming affliction as it's worse than any situation I could have imagined…’

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