Book cover of “The Alpha's Betrayed Luna“ by Moni Sky

The Alpha's Betrayed Luna

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Moni Sky
The only thing I cannot handle is the cruelty of love. He killed and replaced me with my best friend. I couldn't explain the feeling because it was as if a dagger had pierced my heart, and I found it so hard to pull it out. And now? I am back. The moon goddess made it possible. Now... I am back from the dead. To take revenge. And everyone in... 

Chapter 1

*** Iris POV ***

The only thing I cannot handle is the cruelty of love.

He killed and replaced me with my best friend. I couldn't explain the feeling because it was as if a dagger was pierced into my heart and I found it so hard to pull it out. And now? I am back to the past in a modern way. The moon goddess made a huge difference for me.

I now live in a very big house with my parents in the modern world even where cellphones are available. Before I died, my parents weren't alive. They were dead and the cause was unknown. I tried finding out then the reason but I couldn't. It was hard for me.

I could be described as a kind, naive girl then. I was too nice to everybody and they all took it for granted. But now, I am back to make them all pay. Those who have hurt me, those who have made me cry, those who thought I couldn't make it in life, those who made fun of me, those who have betrayed me.

They are all going to pay. The moon goddess has given me the power to correct all wrongs. To make everything right. To put my mate and my best friend in their place, where they rightfully belong. Hell.

That is where they belong.

Tears suddenly rolled out of my eyes when I remembered what they did to me. I kept my eyes shut and drifted to the past.


"Halley, where are you?" I burst through the door but she was nowhere to be found. Where could she be? I traced my way back out and ascended the wooden stairs. I took slow steps as if I were tiptoeing. I wasn't. I didn't want to make a loud sound so I won't disturb the peace of the environment.

Getting to the top, I knocked and her voice came through.

"I am up here, Iris." She said.

I twisted the knob and stepped in. She was busy rummaging through her things. What was she looking for?

"Hey, what are you looking for? Did you lose something?" I asked but she only hummed.

"C'mon, tell me. I can help."

"Fine. I don't just want to stress you up. I don't know what to wear for the ball."

I raised my eyebrows. "What ball?" I asked.

"What do you mean what ball? Have you forgotten where Desmond wants us to be tonight?" She asked throwing the rumpled, blue dress she found on the floor.

"Okay, but why are you bothering about it? I don't want to go to the ball even though he is my boyfriend. We can stay back." I muttered sitting on the old, wooden chair some feet away. She walked up to me immediately.

"What? We are not going? But why? We are invited and he is going to feel bad if we don't show up. You don't want him to get mad at you."

I sighed. To be honest, my mind doesn't agree with me going to the party. I don't know why I am suddenly feeling this way but I think Halley is right. I don't want to disappoint him. Desmond is my boyfriend after all.

"Okay, I will go."

"Let's search for a dress then." She said and I agreed with her.

After some minutes of turning Halley's wardrobe upside down, she finally saw what to wear. She ended up picking the green, plain dress and I went with the white, short dress I was given. Halley did her makeup while I watch her. I watched as she applied all her effort to look beautiful for the ball tonight.

"Don't you want to look beautiful tonight?" She asked.

"Of course, I am already looking great tonight. I don't need to go the extra mile."

She only sighed and it was time to go to the party. I want to understand that the reason she put makeup on was for her to find her mate tonight. She is not like me who has found her mate at an early stage.

The only difference between us is that she has a wolf while mine is yet to show up. I don't have a wolf yet.

We got to the party to see everyone present. I looked around searching for Desmond just to see him far away talking with other guys there. He gestured for me to come closer and I did. I kissed him immediately after I got to him.

Desmond is a tall, black-haired guy with a pair of brown eyes and his muscular body made girls flood around him but I was chosen. I was happy I was chosen. We have been dating for two years now and it shows.

"Hey, Des. How are you doing tonight?" Halley asked.

"Halley, you came. I am glad you did."

Halley replied with a smile and I smiled too. Desmond left me with Halley who grabbed a drink. I noticed she was quiet but I don't want to bother her. I don't want to seem too clingy.

Just then two guys walked up to us.

"Hi, Halley." One of them whom I recognized as Audrey smiled.

I couldn't recognize the second one.

"Heyyy." Halley flashed them a smile.

Audrey turned to me including the second guy.

"What are you doing with that loser's girlfriend?" Audrey asked referring to me. I frowned and the second guy laughed. Halley smiled and told them.

"Stop referring to my friend that way." She bawled at them and I could see the fury in her eyes but it suddenly disappeared.

I walked away even though I liked that she defended me. I don't know why those two guys don't like Desmond. I love him. I got upstairs and stood at the doorstep. Just as I was about to open the door, the second guy from earlier walked up to me.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I need to tell you something." He said.

"I don't need to listen to anything. Leave me alone."

"Okay, you don't know my name. My name is Drake and I - "

"I don't want to know who you are, Drake. Get off my back." I muttered and slammed the door at this face.

I entered just to see Desmond coming out of the restroom with his belt unbuckled.

"Hey, you are here." He smiled and came close to me.

My breath hitched and he caressed my body gently and I felt those butterflies in the depth of my belly. I wish to do things to him but then I suddenly moved away from him when he tried to touch me down there.

"What happened? What have I done again?"

"Nothing. You have done nothing." I shook my head and moved away from him.

I was not ready to give my body to him yet. I don't know but I just don't feel like it. I feel like...ugh! I apologized and he said nothing. We went back to the ball and Halley offered me a drink which I collected and gulped down.

The drink was tasty and before I know it, I began to ask for more and I didn't know what I was doing. I suddenly turned around to look for my best friend and boyfriend. They were no place to be found. What the heck? I got up on my wobbly feet and made my way around to look for them. I couldn't find them. Where are they? Did they ditch me? I didn't give up. I began to look for them again. Just then I heard moans.


It grew louder and louder as I got to the door.

Entering, it dawned on me when I saw my boyfriend and my best friend fucking each other. I rubbed my eyes countlessly. I didn't even know what to say. Nothing! My heart broke into pieces.

Was I dreaming?

Tears rolled out of my eyes down to my dress. I felt betrayed. How could they do this to me? Just how? How?

As I opened my mouth to say something, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. It deepened and I couldn't help but scream. I fell to the floor but none of them came to get me. They didn't try to know what was wrong with me. They continued doing it.

The pain pierced through my entire body and I started coughing out blood. Blood gushed out of my nose and I felt as if boils were coming out of my body.

"Des...des...des..." I coughed.

"Hall... Halley" I stuttered and coughed out blood.

It was then I realized I have been poisoned.

It dawned on me that the most important people in my life had poisoned me. I raised my head just to see them standing before me. They are now both dressed.

"Finally ..." Halley smiled.

"Help me ... help me ..."

"You are out of my life now. I never for once loved you and I only wanted you because of your body which you refuse to offer to me. But Halley is always ready. Always ready to serve me. She will be the Luna once you are gone and on our coronation, the grace would be hers."

I cried out amidst the pain.

"She will be crowned the Luna." He said.

Halley nodded smiling and she brought out the dagger from goddess knows where before I could mutter a word, the dagger was stabbed directly at my heart and I screamed in agony.

They walked away leaving me to wallow in the agony they caused me.

Just then I saw a figure in front of me and I could recognize his face.


"Iris, who did this to you?"

That was the last thing I heard before my eyes were shut in darkness.

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