Book cover of “The Alpha's Little Moon“ by Heaven

The Alpha's Little Moon

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Heaven
"Don't run from a sexy could be your mate." His pack is the most feared and powerful in the region, but the only thing this alpha wants is to find his mate. When he thinks he has lost hope, she, the woman he has waited so long for, appears and becomes a problem. Megan is his mate, but her age does not play in her favor. By the stan... 

Chapter 1

POV Megan:

I woke up to the beautiful singing of the birds and the light coming through my window... No, it’s a lie; I was woken up by the damn diabolical device that calls itself my alarm; I touch with my fingers the night table next to the bed, with my eyes closed, looking for the damn demon, I stretch a little more, and I think I almost reached it, just a little more...

Suddenly, I fell face” first to the ground with my face smashed into the wood.


This must be my day, I think wryly.

Not far away, I hear the laughter of my older brother, Nix.

Great, just great.

“Stop kissing the floor and get up, there’s a family meeting in the living room in five minutes,” he said trying not to laugh again.

“Leave me alone and let me sleep!” I shouted before I lay back down on my bed. I heard footsteps walking away, and sighing happily, I returned to Morpheus’ arms.

A second later, I jumped out of my bed; I was all soaked in freezing water, fucking Nix was holding a bucket of water while clutching his stomach and laughing.

You son of a bitch, I’m gonna get you for this!

“That’s for you to stop slacking,” he said. “Now get up, Daddy’s waiting, and it’s already noon.”

I grabbed as fast as I could the baseball bat that I always kept next to my pillow, since you never know when you need to have a weapon at hand, I grabbed it with both hands and prepared for the race.

“I’m going to send your head to the fucking stadium for this,” I shouted and walked out.

Running after him, when I had his placid ass in my sights, I batted and smiled when I heard him howl. “And this is just the beginning, little brother; you will pay for waking me up from my beauty sleep,” I said and laughed like crazy when my bat curled his head.

I’m angry. How dare you? He’s going to pay for what he just did.

This is war, brother, I thought.

“Helpaaaaaa!” shouted Nix. “Dad, Megan wants to kill me!”

And this is supposed to be the future alpha, please?

We got to the living room, and there was my father, his name is Jerome Black and he is the alpha of the Black Moon pack. I quickly threw the bat to God knows where, I slowed down trying to control my breathing.

God, I hate running.

Well, I hated anything that involved moving any part of my body; I closed my eyes tightly until a few tears formed, and I was ready to play the role of the victim.

“Daddy! Nix overturned a bucket of water on me while I was sleeping; I don’t know why he treats me like that for no reason,” I complained and hid a smile that threatened to break my face in half when I saw him frown at Nix who was left with his mouth open when he saw my performance.

Take it, asshole, that’ll teach him not to bother me.


Dad got up from his favorite chair and stood up to his full height, which was quite a lot, and looked between a mixture of irritation and anger at Nix; for a moment, I felt sorry for my brother, but it quickly disappeared as I remembered the rude awakening he had given me.

“Nix, what did I tell you about bothering your sister?” said Dad, but he didn’t let him answer when he was about to do so.

“This is not behavior for an alpha. I will be handing over the pack to you shortly, and I want to feel confident that I am leaving it in capable and mature hands. Do you think you can do it?” he asked, and I knew by the tense look on my brother’s face that he was using the alpha voice.

You see, I couldn’t feel my father’s alpha voice because I still don’t possess any wolf rank as I haven’t had my first transformation yet, which will be on my 17th birthday, and he will assign me my rank; maybe it will be beta, omega, I have no idea, but then I will be able to find my mate and everything will be a fucking love story... Yay!

Well, it’s not pretty for me.

I’m not looking forward to meeting my mate, at least not soon.

I love my blessed bachelorhood, okay?

A man would ruin all my plans; no thought of a werewolf. What if he’s an alpha? That would be the end of me, no more going out, no more plans to conquer the world, no more fun?

No, no, no.

I’ll probably end up hanging him or committing suicide, see? Now, that would be poetry in all its splendor; I’m a better poet than Shespier, Shakespeare, or whatever.

“Take a seat; I have something to tell you.”

Oh, no, that sounds like a serious conversation or something, I have a bad feeling about that.

Dad waited for us to get comfortable on the two sofas in front of him.

“Tomorrow there will be a reunion party at the Dark Moon pack and all the packs in the area have to go with their respective alphas, you two will go with me” He points to Nix “You will attend with the mission to find your mate who will be the future Moon of the pack and you” Now his finger was in my direction “You need to make more friends plus it’s about time”.

He said this with sadness, he didn’t want me to find him yet either, I was still his puppy, well for both of us, I was like the woman of the house except that I didn’t do any housework.

God forbid I should do such a thing.

I simply do not wish such a thing... I’m not ready yet... God, don’t let it happen.

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