A Tale of Betrayal and Revenge: Den's "Curse: Rejected by the Alpha"

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Werewolf lore meets soap opera drama in this enthralling novel, where love, betrayal, and the supernatural intertwine.

Lena, the Luna of the Pure Blood pack, is rejected by her Alpha husband, Dean, for her best friend, Carla. The rejection unleashes a deadly curse upon Lena, threatening her life and her unborn children.

Den's "Curse: Rejected by the Alpha" is a captivating tale of love, betrayal, and revenge set in the world of werewolves. It follows Lena, the Luna of the Pure Blood pack, who is unexpectedly rejected by her Alpha husband, Dean, for her best friend, Carla. This rejection triggers a deadly curse, threatening Lena's life and the lives of her unborn children. The story unfolds as Lena navigates the complexities of love, loss, and the supernatural, seeking revenge while fighting for her survival.

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Plot Summary

In the society of werewolves in Seattle, Lena’s life becomes a mess when her husband and the Alpha of the pack, Dean, dumps her for another woman. This betrayal not only leads to the collapse of their marriage but also releases a curse that puts Lena’s life and the lives of her twins in danger.

Lena is hopeless and broken-hearted, so she comes to California in an attempt to find shelter and maybe start a new life. She gets help from Jake, Dean’s brother who is not on good terms with him, who gives her a job and a shelter. While Lena is trying to stop the curse and manage complications of her pregnancy, she turns to Jake and feels that he is the only one who understands her.

On the other hand, Dean’s life becomes a mess when he begins to comprehend the consequences of his actions. Regret and the consequences of his decision lead him on a mission to get Lena back and stop the curse from affecting her. However,Carla, with envy and greed as her motivating factors, proves to be a wicked character who does all that is in her power to ensure that Lena and Dean do not get back together.

Since Lena’s illness continues to progress, the curse becomes more prominent, and Lena has little time to discover the cure. This exciting narrative features betrayal, openings and closures of relationships, and confessions of the characters’ desires and phobias.

In the midst of all the creatures from the werewolves, curses, and the complicated relationships, Lena’s story is one of strength, her growth, and the triumph of love. Den's "Curse: ”Rejected by the Alpha” will have you turning the pages to find out what will happen to these fascinating characters.

Book cover of “Curse: Rejected by the Alpha“ by Den

Curse: Rejected by the Alpha

  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Author: Den
Lena Max's life crumbled when her husband rejected her and demanded a divorce, no less than for his best friend. Shattered, she left the pack, carrying a big secret: she was pregnant with twins. Dean Clark, the Alpha of the Pure pack, is a handsome and wealthy man, owner of one of the country's most recognized businesses. He's recognized and loved worldwide in the world of werewolves, but not everyone respects him. He has lacked nothing in life: not money, loyalty, or power. But when Lena's best friend entangled him in lies and seduction, he left Lena, his greatest love. What will happen when Dean discovers Lena is pregnant? Will he search for her? Will he regret his decision? What will Lena do if Dean uncovers her secret?

Characters Development

The main characters in "Curse: Rejected by the Alpha" are Lena, Dean, Jake, and Carla.

Lena: The main character of the novel is Lena, who initially is an innocent, moon loving werewolf who is faithful to her husband and pack. Dean’s rejection breaks her completely, she has to face herself and discover her strength that she never knew she had. In the course of the novel, Lena grows into a strong-willed and self-sufficient woman who struggles for her and her children’s life. Self-empowerment is the main theme of her story as she finds herself and becomes confident enough to listen to herself and seek happiness.

Dean: The Alpha of the Pure Blood pack, Dean at first seems very aggressive and rejecting towards Lena. Nevertheless, in the course of the story, the reader can see that the protagonist experiences inner conflict and regret. Dean regrets what he has done and comes to his senses to fully understand that he loves Lena and made a big mistake by choosing Carla. His character arc is one of the best as he tries to atone for the wrongs he has done and especially protect Lena from the curse he has set in motion.

Jake: Dean's younger brother, Jake, emerges as a compassionate and supportive figure in Lena's life. He offers her a safe haven and unwavering support as she navigates the challenges of her rejection and pregnancy. Jake's love for Lena is steadfast, and he becomes a symbol of hope and healing for her. His character is endearing due to his loyalty and willingness to put Lena's happiness above his own.

Carla: The evil character in the novel is Carla and she is depicted as a manipulative woman with an urge to dominate. This character is motivated by jealousy and her wish to become Luna; she becomes a traitor to her best friend and plans against Lena. It is for this reason that Carla’s actions are more interesting, as she is an obsessive character, entirely obsessed with Dean. This single character enhances the feeling of tension and the occurrence of conflict in the story as the audience waits for what she will do next.

The dynamic relationships between these characters, particularly the love triangle between Lena, Dean, and Jake, and the intense rivalry between Lena and Carla, create a captivating narrative that keeps readers engaged. The characters' motivations, flaws, and growth throughout the story make them compelling to follow, leaving readers eager to discover their ultimate fates.

Dean from "Curse: Rejected by the Alpha" illustration

Writing Style

Den's writing style in "Curse: Rejected by the Alpha" can be described as a straightforward and to the point story. The language is rather simple, the emphasis is made on the conversations and events that happen in the series. Such style helps to develop the action and make the novel an interesting and rather fast-paced story.

The choice of simple and short sentences and paragraphs also contributes to the feeling of the fast pace of the events. This, however, gives the plot a somewhat disjointed feeling at times, which, in turn, helps to build the tension and drama that characterize the novel.

Den’s writing is also characterised by the use of many dialogues. Dialogue is the main tool for conveying information about the characters’ wants and feelings and the changes in their interactions. The language is quite straightforward and simple, which corresponds to the characters’ feelings and the tense situation of the werewolf society.

The story is mainly focalized through Lena – the readers are presented with her thoughts and feelings, and the actions seen from her point of view. Thus, the first-person perspective makes it possible to capture the main character and her actions, thoughts, and feelings more effectively.

Den’s writing is not very descriptive or poetic, however, it is rather successful in depicting the emotional aspects of the plot. The focus on action, dialogue and most of all Lena’s inner thoughts and feelings makes the plot very engaging and pulls the readers into the middle of the werewolf conflict.


Den's "Curse: Rejected by the Alpha" is an interesting and intense novel that describes the passion and rivalry, as well as love and betrayal in the framework of the supernatural and paranormal world. Despite the uncomplicated language used by the author, the plot is filled with emotional content and the characters’ challenges are easily identified with. Therefore, the mix of werewolves and soap opera in the novel, together with the themes of forgiveness, redemption, and love, will be appealing to the readers interested in paranormal romance and those looking for an entertaining story about werewolves and curses.

However, it is necessary to note that readers who like slow reading and detailed descriptions of scenes and characters’ feelings will be disappointed with the novel as it is written in a very dialogue-oriented manner and has a swift plot. Besides, the story aspect of the work is inclined towards drama and this together with the emotional conflict that is portrayed may make the reader feel uncomfortable.

Overall, "Curse: ”Rejected by the Alpha” is a great story that will definitely provoke you to think more about love, loss, and the decisions that we make in life. Will Lena have to accept her fate and suffer from the curse or this curse can be stopped and she can get her normal life back? The solution is hidden in the plot of this captivating novel and the reader will be able to find it.

Review Author: Jessica Harper

Bio: I possess a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and have reviewed many books in my career, thus, I understand how to dissect the plot, characters and emotions presented in a story. My education in literature and love for the genre enable me to write reviews that will be appreciated by readers. I think the readers will find my reviews useful and helpful when looking for their next great read in the paranormal romance sub-genre.

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