Book cover of “The Cursed Luna“ by Author Scarlett

The Cursed Luna

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Author Scarlett
“Do you have any idea how attracted I am to you?” I asked him. “Why don’t you show me?” he shot back with a flirty smile. So I did. Rosella is a weak wolf who runs away from her pack and collides with a mysterious billionaire. Alpha Daniel of the Dark Moon pack helps Rose when she is injured, even though she is an enemy. Just when she believe... 

Chapter 1

The Broken Little Wolf


New Orleans holds a lot of secrets, and our existence is one such secret. The wolves of Moon Stone Pack. We have lived in the shadows for the better part of our lives, and no one would want to change that. We descended from one of the strongest packs that ever existed.

I, on the other hand, am one of the weakest wolves. I cannot stand up for myself even when everyone treats me poorly. I can’t fight back against other wolves that torture me in the pack. My weakness allows every wolf in our pack to treat me like a slave. They do whatever the hell they want with me. They beat me up and make me do all the chores, and the worst part is that my own family, or what should have been my family, allows them to do so.

I thought my pack would be my family; they should save and protect me, but they are the only ones who hurt me more than anything. My stepfather does not give a damn about me, and my stepbrother hates me more than anything. This allows everyone to hurt me.

I have never missed my birth father as much as I miss him now. I don’t remember much of him, but I do remember when I was a kid, he would always treat me like a princess. He kept me safe from this cruel world, but my mother ruined everything for me.

She abandoned my father, her mate, for a more powerful man - my stepdad. And, now that my mother is gone, he has started treating me like a slave.

I, Rosella Meredith Connor, was the daughter of a brave Beta in the pack, but now my status has been demoted even lower than an Omega. The Deltas of our pack are treated better than I am.

Even though my sister was treated the way I am after she mated with our stepbrother, Cole, she was not treated as poorly as I was.

I never liked that my sister was mated to such an animal because my stepbrother and my stepfather are horrible excuses for a family.

My stepbrother threw a party after getting betrothed to my sister. Everyone was enjoying themselves outside in the camp, whereas here I was, washing the dishes in the kitchen and helping other slaves to prepare food.

‘Ugh, I hate our life.’ My inner wolf Leah groaned.

‘Don’t worry, everything will get better with time.’ I consoled her even though I had no idea if things were going to improve or not. Every time I look at my future, it seems dark and uneventful.

I always wanted to have adventures in my life as a kid, but now I can’t even go to college because of all the work I have to do in the pack. I always dreamed of meeting my mate in college and that we would fall in love and get married one day. But I don’t have time for myself, much less a mate.

Just as I was cleaning the dishes, my elder sister, Katherine, came up to me. Her eyes were sad. They lacked the shine they normally held in them. I wondered if my stepbrother at least treated her well because he was a scum to me.

“I can wash a few dishes if you want, you can go out and catch a breather, Rose. You have been working all day.” She said with pity lacing her voice. She could see how weak I had gotten. I could barely stand on my feet.

“Thank you very much, Kate. I owe you one,” I thanked her gratefully and left the prep kitchen.

As soon as I went outside the kitchen, the air touched my skin. I let out a deep sigh of relief. It felt so nice to be finally out of that small kitchen. It was so hot in there all the time. I always sweat buckets when I am in there.

I took a deep breath of relief. But my relief was short-lived as I felt a harsh tug on my hair that pulled me backward.

“Where do you think you are going, you slut?” Cole, my stepbrother, asked me harshly while pulling on my hair.

I struggled against his tight grip on my scalp, which started to burn with the force.

“What are you doing Cole?” I asked him with a stammering voice.

“I am putting you in your place, you little slut. How dare you go against my father’s orders?” he roared and pushed me to the ground. I felt the sleeve of my dress tear up.

I tried to get back on my feet, but I felt extremely weak to get up. My body was worn down because of working all day and night.

“Bend, now.” Cole was torturing me. Werewolves are supposed to be one of the strongest creatures to ever descend, and yet, here I am. The weakest of them all.

As I was struggling on the ground, I saw from my peripheral vision that Cole had unzipped his pants. Oh my...what the hell is he up to?

My heart was pounding in my chest, and I couldn’t control the fear that overtook me. Usually, Cole used to beat me up mercilessly, but he had never gone to this extent.

I felt my entire body get rigid. I was unable to move because of fear. My limbs were cold as an iceberg.

He came closer to me and grabbed my face harshly, then he spat on my face, and I couldn’t control the trade that started flowing out of my eyes uncontrollably. There was only so much a person could take.

“Cole, please don’t do this. You are betrothed to my sister! How can you do this?” I screamed at him, but it came out more like a whimper.

“Your sister is just an obligation because of the Moon Goddess. You, on the other hand, are my entertainment. Look at that hot ass. I’d love to fuck you there,” he sneered at me with a beastly smile on his face, and I wanted to puke.

My stomach dropped when he grabbed me by force and tore my shirt. His mouth patched onto my nipple as I tried to push him away from me. I continuously fought him, which only seemed to anger him more, and he bit my nipple with such force that it started to bleed.

“Fight me all you want, slut. I will enjoy hurting you even more if you will fight me.” He laughed, but his laughter faded when we both heard our father’s voice.

“Cole!” my stepfather said in a stern voice, and I silently thanked the moon goddess for sending him here at this time to save me.

But my happiness was short-lived because my stepdad was looking at me with his half-hooded drunken eyes with an expression of hate and hunger as if he wanted to ruin me himself.

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