“The Carrero Seies” by L.T.Marshall: A Billionaire Romance With A Bite

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What happens when a young woman with a mysterious past meets a billionaire playboy with a heart of gold?

L. T. Marshall's "The Carrero Series” is a captivating romance book series that reveals the life of the main characters, Emma Anderson, a woman with a dark background, and Jake Carrero, a wealthy hotel tycoon with a reputation for being a playboy. Their paths cross when Emma is transferred to Jake’s personal assistant, and this makes them work and live together as they try to sort out their affair.

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The Carrero Series Overview

L. T. Marshall’s “The Carrero Series” is a thrilling novel that depicts the dynamics of the life of Emma Anderson and Jake Carrero and the people around them. The story unfolds in the large and dynamic world of a major company; the romantic drama is complemented by a realistic focus on the characters’ development, making it impossible to tear oneself away from the world created in the book. 

The first one introduces Emma Anderson as a hardworking and very talented assistant with a cloudy past who gets a job at the mysterious billionaire Jake Carrero. Their professional and romantic interaction is complex and passionate, and the couple experiences many changes in the course of the series. While working at the pressure-bearing Carrero Corporation, they develop a close friendship, which shows the characters’ tender side and challenges their relationship. 

Thus, the readers will witness betrayal, forgiveness, and the shades of trust throughout the story. The peaks and valleys of Emma and Jake’s personal stories lay out the path of their relationship as they work towards leaving behind their dark pasts and aiming for a brighter future. This story is full of conflict, passion, and the desperate search for love and salvation, thus gripping the audience’s attention. 

 The books also brings in the concept of the new generation through the character of Arrick Carrero and Sophie Huntsberger. The characters’ relationship also develops further and incorporates issues of protection, development, and how one can reconcile individual aspirations with the responsibility of partnership. The relationship of these characters is equally spirited and passionate as that of Emma and Jake’s, therefore making the story interesting and easy to follow. 

 The Carrero Series is an extraordinary work that develops the characters’ relationships in a complex and engaging manner that will keep the reader hooked. The author L. T. Marshall has done a very good job in creating the emotional and complex plots and subplots, and therefore, readers will be engrossed from the first page and will have the interest to follow the characters’ transformations in the entire series.

Book cover of “The Carrero Series“ by L.T.Marshall

The Carrero Series

  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Author: L.T.Marshall
A young, emotionally scarred woman, embarking on a new relationship with her employer, which helps her face her scars and her past and forms a new life built on mutual trust and love. A lonely, broken girl, who has a crush on her friend, who sees her only as a sister. But their close friendship, formed by mutual need, leads somewhere neither expects. An ex-hooker, saved by the mafia king and swayed by his charms. Their relationship kick starts a turbulent affair that neither is prepared for. Three women. Three brothers. Three love stories.

Book 1: The Carrero Effect - The Promotion

In the middle of New York City, a woman with an unknown past and strong will, Emma Anderson, gets a chance to get the job of her dreams. Her fastidiousness and rigid work ethic have made her one of the most sought-after assistants, and she presently works for the hot and mysterious billionaire Jake Carrero. 

When Emma joins the wealthy world of Carrero Corporation, she is entranced by Jake and his handsome looks. Nevertheless, he is a sophisticated man of business who conceals a tender-hearted man. Their relationship becomes stronger as they face and overcome difficulties in their high-stress work lives and intimate relationships. 

Unfortunately, Emma's darker past seems to be chasing her, and she is ready to take all that she has built away from her. Something always remains hidden, and as she gets closer to Jake, she has to deal with her own nightmares that do not seem to leave her. Her past comes knocking at her door and disrupts the future she has never imagined herself having. 

Amidst this, Emma feels that she is in a complicated situation, where on one hand she wants to be alone while on the other hand, she has feelings for Jake. The two of them grow closer and closer, but they must overcome the obstacles of their pasts and the unpredictability of the future. The Carrero Effect is a story of love, power and strength of a man.

Scene from "The Carrero Series"

Book 2: The Carrero Influence: Redefining Rules

In the second part of the “The Carrero Series,” L. T. Marshall pulls the audience right back into the chaos of Emma Anderson and Jake Carrero's lives. The main characters, with their passionate and rather antagonistic connection, are brought back to Executive House, the building where they first met, while Emma comes back to work. 

The story unfolds with Emma's unexpected reassignment to the Public Relations department, a move orchestrated by Jake's father, the formidable Giovanni Carrero. As Emma grapples with the emotional turmoil of working in close proximity to Jake, their unresolved feelings resurface, leading to a series of charged encounters that test the boundaries of their fragile connection.

Marshall does a great job creating a plot that explores the inner most weakness of Emma yet strength of the character is also portrayed. The author gives a rather vivid description of the world of big companies where the clash of power and people’s issues occur. The conflict and animosity between Emma and Jake make the reader interested and engaged in the story and its further development of the characters’ relationships. 

"The Carrero Influence: As a continuation of the series, “Redefining Rules” is highly recommended and delivers a page-turning blend of conflicts, confessions, and glimpses of the lives of the people who have become the reader’s favorites.

Book 3: The Carrero Solution: Starting Over

In the captivating third installment of the "The Carrero Series," "The Carrero Solution: Starting Over,” L. T. Marshall brings the audience through the ups and downs of the characters’ relationships as the couple deals with the consequences of cheating. This work is about the issues of trust, pardon, and love that can overcome any obstacles. 

The novel opens with Emma reeling from Jake's betrayal, her world shattered by his indiscretion with Marissa, the woman carrying his child. The pain is raw, the hurt palpable, and Emma grapples with the agonizing decision of whether to walk away or fight for their love.

While Emma is in search of the meaning of life and a way out of heartache, Jake is filled with regret and tries to fix the damages that have been made in their relationship. He goes to great lengths to get her back and bombards her with attention, items, and apologies. Emma finds herself still having feelings for Jake but at the same time suffering from the pain that Jake has caused her, it is a very complicated situation that leaves Emma trying to find the way to let go of anger. 

The plot is told in the form of scenes that are filled with emotions, conversations, and some surprises. The characters are realistic, each of them has their dark side and weaknesses, they all have to work through the issues of love, forgiveness, and second chances.

Dramatic scene from "The Carrero Series"

Book 4: The Carrero Heart: Beginning

In the fourth installment of "The Carrero Series," "The Carrero Heart: Beginning," L.T. Marshall introduces readers to a new generation of Carreros. The story revolves around Arrick, the younger son of Jake and Emma Carrero, and Sophie Huntsberger, the adopted daughter of Emma's best friend, Leila.

The narrative delves into the complexities of their unique bond. Arrick, a professional MMA fighter, has been Sophie's protector and confidant for years. Their relationship evolves as they navigate the challenges of growing up. Sophie, haunted by a traumatic past, leans on Arrick for support and guidance, their connection deepening with each shared experience.

Sophie suddenly gives into emptiness and loneliness and gets into a downward spiral of partying and meaningless hookups. That’s why the main character, Arrick, who is in a relationship with Natasha but has tender feelings for Sophie, faces some inner conflicts. 

The story is told in a sequence of episodes of high emotional charge that expose the narrative’s main conflict between Arrick and Sophie. They both have to deal with their shifting partnership and the issues that arise when two characters are so close.

Book 5: The Carrero Heart: The Journey

In the fifth installment of "The Carrero Series," "The Carrero Heart: The Journey," L.T. Marshall continues the story of Arrick and Sophie as they embark on a new chapter in their relationship. The narrative delves into the complexities of their love as they navigate the challenges of starting over and building a life together.

The story opens with Sophie grappling with the decision of whether to accept a scholarship to a prestigious fashion academy in Paris. The opportunity is a dream come true for Sophie, but it means leaving Arrick behind in New York. Arrick, supportive of Sophie's aspirations, encourages her to pursue her dreams, but the thought of being separated for a year fills them both with apprehension.

When Sophie is ready to leave, Arrick makes his move and makes his apartment look like a love nest with candles and a good meal. The couple spends the evening together and the intimacy between them grows as they face their doubts and alarm for the future. 

The story is told through several scenes of strong passion, demonstrating the couple’s love and devotion to each other. They face the problems of distance relationships, envy, and the possibility of cheating on each other.

"The Carrero series" heroes

Book 6: The Carrero Heart: Happy Ever Afters

The sixth installment of "The Carrero Series," "The Carrero Heart: Happy Ever Afters," by L. T. Marshall, focuses on the life of Arrick and Sophie after they get married, where they are faced with real-life issues. The story develops the everyday concerns and triumphs in the couple’s relationship as they encounter certain incidents and issues. 

Sophie is introduced as the protagonist of the story; Emma and Arrick travel to Paris where Sophie is studying in her last term at a famous fashion school. Both of them are still new to marriage, and recently, Sophie got pregnant, which was unexpected for both of them. Arrick, has willingly set aside his job and is currently in Paris with Sophie to take care of her as she recovers. 

But the two protagonists’ entrance to Paris is not without conflict. Her classmates at the academy have not made her life easy; they are filled with jealousy and hostility towards her. Moreover, a perverted tutor tries to seduce Sophie, which results in a confrontation and the emergence of Arrick’s possessive side. 

It is a story told in a sequence of scenes that depict the characters’ interactions and emotions as the couple overcomes the obstacles. They maneuver through the issues of the relationship which is complicated by their personal dreams and the responsibility of being parents to a growing family.

Book 7: The Carrero Contract: Selling Your Soul

In "The Carrero Contract: Selling Your Soul," the seventh installment of "The Carrero Series," L.T. Marshall begins the story of Camilla and Alexi as their relationship takes an unexpected turn. The narrative dive into the complexities of their arrangement, blurring the lines between business and pleasure.

Camilla, tasked with transforming Alexi's struggling club into a high-end establishment, finds herself drawn to the enigmatic mob boss. Despite his initial rejection of her advances, their interactions are filled with sexual tension and unspoken desires. Alexi, intrigued by Camilla's resilience and business acumen, begins to see her as more than just an employee.

Changes occur in the story when Alexi brings home another woman; this makes Camilla jealous and tests her decision to emotionally disconnect from the man she loves. Their confrontation shows the feelings that were hidden between them and at this moment they became more than just colleagues. 

The story is told in a very particular manner through a sequence of intense scenes, which show the relationship between the two girls, Camilla and Alexi, with a clear division of power. They both focus on the mission of rebuilding the club and their relationship becomes closer and closer, it gets hard to differentiate between work and personal life.

Camila and Alexi

Book 8: The Carrero Contract: Amending Agreements

In "The Carrero Contract: Amending Agreements," the eighth novel of the “The Carrero Series”, L. T. Marshall tries to expound more on the dynamics of the relationship Camilla and Alexi have. The story then focuses on the consequences of the lovers’ passion and the feelings of guilt that both characters experience. 

Camilla, overwhelmed by guilt and fear of repeating past mistakes, struggles to reconcile her feelings for Alexi with her desire for independence and self-preservation. Alexi, seemingly changed by his own admission of love for Camilla, grapples with his possessive instincts and his commitment to protecting her.

The story takes a dramatic turn when a shooting occurs at a restaurant where Alexi and his associates are dining, leaving Camilla fearing the worst. The incident highlights the dangerous reality of Alexi's world and the constant threat of violence that surrounds him.

The plot is told through a series of intense scenes, which expose the characters’ feelings of weakness, as well as their internal struggles, of Camilla and Alexi. They face their previous abuse, their fears, and their upcoming future as a couple.

Book 9: The Carrero Contract: Finding Freedom

In "The Carrero Contract: Finding Freedom," the ninth installment of "The Carrero Series," Camilla returns to Club Carrero and finds it in disarray due to the mismanagement of her replacement, Joanne. Camilla is angry and hurt by the state of the club, which she considers her "baby." Alexi, the club's owner, offers her a partnership in the club and the apartment above it if she agrees to return and restore the club to its former glory. Camilla agrees, but with strict boundaries in place to protect herself from Alexi's controlling tendencies.

The story explores the complex emotions between Camilla and Alexi as they navigate their new business arrangement and the lingering feelings from their past relationship. Camilla is determined to maintain her independence and not let Alexi control her, while Alexi struggles with his desire for Camilla and his commitment to respecting her boundaries. The narrative is filled with tension, passion, and the constant push and pull between the two characters.

Book cover of “The Carrero Series“ by L.T.Marshall

The Carrero Series

  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Author: L.T.Marshall
A young, emotionally scarred woman, embarking on a new relationship with her employer, which helps her face her scars and her past and forms a new life built on mutual trust and love. A lonely, broken girl, who has a crush on her friend, who sees her only as a sister. But their close friendship, formed by mutual need, leads somewhere neither expects. An ex-hooker, saved by the mafia king and swayed by his charms. Their relationship kick starts a turbulent affair that neither is prepared for. Three women. Three brothers. Three love stories.


L. T. Marshall's story “The Carrero Series” is a dynamic and passionate work that depicts love, conflicts, and character development. From the relationship between Emma Anderson and Jake Carrero to the complex personalities of the people of Belladonna, the series has many interesting and realistic characters with interesting relationships. Marshall’s talent in developing the characters and illustrating their inner worlds is evident in every book; they are impossible to put down. 

The series is especially notable for its meditations on such issues as love and betrayal, on the possibilities of forgiveness, and on the struggle to achieve one’s goals in the pressure cooker environment of the corporate world. Thus, the characters’ arcs are filled with triumphs and failures, and fans will be invested in their development. The incorporation of complex interactions and the realistic depiction of individual issues enhance the storyline of the series, thus being a show that can be felt on various levels. 

I would really like to suggest “The Carrero Series” for anyone who is into romantic novels but not into cliches. Marshall has done a spectacular job creating difficult-to-solve plots, and the emotions that people have are well captured in this series. When it comes to drama, romance, and overcomer stories, readers will not be disappointed with “The Carrero Series” and will be engaged in each book.

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