Book cover of “100 Days as His Contract Wife“ by Pseudonym Omoye

100 Days as His Contract Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Pseudonym Omoye
Aryan Alvarez, the cold-hearted heir to Two A’s Investment, desperately needs a bride to finalize his inheritance of his father’s riches. Rosé Jones, in need of money for her brother’s tuition, takes up a job as a hired bride for Asher Miller to attend a gathering. At the gathering, Aryan Alvarez dares to offer her a more appealing contract to... 

Chapter 1


"If I'm to get you right, Mr. Darth, you'd like Two A's Investment to invest in your company when we already own three percent as a shareholder in it," I asked again, just to be sure of what this man is proposing as an offer to me.

"Yes, Mr. Alvarez," he responded with a cheeky smile. What does he take me for? A child?

"But what's the point of watering a withering plant? Your company has lost so much stock in the market, in just two days. Why should we invest in a company whose fate is sealed already? Do you take us for a joke?" 

"But…" he tried to say, but I cut him short. 

"There'd be no further discussion on this, Mr. Darth. And this discussion is null," I replied to him and massaged my temples. It is exhausting.

"Your father would have agreed to this," Mr. Darth blurted.

This again. I shot him a glance, and he swallowed hard.

"I dare you to say that again!"

"Victor Alvarez! He's the Chairman of Two A's Investment. You can't make decisions for him," he replied and went pale. 

"No." I added, "I am his son. All cubs grow to be the next lion and hunt, don't you think?"

It took every inch of me not to punch this old fart in his face. I'll pass instead.

"Meeting dismissed. Have a nice day ahead everyone," I dismissed everyone and exited the company immediately, heading to my car.

"Sir Alvarez, You have a call," 

"Who is it?" I'm having a terrible day already. Who wants to piss me off more?

"Aaron, your father's secretary, sir," 

"Put him on the line." 

"Aryan!" He exclaimed, his voice sounding worried.

"What's the matter? Report please." 

 "I'm afraid there's a problem! Your father just had another attack! He's also convulsing at the moment," he reported.

"To the mansion," I ordered. 

"No, don't come to the mansion. We're on our way to the hospital! You can meet us there." 

"To the hospital then!" I replied and hung up.

"Can't you move faster?!" I was getting agitated. My father's attack could be scarier than it sounded.

"Sir, the traffic regulation…The law!!!"

"I am the fucking law! Now move Faster, you fool!" I ordered, and he made a sharp U-Turn and faced the lane that led to the hospital.

Oh fuck!



"I'm here to see the patient in Ward 3, please. Grant me access," 

"Oh, are you perhaps Roseanne Jones, patient Luca's sister?" 

'Of course I am,' I told myself, mentally rolling my eyes.

"Yes, I am," I smiled.

"Okay, you may go see him. But please remember not to make physical contact with any of the objects that could be contaminated. And do not adjust the settings of any of the machines. The doctor will attend to you soon," the nurse left the ward entrance and made way for me.

Nothing stings more than seeing your only family in a sick bed with little hope of living. Even the pain of being stabbed doesn't hold a candle to this. 

"Luca? The letter came in yesterday."

I walked to his bed and dipped my hand into my bag. 

"The admission letter to Duke's University," I smiled and brought it closer to his hand.

"I know you'll probably get pissed if you were awake right now because I had snooped to know what's in it but, you're not," I smiled bitterly and looked at his body, looking almost lifeless, face pale like it was winter. 

Tears made their way to my eyes, and I began weeping. "Wake up, Luca, it hurts. Seeing you this way hurts so much." 

"Uhm… Roseanne? Miss Jones?" Someone reached out and tapped my shoulder from behind.

Oh, the doctor.

"We might need to carry out a surgery on him for his survival. It's been a miracle for him to have made it to this point but I'm afraid he can't struggle much longer," he explained. 

"Here's the bill, including the pills recommended by our pharmaceutical department and other minor payments to be made. The earlier, the better, Miss Jones. Stay strong," he handed me the paper, and whatever fog covered my eyes dissipated immediately.

"What?!" I screamed, and the doctor, about to exit the room, looked back at me and chuckled. 

"Ten thousand?!" I exclaimed so high that my throat went sore almost immediately. 

"Where am I going to get that? Doctor? Is there a discount or anything? I can't get ten thousand dollars in a week that's about to run out. Please doctor," I began pleading.

I had always believed in self-dignity and respect but threw them out of the window today. I couldn't afford such a week.

"I'm afraid that's the only way, Miss Jones." He exited the room, leaving me in my pool of thought.

My phone rang, and I picked up the call from Clara, my best friend.


"Okay, that was cold. What's the situation now?" She asked.

"Well. He hasn't improved, this is what they said. And I was asked to pay ten thousand dollars for treatments. Do you know of any job I can take?" I narrated.

I did not expect her to know of any, but I had to notify her.

"Well, no jobs at the moment, I'm sorry. Rather, no job is offering such a high price and even if they are, it's by the month's end."


"But there's a rich guy down the alley who needs a bride for a night. I think the pay is fifteen thousand dollars. I got us slots, if you don't mind,"

"Isn't that kind of risky? What if he does something to us? Was there more details?" I queried.

There have been cases of such these days where guys trick ladies into hiring them and then get down forcefully with them. 

"Nah, no job description whatsoever. Since he is very reputable, he wouldn't do such a thing. See you in a bit," she said and hung up.

Damn! I had to go.



I reached the hospital, saw Victor at the entrance, and entered the elevator immediately. 

After what took forever, the elevator dinged, and I collided with someone from nowhere. 

"What the fuck?!" 

"Oh my goodness, I'm sorry," she said as she used her sleeve to clean the spot where she had spilt coffee.

"It's fine, out of my way," I told her off, irritated and left the scene.

"This way," Victor led the way to my father's ward, and what I saw was beyond shocking.

"Where is he?!" First, he had an attack, and now he was missing.

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