Book cover of “A Twin's Obsession“ by Betttgray

A Twin's Obsession

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Betttgray
Despite their identical appearances, Gabriella and Gabrielle couldn't be more different. While Gabrielle is popular, arrogant, and obsessed with achieving her goals at any cost, Gabriella is meek, intelligent, and content with her life. When the handsome Liam Helton encounters both twins in New York City, he is smitten with one and repulsed by th... 

Chapter 1



I've always known that Elle doesn't like me, but it's really scary to see how much she's willing to do to hurt me. Ever since something happened a few weeks ago, I've been really scared and worried about what she might do next to hurt me. I've been trying my best to avoid arguing with her, but it's strange because she seems to enjoy our fights and even starts them just to have a reason to be mean and to bully me.

Two Weeks Earlier

Martin, my best and only friend, expressed concern, suggesting that getting me a puppy could alleviate my constant loneliness at home. His words carried a sense of concern, but they only deepened my frown, even though I knew that he wasn’t exactly wrong about the lonely part.

"I've already explained why I can't have a puppy," I reminded him, my tone tinged with frustration. "My mom would absolutely freak out if I brought one home. She despises having pets around, and Elle, as you know, shares the same sentiment. They practically control the entire household."

A sigh escaped Martin's lips, audible even over the phone line, as he absorbed my words. "Your family, aside from your dad, is just horrible, Ella. Speaking of which, isn't your dad there with you?"

"He had some errands to run, so he went out," I explained. "Besides, I can't keep relying on my dad every time I'm bored at home. He has a ton of work to handle, and it wouldn't be fair of me to interrupt him just because I'm feeling restless."

Once again, Martin sighed, as if understanding the predicament I was in.

"Look, Ella, you really should make an effort to connect with other people. You can't spend the rest of your life avoiding them." Martin repeated his familiar advice, which always emerged whenever I called him to vent about my boredom and loneliness.

"Correction, Martin. It's not that I avoid people; they avoid me. Nobody wants to be friends with the girl whose twin sister is infamous for her unpleasant personality and malicious behavior," I countered, reiterating my point. I could almost picture him rolling his eyes at my response.

"Well, then you need to assert yourself and let people know it's unfair for them to shun you simply because they fear your troublesome sister," he replied, causing me to let out a sigh. He made it sound like the easiest thing in the world when in reality, it was far from it.

Gabrielle despises me, and she wants everyone else to feel the same way. So, anyone who dares to befriend me ends up in her crosshairs, and no one wants to face the consequences of that.

Before I could utter a response, my bedroom door swung open with a forceful push, interrupting our conversation.

"We need to talk," Elle's voice boomed, dripping with her usual rudeness, and an involuntary sigh of frustration escaped my lips.

"I'll call you back," I hastily informed Martin, ending the call to address the imminent confrontation.

"What do you want, Elle?" I asked wearily, already bracing myself for another tiresome exchange.

"You don't have to make it so painfully obvious that you don't want me in here. Trust me, I don't want to be here either. However, I was getting ready to attend a friend's birthday party, and Mom asked me to invite you," she stated, causing me to furrow my brow in disbelief.

"Why on earth would Mom ask you to invite me to one of your parties?" I retorted, my disbelief evident, which earned me an eye roll from Elle.

"She claims you need to socialize more, and since my social life is apparently more vibrant than yours, she wants me to reluctantly drag you along," she responded, but I remained skeptical.

"I don't believe a word you're saying, Elle. The Elle I know would have firmly refused, so do me a favor and exclude me from whatever scheme you're involved in," I warned her wearily, hoping she would take the hint and leave. However, she remained persistent.

"Listen, you fool. I have no intention of begging you to come with me because I don't even want you here. But Mom actually threatened to ground me, and I can't afford to get grounded just because of you. If you don't believe me, go ask Mom yourself. You have one hour to get ready, alright?" she fumed with furious threats before storming out of my room.

I reluctantly confirmed with Mom that Gabrielle wasn't lying. When I expressed my lack of interest in attending any party, Mom went off on a tirade about how I should stop depriving myself of social life by staying home all day.

I shared the whole situation with Martin, and to my surprise, he agreed with my mom. However, he didn't forget to caution me to be cautious since my twin sister isn't exactly the most trustworthy person in the world.

And now, here I am, standing in front of Kerrie Jones's mansion, where she's hosting her sixteenth birthday bash. The booming music, dazzling lights, and the pungent odor of whatever those kids are smoking make it evident that this party will not end well for me.

I can already tell that more than half of the people inside won't meet my criteria for potential friends, and truth be told, I'm not exactly thrilled about being here.

"Listen closely, Ella. Once we step inside, you're on your own. Whatever happens to you is your own damn responsibility, not mine. Got it?" Elle warned; her words were laced with a mix of caution and indifference.

I nodded reluctantly in agreement, knowing I was on my own at the moment. As we joined the chaotic crowd, I trailed behind her at a safe distance.

Elle was quickly surrounded by her group of friends, who didn't even notice my presence as I snuck by them unnoticed. The loud music blasted my ears, making me squirm, and I could already feel the nausea coming on. I saw girls my age blatantly dancing to alluring tunes, while others were busy flirting with boys.

I found peace from the overwhelming atmosphere in a calm place, which just so happened to be the kitchen. I didn't drink anything since I don't trust the beverages served at events like these. I found my phone and started messaging Martin, looking for any kind of contact with someone I was familiar with. He quickly responded, which immediately calmed my anxiety.

M: You doing alright?

G: Yeah, I'm just feeling bored!

M: Have you given any thought to having some fun, or have you already dismissed the possibility?

G: ...

M: What's going on?

G: I'm just bored.

M: Hang in there, Ella, and be careful not to take any alcohol.

I'm ready to respond to Martin when I see the familiar presence of Lucas Galloway, someone who is popular at school and the subject of my long-standing crush. I know how stupid it is to crush on someone who's completely out of my league, but I can't stop myself.

"Hey, you're Gabriella, right?" he asks, and I try to maintain composure.

"Uh, y-yes, hi, I'm Gabriella," I stutter, feeling nervous and flustered.

"Nice to meet you, Gaby. I'm Lucas, and I apologize for intruding, but I was just about to grab a drink when you caught my attention. I thought I'd come over and say hello," he responds, his friendly tone putting me at ease. Yet, as usual, my tongue freezes, and I struggle to find the right words to say.

"Would you like something to drink?" he asks, breaking the awkward silence.

"Not really," I reply, my shyness still evident.

"How about some water? It doesn't feel right that I'm having something while you’re not," he suggests, prompting me to reluctantly agree to a glass of water, even though I didn't actually want anything.

We engage in conversation about various random topics for a few minutes. He shares his passion for football, describing his experience as the star player of the club. He also talks about his likes, dislikes, and interests. Since I didn't have anything exciting to contribute, I decided to focus on being a good listener, fully engaged in his stories.

My body suddenly started to feel tired, and I also started to feel weak and unsteady. I could not help but yawn from exhaustion, almost as though I would fall asleep any second from now.

"Are you bored? Am I talking too much?" Lucas asks, his expression taking on a peculiar twist.

"No, not really. I just feel really tired, that's all," I reply, noticing a faint smirk dancing across his face in an unusual manner.

"Do you feel tired? Will you need a room?" He offers, but before I can react, his hands are already wrapped around my back.

My senses were numbed by the loud music hammering in my brain, so he pulled me to my feet and guided me upstairs. My vision started to blur, and I had trouble keeping it open. The next thing I remember is a man's hands, most likely Lucas's, gently guiding me to a soft surface, most likely a bed.

"Where am I?" I grumble tiredly, but he calms me down, convincing me to go to sleep. Despite my best efforts, I feel myself falling into drowsiness. I battle to keep my eyes open, but the need to close them grows stronger. In a haze, I catch a glimpse of Lucas's face before darkness engulfs me and I lose consciousness.

As I woke up in an unfamiliar room, my eyes grew ten times wide. Panic washes over me as I attempt to put together how I got into this room, and my heart falls as memories rush back.

I scrutinize myself frantically, looking for any indications of violation, but to my relief, my clothing and underwear are still intact. I let out a sigh of relief.

The door suddenly swings open, showing a tired-looking Lucas, who immediately closes the door behind him.

"W-what exactly did you do to me?" I stutter in terror, looking for an explanation for why I'm in this room.

"Does it look like I did anything to you?" He retorts, his tone defensive.

"Then why am I here?" I demand, my anger simmering beneath the surface.

"Listen, girl, I'm grateful that you're awake, and I'll be straightforward with you. I saved your life, whether you believe me or not. Your sister asked me to d**g you and then assault you while you were unconscious, but that's not how I operate. I refused to lay a hand on you. I pretended to agree to protect you from someone else who might have been willing. In other words, I just saved you from being raped," he explains, his words leaving me completely stunned.

"R...rape me? S...She actually wanted you to do that to me." I ask, struggling to comprehend the horrifying truth. His confirmation shatters my heart even further.

"Here's my advice: Pretend that something happened between us so she won't involve someone else who would be willing to carry out her sick plan. Your sister is determined to see you broken and in tears. Stay safe," he adds swiftly, leaving the room before I can even find the words to thank him for his intervention.

I'm left alone to deal with the horrible knowledge of how evil my own sister actually is.

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