The Alpha King: Stubborn Mate by Omaisabella: A Spellbinding Tale of Love, Betrayal, and Revenge Across Supernatural World

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Omaisabella's "The Alpha King: “Stubborn Mate” is a fantasy novel packed with a love story and intrigues of betrayal and revenge in a mystical universe. The plot spans a thousand years, from the illicit love affair of Avonmora, the mermaid queen, and Tharollin, the demon king. Their failed love creates the Gate of Darkness, an act of treason that causes consequences that are beyond imaginable. Thirteen hundred years later the action is transferred to Rae, a young witch who has no idea that she is actually the daughter of Avonmora and Tharollin. Rae has to face the challenges of the new school and ends up in love, between the dangers and the secrets of the Supernatural School. It is a book of suspense and surprise as prophecies of the past come to life and the forces of light and darkness collide.

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Main Plot

In a magical world where mythological creatures are the rulers, a love between Mermaid Queen, Avonmora and Demon King, Tharollin is the cause of a war that crosses centuries. Tharollin’s desire for power consumes him to the point where he betrays Avonmora, the only one who can open the Gate of Darkness – a gateway to unimaginable horror. This act of treachery lays the foundation of a thousand years revenge and forgiveness story.

A thousand years later, Rae, a witch who looks like any other witch, joins the Supernatural School for witches, and she does not know that she has a royal blood. In an effort to surmount the hurdles of her new environment, she comes to realize her powers and the true identity of her parents. She is from the lineage of Avonmora and Tharollin, and is set to be an important figure in the war between the light and the darkness.

In Rae’s journey, she meets Jason, the son of the Alpha King, and Jorkallun, a dragon prince. Together, they constitute an unbelievable team and their lives are connected to prophecies and the future of the magical world. Chasing their foes and discovering the hidden truths about their identities, they have to master their abilities and accept who they are.

The novel is full of detail and development of an imaginary world, interesting characters and an enthralling story that keeps one guessing till the very end. The author successfully merges components of romance, action, and suspense and thus, the reader gets a true masterpiece of literature. The characters are quite believable, they are all complex and have their own goals and conflicts.

"The Alpha King: Stubborn Mate” is an exciting book that will entertain and inspire readers who are into fantasy and romance. This novel has a very engaging plot and memorable characters; the addition of magic makes this book a great read for anyone who enjoys romance, drama, and suspense. This is a tale that will not leave you after you have closed the last page of the book.

Book cover of “Alpha King: Stubborn Mate“ by Omaisabella

Alpha King: Stubborn Mate

  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Author: Omaisabella
Hell can't hold him, demons can't stop him, the god's can't scare him, and Love.....ha love can't bind him. In a school filled with all types of Supernaturals (Vampires, witches, wolves, fairies, etc), everyone is afraid of the Millennium Wolf Prince (Jason), all Alphas Wolf obeyed him. Rae a new student who was transferred to the school, fall in love with Jason who doesn't even notice her, unknown to her, she was the last mermaid and a half demon. She doesn't know who her parents are and her grandmother forbids her from speaking of them. Something happened which made Jason started seeing Rae in a new light. Jason has just two rules. Rule 1, Don't mess with him Rule 2, Follow rule 1


There are several interesting themes that are explored in the novel. Love and betrayal are two main themes in the story as people struggle with the issues of relationships and the pain that comes with betrayal. Another important aspect is the theme of identity; for instance, Rae’s transformation from a naive girl into a mermaid, demon, and angel. The novel also depicts the timeless struggle of the light against the darkness and the need to take the side of the light.


The main characters in "The Alpha King: “Stubborn Mate” are intriguing combinations of power, sensitivity, and ambiguity. Rae, the strong-willed and rebellious witch, also finds herself changed for the better as she learns about her tribrid nature and accepts her role in the world. This, along with her search for identity and her relentless quest for independence, make her an engaging and empowering character. Jason, the Alpha King’s son, at first seems to be a proud and standoffish man who slowly starts to show his gentle side as he grows to love Rae. The struggle of the man between his work and his affection for his family makes him a more developed character and thus interesting to engage with.

Jorkallun, the dragon prince, and Tharollin/Raphael, the demon king who becomes an angel, are also transformed. Jorkallun moves on from his traumas and finds love in Sarah. Raphael, on the other hand, tries to atone for his sins and become a good father to his daughter, Rae. That is why their journeys are interesting and full of obstacles and changes – they are interesting to follow. Most of the characters have some sort of interaction with each other and this creates some sort of conflict and tension in the novel. Two of them are main love stories between a human, Rae, and a vampire, Jason, and between a werewolf, Jorkallun, and a human, Sarah, which makes them unique and interesting as they fight for their love despite the differences in their supernatural statuses and the prejudices of society.

Writing Style

Omaisabella's writing style in "The Alpha King: In terms of the general style, “Stubborn Mate” is very straightforward and rather simple, and the pace of the piece is also quite fast. The language used in the text is simple, thereby enabling the readers comprehend the events and feelings of the characters. The author employs dialogue to bring out the character attributes as well as their interaction with one another, which makes the work more interesting. The narrative mode used in the story is a third person omniscience where the author is at liberty to explore the inner feelings of the characters and give a full account of the events in the story.

The author brilliantly depicts the feelings of the characters and especially in the episodes of love, betrayal, and revenge. The speakers show great emotions, which makes the dialogue quite heated at times. Nevertheless, the over-reliance on dialogue, which was helpful in portraying the main characters, could be complemented by the use of more descriptive writing.

The descriptions of the supernatural world are bright and, at the same time, rather fantastic, which contributes to the creation of the atmosphere. But more details about the writing style should be provided, as well as the analysis of the characters and their psychological states. Some readers might consider the story to be very fast-paced and they might have wished for a more reflective, slow-burning narrative that would better allow for characters’ development.

Personal Impressions

As an avid reader of paranormal romance, I found "The Alpha King: I want you to make sure that you will find “Stubborn Mate” an interesting and entertaining book. The author’s imagination and the complex webs of interactions between the characters drew me into the story completely. The combination of fantasy, romance and suspense was rather unusual and quite enjoyable; the pacing was fast, and I could not wait to read more.

One of the most inspiring characters for me was Rae, the witch who is strong-headed, rebellious, and does not conform to the traditional views of society. Jason, the son of the Alpha King, is a character whose interaction with her is one of the most fascinating aspects of the novel since their love affair is set against a backdrop of risk and espionage. The secondary characters, for instance, Jorkallun and Sarah also play a very vital role in the development of the story and their arcs are as intriguing as that of the protagonist.

Still, there were some points that I think could be changed in the novel to make it even better. Thus, the writing style, as far as it can be considered entertaining, can be criticized for being not vivid enough and for not delving deeper into the main characters’ psyche. The changes in the narrative between different characters, as a way to tell the whole story and get the viewer familiar with all the major characters, sometimes proved to be confusing. Further, the plot was a bit weak and the ending seemed rather abrupt; I would have preferred a better conclusion concerning some of the story arcs.

Overall, "The Alpha King: “Stubborn Mate” is a promising debut work with potential for further development. All in all, the strong aspects of the novel compensate for the weak ones, so I would like to recommend it to all fans of paranormal romance with elements of a different world. All in all, I eagerly await more content from Omaisabella in the future.

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