"Reawakened by His Love" by Anointing K. Josiah: A Rollercoaster of Betrayal, Love, and Redemption

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Linda Wells, a young woman in her early thirties and looking forward to getting married, receives the shock of her life when she catches her fiance in bed with her own brother. Overwhelmed by sadness and shame, she runs away from the scene, but a car hits her and the driver is Chris Kingston, a successful business magnate. This meeting is the first step towards a series of events that will dramatically alter Linda’s life.



This is the story of Linda whose life is changed for the worse when she becomes a victim of Chris’s car. This leads to a romantic relationship as Linda recovers from her injuries in China with Chris by her side. Their relationship develops further, which helps Linda find comfort and an opportunity to recover from her abuse. But their happiness is not going to last long as there are shadows and secrets brewing in the background.

When Linda starts to enter the world of Chris’s family and his business, she discovers the truth about his family and their betrayal. Chris’s adoptive family, the Kingstons, are depicted as a wicked and influential family with a sinister past that poses a danger to the growing affection between Linda and Chris.

Linda faces a dilemma of whether to stay loyal to Chris and the love they share or betray his family by revealing the truth. It’s a high stakes situation, and the outcome of her decision will affect everyone in the end.

At the same time, the main character herself has her own past that comes back to haunt her in the form of a failed wedding and betrayal of her ex-fiance and brother. The emotional pain never fades, and Linda has to let go of the past and accept Chris if she is to look forward to a new life with him.

Being in love is not easy for Linda and Chris especially when there are threats everywhere waiting to pounce and secrets ready to rip them apart; they have to fight for their love and for a brand new life ahead of them.

Book cover of “Reawakened by His Love“ by Anointing K. Josiah

Reawakened by His Love

  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Author: Anointing K. Josiah
After catching her fiance cheating on the day of her wedding with her brother, an innocent girl who cherishes love loses faith in it; she flees the wedding ceremony only to get in an accident that leaves her lower body temporarily paralyzed. She accepts help from a billionaire who happens to be the one that was driving the car that hit her and begins to rebuild her life, her broken heart in a foreign country, far away from her ex.


The main issues that are reflected in the story are betrayal and forgiveness. Linda has been betrayed by her fiance and brother and this story depicts the true spirit of a woman who is determined to stand up and fight for herself. The themes of forgiveness are also well developed as the reader sees Linda struggling to forgive Mitch and Chris for their sins.

Love and second chances are also recurrent motifs in the book. Linda meets Chris in the most unexpected circumstances and falls for him despite all odds; this gives her the opportunity to rebuild her life and find happiness again. This is evident from the main concepts of the story, which revolves around love and forgiveness of past misdeeds.

Linda and her family as well as Chris and his family are portrayed in the novel to represent the themes of family and loyalty. The plot revolves around the theme of family and its bonds, trust and deceit, and the things that one is capable of doing in order to safeguard the ones they hold dear.

The story also deals with ideas of authority and its misuse, as well as the search for justice. The Kingstons’ egocentricity and their eagerness to exploit others to achieve their goals demonstrate the sinister aspect of power. Another aspect of complexity in the story is Fallon’s desire to avenge her family and bring the Kingstons to justice by making them return the things that belong to the family.

Kingston's Family illustration


Linda Wells, the main character of the story, is indeed a very realistic character with a lot of personal sides. Linda is introduced as a young and rather infantile woman who has been rejected in her previous love affair. Although she suffers through various things like betrayal, loss, and physical abuse in the novel, she becomes stronger and more empowered in the end. Linda is a very determined woman who fights for herself and her loved ones; thus, she is one of the most appealing characters in the show.

When Linda first meets Chris Kingston, the billionaire CEO, he is portrayed as a hope or a savior figure. Though at the start he appears to be a very strong character, the course of the story reveals his flaws and vices as a person. It is also important to note that Chris also feels the weight of his family sins as well as sins he committed in his young age. He fights between his responsibility to his boss and love for Linda, making him a rounded character, which readers find interesting. It is an interesting drama of the relationship and second chances, the main characters’ emotional growth, and their difficulties.

Writing Style

The story is told in the first person which makes it easier for the readers to empathize with Linda and her emotions, ideas and actions. The informal language and contractions bring home the fact that the story is being told in first person.

In this aspect, the author uses rich descriptions and appeals to the readers’ sense organs in order to depict the events of the novel as realistically as possible. Details of the setting, the feelings, and physical experiences are depicted vividly and vividly to enable the reader have a feel of the events as they unfold in the life of Linda.

The conversation sounds quite realistic and it seems that the characters speak and act like real people. The dialogues are fluid and natural, which enhances the plausibility of the story.

Anointing K. Josiah employs the use of emotions and dramatic words to describe Linda’s experience, in order to make it as real as possible. The feelings of betrayal, love, and desperation are vivid, and this is what makes the reader engage with the story emotionally.

Thus, the application of the specific writing style by the author also helps to make the reader feel the events described in the text in a more immediate and personal manner. The speaking voice, the realistic imagery, and the emotional appeal create empathy in readers and engage them in Linda’s story of love, loss, and rebirth.

Personal Impressions

“Reawakened by His Love” is a romantic novel which comments on such themes as love, infidelity, and forgiveness. It is worth to note that the author has been able to touch the raw emotions in the reader. The characters are also very realistic and believable, and their conflicts and issues are very believable as well. It has a compelling storyline that is full of surprises and twists and it captivates the reader until the end.

But the story does come with some drawbacks. The pacing of the storie can be problematic at times; certain scenes are too fast and give the impression of hurriedness while other scenes are slow and time-consuming. However, there are certain aspects of the plot, for instance, the fact that the main character is paralysed only to walk again shortly after, and the ease with which Linda turns to a life of crime, that cannot be taken seriously.

Nevertheless, I must point out that “Reawakened by His Love” is an entertaining and engaging novel, which will certainly provoke a lot of discussions. This is due to the fact that the story has dealt with issues of conflict and contains three dimensional characters which makes it a worthy addition to any reader’s bookshelf. It is a story of survival and love, which will never fade and will remain a part of people’s lives.

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