Book cover of “Curse: Rejected by the Alpha“ by Den

Curse: Rejected by the Alpha

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Den
Lena Max's life crumbled when her husband rejected her and demanded a divorce, no less than for his best friend. Shattered, she left the pack, carrying a big secret: she was pregnant with twins. Dean Clark, the Alpha of the Pure pack, is a handsome and wealthy man, owner of one of the country's most recognized businesses. He's recognized and lo... 

Chapter 1. Divorce


I never imagined that visiting the doctor would change my life forever. The doctor handed me the papers from the medical tests with excitement. But I am left amazed by his words.

"Congratulations, Mrs. Clark! You're pregnant. You're three weeks pregnant," the man announced.

How was this possible? Dean and I always took precautions.

I left the doctor's office and walked towards the stairs with my bodyguard. I almost fell down the stairs while reading the results of my medical tests. Immediately, I thought about my baby.

My bodyguard took me home. I was eager to arrive and wait for my husband to give him the happy news.

Finally, we would become parents! Ever since I married him, that has been my dream. He would be thrilled, as he always wanted an heir.

I married Dean Clark a year ago when I turned 19. Our love was at first sight. Dean is the Alpha of one of the most dangerous packs in Seattle, a billionaire, and head of one of the most important companies in the country. Few packs had the guts to mess with Dean. However, there were a few that did. I was his mate. We got married.

Since then, we've been trying to have a child. The doctors never had good news about it. They said that getting pregnant would be impossible for me.

But Dean and I did it. I was fortunate enough to find my destined mate. Many werewolves spend their whole lives searching, and they never get it.

I thought about preparing a delicious dinner to give Dean the news. I pictured his face full of happiness. He always wanted a child. Dean wished to train his son so that, in the future, he would become the heir.

I called Dean when I arrived at the mansion. "Love! Hi! I'm sorry to bother you. I know you're busy with the company, but I wanted to ask if you could come home soon. I have something important to tell you," I wanted to scream. I felt very anxious and happy.

"Yes, I want to talk to you too. I'll be there by eight."

I jumped with joy and hurried to prepare dinner. Everything had to be perfect for the surprise.

Dean's return home was imminent. Nerves were eating away at me.

I finished preparing dinner and set the table. Dean called me shortly after and said he was on his way. His voice sounded serious, so I assumed that something had happened.

Dean was in charge of the company and had to issue orders to the pack to protect the lands that belonged to us. Few enemies had tried to seize our lands and threatened us with attacks.

I caressed my belly as I smiled. I was happy. I was going to be a mother.

I heard footsteps in the living room. Dean had arrived home. I stood by the side of the table, waiting for him to reach the dining area. I didn't hide my smile.

Dean appeared, and I ran into his arms. I loved that man so much!

He wrapped his arms around me, but I noticed his lack of enthusiasm.

"Good evening! How was your day at the company?"

"I wasn't at the company today. I had something more important to do. I was out."

I suppose Dean had a meeting at another company. Dean left his portfolio on the table.

"I've prepared dinner for you. I have something important to tell you, and I know you'll be happy when I tell you." I felt excited.

Dean had a mysterious look. "I'm not hungry, Lena. We need to talk," he insisted.

That disappointed me. Dean and I sat down to talk. His gaze was cold and distant.

"Is something wrong?"

"There's something inside the portfolio. I want you to read the document I've brought."

I opened his portfolio with fear. I froze when I read the first page.


Anguish quickly seized my body. I looked at Dean. I hoped it was a joke, but he continued to gaze at me coldly. How could this be possible? What would happen to our baby?! A baby was growing in my womb, and he wanted to divorce me.

I didn't understand what was happening. Why? What did I do wrong? For over a year, I had been a faithful partner and supported Dean.

I finished reading the contract. My heart broke.

"B-but... What has happened? Why?" The first tears fell.

"I fell in love with someone else," he confessed.

The wound in my heart opened. "This can't be possible. You love me."

"I married you because of our bond. My father forced me to do it. I fell in love with you, Lena, but I don't love you anymore. Our marriage was a mistake."

"Who is this woman?! Who did you fall in love with?"

"I fell in love with Carla, one secretary from the company."

"Carla? Are you talking about the woman in the pack? My best friend? Did you fall in love with her?" They betrayed me. My husband and my best friend betrayed me!

"Yes," he replied.

"But I am your mate!"

"That doesn't matter. I am in love, and I want to marry her. I need to divorce you to do that. I should never have married you. I never wanted to. I pretended I did. I don't care that Mother Luna assigned us as mates."

His words were a stab. I cried. "Dean..." I touched my belly.

"Sign the papers," he demanded. "This has to end now."

"Your father will be angry with you."

"I don't care what my father says. I'd rather be married to someone I love."

She didn't love Dean. I knew Carla intimately. She only cared about becoming Luna. Dean fell into the trap of that woman.

"She doesn't love you, Dean! Carla is lying to you!"

"Shut your mouth! I won't allow you to talk about Carla like that. She's a great person. You're with me because you're interested in power and riches. You don't love me. She confessed everything to me!"

"You're very wrong if that's what you think! She's lying to you, Dean! Carla wants to be Luna, but she'll never be because I am your Luna.”

"No more. I want a divorce! I'll marry her, we'll have children, and you'll be in the past. I reject you."

I felt like I was fainting. He wanted to have children with her!

"You always knew she loved me but didn't care that you were both friends. You married me. It's you who wants to be Luna. You don't care about anything else. You betrayed your best friend."

"That's not true! Let me explain!"

"I know you told Carla to leave the pack because you always knew about his love for me. You asked her to leave because you fear I would fall in love with Carla. Your greatest fear has come true."

"No! That's not how it is!"

I admit it: I asked Carla to leave the pack a few days ago. But it wasn't because of her supposed love for Dean. It was because Carla and I no longer understood each other well about my husband and our relationship. How could Dean stop loving me?

I saw resentment and disdain in Dean's eyes. I didn't recognize my husband. He wasn't the man I fell in love with. Why did he do this to me? Why me? I gave him everything! I surrendered myself to him. For what? It meant nothing.

"When did you stop loving me, Dean?" I asked. I knew the question was painful, but I needed an answer.

"I never loved you, Lena. I fell in love with you but realized I never truly loved you."

That shattered me. "If you never loved me, why did you propose to me? Why did you give me your house? Why did you buy me expensive things? Why did we make love so many times? You said you want to have children with me! We had that conversation a month ago!" I wanted to tell him I was pregnant but kept the secret.

"That doesn't matter! I don't want to be with you anymore, Lena! You can leave tomorrow morning or in the afternoon. It doesn't matter. I won't let you go alone at this hour, but I want you to go tomorrow."

"You're a monster. What will happen to Carla? Will she come to live with you? Will she sleep in our bed?"

"Yes. Carla will move in soon."

I stayed silent, processing the information. I wanted to die. Dean and Carla ruined my life.

"If it weren't for your father, you would have never married me. Isn't that right?"

"Right. It's the same with the children. I told you I wanted to have children with you because my father ordered me to. It was never about love."

"You're rejecting me as your Luna, Dean."

"I reject you, Lena."

Our marriage has always been a lie. I hated loving him.

I sat down and cried. I looked at the papers.

Dean walked to the window, turning his back to me. "What do you have to tell me? You said you wanted to talk," he reminded.

I would not tell him the truth. "Nothing. It doesn't matter anymore," I lied. Dean would never know about their children.

"There's a pen in the portfolio. Sign now. Tomorrow, leave. Don't worry. I'll help you every month with rent and food. If you want to stay in the pack, you can. Carla and I don't have any issues."

I looked at the papers again. "I won't stay to watch how happy you two are, Dean. Don't worry."

I took the pen and signed all the papers. Officially, Dean and I split up.

"Perfect!" he celebrated. He didn't care about my pain.

"Are you happy?" I stood up from the chair. "I'm leaving right now. You'll regret someday what you've done to me."

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