Book cover of “A Love Story“ by Love Genie

A Love Story

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Love Genie
In the halls of the university, love is a battlefield - and Michelle is caught in the crossfire. With her heart set on David, the popular classmate who's been crushing on her for ages, she's finally starting to feel the rush of young love. But as Michelle explores her feelings for David and tries to live a normal teenage life, she can't help but fe... 

Chapter 1. The Meeting

Michelle was sitting and thinking about her biology exam when suddenly, out of nowhere, she was lifted out of her desk. There was a sense of panic and irritation building inside of her. The guy was on top of her and was looking at her as if seeing her for the first time. 

It was David, her classmate. They looked at each other, and then suddenly, he kissed her. 

She would not ever forget that sensation because that was her first kiss. It felt so surreal, but at the same time, the irritation she felt was more overpowering than the joy of being kissed. She felt that there was more to this than she thought. After all, David was the most popular guy in school. Athletic, intelligent, and handsome were just some of his attributes. 

When she came to her senses, other students were watching, and she was mortified by that. She tried to get away as fast as possible, but David followed her.

“Michelle, wait. I am sorry I kissed you without your permission.”

“I am sorry! That is all you have to say? That was my first kiss!”

Oh my, what did I just do? Why did I just tell him that? I cannot believe this is happening! Can things get worse than this?

“Look, I am sorry. I hope that we can still be friends or even more.”

The nerve of the guy! Wait, did he just say that? I cannot believe he is telling me that. Jane would not believe this if I had told her. Guys like him would not usually go for girls like me. I guess you could say I am too plain.

As if sensing where her thoughts were going, he muttered, “you are not too plain.” 

“What did you say?”

“I said that even though I dated other girls, I was crushing on you for months now. I just did not know how to ask you out.”

These words got her to ponder about her life, her dating life, or the lack thereof. 

“Thank you for telling me that. It must have taken a lot of courage. I guess this happened for a reason. Anyway, I must get back to class.”

As she was about to walk away from him, he held her wrist as if stopping her. She turned halfway to look at him and said, “Why?” while smiling sweetly to mask her annoyance.

“Michelle.” He cleared his throat before continuing as if hesitant and nervous at the same time. She could feel his sweaty palms on my wrist. “I would like to take this time to formally ask you out.”

With that statement, her mouth gaped open, and she tried hard to say something, but out of shock, words would just not come out. It was a good thing there was no one there, or else she would be the face of her school’s most trending on their website. It was a really funny sight to behold.

Her spirits were awakened, and with that, she stormed away from him. He was calling her name, but she did not mind him; she just wanted to get away. This was just too much even for her. The most patient and level-headed individual, even her friends and family could attest to that fact.

Maybe because it was all too new to her, too overwhelming, she went to the classroom and everyone looked at her and started to whisper to each other.

She really just wanted to get away and think about everything that happened today or, more specifically, a while ago. She will just feign being sick. The glares of the girls and whispers were too overwhelming. She could not believe this. Before this, she was invisible; now, she was the talk of the town or, more specifically, the whole campus.

She asked her teacher if she could go to the nurse’s office because she was not feeling well. Mr. Alano, her biology teacher, conceded. He knew what had happened in this classroom a few hours back. Michelle was also his favorite student. He feigned ignorance for her sake and gave her a hall pass to go to the nurse.

Ms.Vermosa was a kind soul. 

“My dear, what is wrong? How can I help you today?”

“I am on the third day of my period, and it hurts like hell.” 

Liar, she thought. She hated not telling the truth, especially to the nurse, who was like a second mother to her. She knew deep inside that she did not have menstrual cramps.

She left the nurse’s station in a rush, as she wanted to escape and leave the school without running into David again. 

Sensing her distress, the guard allowed her to leave without looking at the pass the nurse gave her, which was unusual, given the strictness and security policy of the school.

She called her father, asking to meet her at a nearby 7/11. Her father, Frank, was a kind man and loved her daughter dearly, so without hesitation, he postponed his meeting. He told his workmates not to disturb him until tomorrow morning. His workmates and the company knew that his daughter was his first priority.

As for Michelle’s mother, she died during birth. So she did not know the love of a mother but was lucky enough to have a doting father.

When her father arrived, Michelle was reading. It was evident that she had eaten ice cream because of the mess on both sides of her face. It had been like that ever since she was a child. It was quite endearing to him that up to now she still ate ice cream like that. 

‘She will forever be my baby and a daddy’s girl,’ he thought to himself and smiled.

He approached his daughter and said, “I thought you had menstrual cramps. You should not be eating ice cream.”

“Hmm, wait, daddy, my mouth is so full, and I have a brain freeze.”

Sensing his daughter’s lie, he could not fake ignorance, even though he wanted her to have privacy. 

“What’s wrong? Tell me honestly. I know when you are lying.”

She could not contain herself any longer and burst out, saying, “I am sorry. I had my first kiss today. I know I promised not to do that until I was married, but it was an accident.” 

She was gasping for air and worrying about what her father would say.

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