A Captive's Unexpected Journey to Love and Power in "Luna Battle: The Game" by B.J. Priestley

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In a world where werewolves reign supreme, the Luna Battle is a high-stakes competition to determine who will become the king's mate and queen. The contestants are all strong, beautiful, and capable women, but only one can win.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a slave, forced to submit to the whims of your captors? What if you were also a wolfless werewolf, considered an outcast in your own society? This is the reality for Elara, the protagonist of B.J. Priestley's novella, "Luna Battle: The Game."

Elara is the main character of the story who has to go through a lot of political machinations, secret identities, and forbidden romances. She has a rather dark past but Elara is a strong and independent lady who is not going to accept being defined by her past. Elara is chosen to become one of the competitors of the Luna Battle where she will fight to become the Luna or the queen of the werewolf king. And for her, it is an opportunity to have a new life away from her past. However, she soon discovers that the competition is not what it seems, and that there are dark forces at play that threaten to destroy her.

Luna battle the game illustration

Plot Summary

In the center of the werewolf community, Elara, a young woman who lost her wolf and became a slave, is chosen for the Luna Battle. This competition to become the werewolf king’s mate and his brother’s, alpha prime Darius and alpha Kellan, respectively, gives Elara a chance at a new life.

As Elara undergoes the trials of the Luna Battle, she shows she has a lot of spirit and is a kind person, which impresses both the king and the prince. But she was a slave, and she does not have a wolf beside her, which makes her a rather improbable character in the eyes of many people. This is where the competition becomes deadly as people close to Elara try to harm her and control her, deeming her a competition.

During the conflicts, the romantic relationships between Elara and Darius and Elara and Kellan are developed, and the distinction between the two becomes fuzzy. The reader is gradually let in on the truths surrounding Elaras past and the real meaning of the Luna Battle, Elara is forced to face her inner demon and fight for her identity in a society that wants to cast her out.

The Luna Battle, full of surprises, becomes a battle of life and death and a search for love. The author's portrayal of Elara and her personal development, as well as the determination that the protagonist exhibits throughout the story, will keep readers interested and support her until the last page.

The ending of "Luna Battle: The Game” is a cliffhanger, and the readers will be eager to know what will happen to Elara next in the following part of the novel. Priestley’s novella is highly recommended to all read especially for those who are into paranormal romance and people who wants to read a story about love, fighting for oneself and being oneself.

Book cover of “Luna Battle: The Game“ by B.J. Priestley

Luna Battle: The Game

  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Author: B.J. Priestley
Elara, wolfless and without a last name, is a slave to Alpha Draven, who claimed and bit her at a young age, removing her wolf. When Alpha Prime Darius announces his search for a Luna, Elara sneakily applies, lying about herself on the form, and is surprised when soldiers arrive to collect her. As she finds herself amid a brutal battle, Elara realizes she's merely a pawn to improve the family's image. Caught in a web of affection, only Darius and his brother Kellan harbor feelings for her, though Darius believes she's unworthy of being Luna. Despite his efforts to prevent it, Kellan falls in love with her. As Elara regains her wolf and escapes Draven, she faces the ultimate decision: should she become Luna for Darius or Kellan? Will the brothers fight for her, or will one of them be her true mate?

Luna Battle

The Luna Battle is a competition held by the werewolf king, Alpha Prime Darius, to find his Luna, or queen. It is open to all unmated female werewolves between the ages of 18 and 35, regardless of their pack or social standing. The competition consists of a series of challenges designed to test the contestants' strength, intelligence, and compassion. The winner will not only become the king's mate but also the future queen of the werewolf kingdom.

Luna Battle from "Luna Battle: The Game"

The Luna Battle is a central and intriguing part of the book because it serves as the backdrop for Elara's journey of self-discovery and transformation. It is through the challenges and interactions within the competition that Elara's true character shines through, captivating both the king and the prince. The Luna Battle also exposes the power dynamics and prejudices within werewolf society, as Elara faces discrimination and sabotage due to her past as a slave and her lack of a wolf.

The competition is not merely a test of physical and mental abilities but also a platform for social commentary. The Luna Battle highlights the importance of compassion, resilience, and the ability to connect with people from all walks of life. It challenges the traditional expectations of what it means to be a queen, emphasizing the importance of inner strength and empathy over social status and conformity. The Luna Battle is a captivating and thought-provoking element of the story,adding depth and complexity to the narrative.

Characters Development

Elara (Xenia): The protagonist. She is a rather tough woman who has suffered a lot in her life, being a slave and a werewolf without a pack. In her time of need, she struggles to understand who she is and her romantic interest between Darius and Kellan and discovers the truth about her real identity as Xenia Mooncrest. Her story is of a girl who discovers herself and overcomes the odds and the struggle for acceptance in a society that does not want to accept her.

Darius: The werewolf king. In the beginning, he is depicted as a man who is rude and not very caring, a man who is tied by the norms of his social status. Nevertheless, when he interacts with Elara, he starts to doubt his principles and the ideals of his father. This creates a more interesting dimensional conflict between Darius and his duty and his emerging feelings for Elara.

Kellan: The werewolf prince. He is charismatic, playful, and fiercely loyal to Elara. Kellan's unwavering support for Elara and his willingness to defy his brother, the king, to protect her make him a fan favorite. His character provides a source of warmth and humor in the story, balancing the darker themes of the novella.

Alpha Draven: The antagonist. He is a cruel and manipulative Alpha who enslaves Elara and exploits her for his gain. Draven's actions are a driving force in the story, shaping Elara's character and motivations. His presence adds a layer of danger and suspense to the narrative.

Other major characters are the other participants of Luna Battle, each with their own goals and personalities. Such characters help develop the plot and show various aspects of the werewolf community.

The characters in "Luna Battle: Characters in “The Game” are clearly described, and each has positive and negative qualities that make them very realistic. The characters and their relationships are the main focus of the novel, and the story is motivated by them in a way that will keep readers interested until the last page.

The characters are what makes this novella so captivating. Elara's strength and resilience in the face of adversity are inspiring, while Darius and Kellan's internal struggles add depth and complexity to the story. The supporting characters, including the other contestants and the various Alphas and Betas, provide a rich tapestry of personalities and motivations. The relationships between the characters are dynamic and engaging, with unexpected twists and turns that keep readers guessing.

Elara from Luna Battle

Writing Style

B. J. Priestley uses the first-person narrative point of view to depict Elara’s perception of the events. This gives the reader the feeling of being one-on-one with the protagonist, Elara, and makes the reader interested in her story. In this case, the language is very plain and straightforward, with more emphasis being given to the feelings and effects of the occurrences. This style provides for a swift flow of events that make the reader interested in the story.

The dialogue between Elara, Darius, and Kellan is intense and funny, and it also displays deep emotions. The dialogue also helps to develop the conflict and plot and to interrogate the characters’ histories and desires.

This, however, does not mean Priestley’s writing style is without its weaknesses, as is evident from the following. This creates a rather simple and monotonous sentence structure that can become rather tedious at times, and the descriptions presented may be considered insufficient by some readers. However, this is a rather minor issue, and the author’s focus on the emotional center of the story and the characters’ growth and development more than makes up for it.

Overall, B. J. Priestley's writing style in "Luna Battle: The Game” is successful in developing an interesting and rather touching plot. The use of the first person, the rather simple writing style, and realistic conversation make the reader interested in Elara's fate and want to find out what happens to her. Despite being not highly stylistically developed, the text is quite appropriate for the chosen genre and the target audience, which is why readers will definitely enjoy the book.


In conclusion, "Luna Battle: The Game” is an exciting short novel that raises the issues of character’s strength, love, and the struggle for individuality. B. J. Priestley’s lively prose and sharply depicted characters pull the readers into the world of werewolves and their politics. Although, there are some weaknesses in the story, for example, the use of the same sentence structure and limited descriptions, these are overshadowed by the richness of the emotional aspect and the engaging plot.

I would recommend "Luna Battle: The Game" to fans of paranormal romance and those who like female main characters and plots that are more complex than your average book. This brings the novella to a rather dramatic and mysterious end, making the reader look forward to the next part of Elara’s life. Thus, it is a must-read for anyone who would like to read an interesting and emotional story.

Review author: Evelyne B. Shaun

Bio: With a Master's degree in Comparative Literature and over a decade of experience reviewing books for various publications, I have honed my skills in analyzing literature and providing insightful critiques. My reviews are known for their thoroughness, objectivity, and ability to capture the essence of a story while offering constructive feedback. I believe my background and expertise make my reviews valuable for both readers and authors alike.

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