Book cover of “His Lover, Her Foe“ by Taylor Brooks

His Lover, Her Foe

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Taylor Brooks
Benny has changed her identity because she never wanted to get associated with that young and naive High School student who got bullied and betrayed by everyone around her. Things are finally getting better for Benny: she’s got a new high-paying job as a secretary to a company CEO and thinks she will never have to face her past again. But she is so... 

Chapter 1

Benny was reluctant to answer her ringing cell phone. She’d been to many interviews by now and was exhausted by the little luck she’d had since she began her job hunt. But she was even more tired of being a burden to Greg, though she knew he didn’t mind. It was just that she didn’t like the way his wife, Laila, was beginning to look at her.

“Yes, this is Cassie Moss,” she said to the caller and poured herself a glass of water.

“Your interview was successful, Miss Moss, and we would love for you to start work tomorrow.”

Shocked and elated, she quickly thanked the caller and got off the phone. What was it between giving up and things working out? She’d for a long time now been searching for a job, trying to fix her past and take care of her four-year-old daughter, Bella. Among all the places she’d applied to work as a secretary, this was the last place she’d hoped to land a job. It was a multi-billion dollar tech company, and the position was the secretary of the new CEO. How could she have qualified for the position? She wasn’t the most qualified applicant.

She gulped down the glass of water in joy and moved to take out the trash. This was the best news she’d heard in a while. She thought of calling Greg. At least, Laila would be relieved to know that Greg’s burden would be reduced. She would invite them for dinner, too. She picked up her bag to go get Bella from school.

At dusk, Greg and Laila arrived for dinner. It was 7:47 pm precisely. Bella was in her room sleeping. Benny didn’t like her listening to their talks as there was no way bits of Benny’s past wouldn’t come up in their conversations. Greg had saved her at a terrible and rather shameful time in her life. A period that created memories she deeply wished to forget.

He and Laila took their seats at the dining table—letting out their excitement about the smell and the look of the food. Benny had spent a lot at the grocery store nearby and had taken her time to prepare the meal. It was a meal her mom had taught her to prepare—Mac and Cheese with meatloaf. It hurt to remember her mother and all the kitchen lessons she’d had growing up. It hurt to think about how her mom had begged her dad not to throw her out and how he’d ignored her and gone ahead with it—flinging Benny’s things out the door.

Laila seemed more excited than usual. But Benny knew that it was because she was fed up with Greg helping her almost all the time and with how often she called them. Greg, on the other hand, seemed calmer than usual. Perhaps he had something else on his mind.

“I hope this job works out for you, Cassie. It sounds too good to be true,” he said, putting some food into his mouth.

“I mean, you said that you were the least qualified of all the applicants,” he continued.

“Why you?”

“It will,” Laila cut in. “It will work out for her, honey. The company is huge and is worth billions of dollars, and I hear they pay very well.” She was still so excited.

“I agree. This job is a great opportunity—what I’ve been looking for for a long time now,” Benny said. She wondered why there was so much worry in Greg’s voice, so much skepticism. She was an adult and could very well take care of herself. Hadn’t she been doing so since her dad kicked her out at age 18?

“I’m just saying that you can quit if you encounter issues. Don’t feel pressured to keep working there just because you don’t want to burden us. We’re always here for you.”

Laila rolled her eyes slightly and put her hands on Greg’s.

“I don’t doubt that Cassie will be fine, honey. And Bella will have a better life as well. Let’s just enjoy this wonderful dinner and wish her good luck.”

Benny smiled. She had no intention of being a burden to both of them, especially Laila, and had no desire to cause a rift between them. She was 25 years old and had to take charge of her life. She intended to do everything in her power to be excellent at her job, every necessary thing.

“Besides, it’s a million times better than what you used to do for a living, Cassie,” Laila said, and Benny became sad.


The day was beautiful in Benny’s eyes. She put on her best clothes, took Bella to school, and boarded a cab to the company. As the cab sped on, she ruminated on how she’d finally gotten a chance to rewrite her story, a chance to build a new life under her fake identity, Cassie Moss. As far as she was concerned, Benita/Benny Myles was long dead.

As soon as she arrived at the company, she was briefed by the head of human resources, Mrs. Delta, on how she would be handling her job towards the new CEO. She was informed about what she was and wasn’t allowed to wear to work.

It wasn’t long before she settled at her desk, which was close to the CEO’s office. She tried to make sense of the files before her but was cut short by the ring of the telephone on the desk. The CEO requested her presence in a rather deep and husky tone that made her a little nervous. Benny adjusted her dress, breathed in, and walked into his office to know what he wanted.

The room was a glorious sight of luxury furniture and furnishings. It was spacious, too, and his eyes were on the files on his desk. She breathed in again.

“You asked for me, sir,” she said as boldly as she could. She, after all, had had to face all sorts of men when her parents had thrown her out at the early stage of her pregnancy. His suit was a deep gray shade. A designer tuxedo, she was sure.

He lifted his head and asked her to make photocopies of all the files he was handing to her. Shaking, she collected them and listened to his further instructions. It couldn’t be. Those blue eyes and light brown hair were unmistakable, but it couldn’t be.

“That would be all, Miss Moss,” he said and focused on what he was reading before she stepped in. But she stood there—unmoving and doubting.

“That would be all, Miss Moss,” he repeated in the same polite manner he’d been speaking to her in. She collected herself and returned to her desk with shock permeating through her entire being. So, after all these years, she was in the same space as Aiden Turner and was as insignificant as she’d always been to the cruel bastard.

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