Book cover of “Alone with Her“ by O. Gabriel

Alone with Her

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: O. Gabriel
She moved closer to Jimmy and stood in front of him with her eyes fixed on him. “You are a man of temper. Do you want to know what happens to those of my kind who have a temper? They are restrained from coming out for as long as it takes until they learn to control themselves.” “Well, I am glad I’m not from your planet.” Jimmy gnawed at the bottom... 

Chapter 1

Jimmy Davis was a sergeant in the US Marine Corps. He was known for his tactical accomplishment of complex missions. Every Marine wanted to be like him as they assumed he was a dude of much luck who had survived wars and invasions of the enemy troops. He has led his team on tours in faraway countries against terrorist organizations. Marine Corps excelled at conducting land-based and amphibious operations of an offensive, defensive, humanitarian, reconnaissance, or security nature. Trained in the art of land warfare, the Marines often would be the first on the scene to confront threats around the world.

However, what people see or say about Jimmy Davis changed overnight when Jimmy woke up and found himself lying in the middle of the road. He rubbed his bleary eyes as he slowly dragged himself to his feet. At first, he thought he had sleepwalked, but when he looked around, everywhere seemed deserted. It was a ghost town. Cars were abandoned, some of the cars skidded off the road, and some were already burnt. He gazed around with curiosity in his eyes, wondering what had happened to his beautiful city.

7 Days Ago

“We’re under fire! I repeat, we are under fire!” Jimmy yelled over the talkie.

He was radioing his captain, who had earlier instructed him and his team to carry out friendly training in the woods. Some hours later, in the woods with some of his comrades, their training turned bloody.

“Who is shooting?” the captain asked on the other side.

Jimmy brought the talkie close to his mouth and replied in a quivering voice filled with anxiety, “Not ‘who’ but ‘what?’”

He was taking cover with some of his comrades behind a rock. Some of his comrades have been hit. They weren’t training with real bullets but 5.56 mm non-lethal marking rounds. These bullets had two primers. The forward primer propelled a wax-filled projectile that marks with colored wax upon contact. The wax was washed out with normal laundry procedures. They couldn’t engage with such a bullet.

“What the hell are you talking about?” the captain asked with mixed feelings. He wasn’t there to see what Jimmy was talking about, but from the way Jimmy sounded, it called for keenness.

Jimmy peeped through the rock and immediately leaned back once more behind the rock. 

“There’s a fucking half-green eye monster shooting at us!” Jimmy yelled over the talkie. He was certain of what he was seeing. They just ran into a creature with a bald head, pale white skin, and humongous half-green eyes. What baffled Jimmy and his comrades was that this creature possessed a lethal weapon that fired glowing blue balls instead of bullets. When hit with the glowing blue balls, it blasted the victims away with a deadly shockwave.

“What the crap?” the captain exclaimed. The description of their attacker sounded strange. In his entire life as a marine, he had never seen anything like that. “You should return fire!” the captain added.

“Are you fucking kidding me, sir? We don’t have real bullets on us. Send support!” Jimmy cried out.

Jimmy Davis, through his entire years in the Marine, had displayed how bold he was in the face of danger. There was a time his base was invaded. He knew what to do but decided to seek permission before he could engage. He radioed his commander. 

“We are under attack,” he said.

“Why the hell are you fucking around? Return fire. I repeat, return fire!” the commander yelled over and over again, making sure Jimmy copied.

Faced with the same fate, Jimmy was out of ideas. He got no real bullets on him neither did his comrades. It was quite obvious that they couldn’t engage. As they were hiding behind a rock, the creature walked up to them and grabbed one of the men. The creature lifted him above the rock and smashed his head on the rock.

Fear gripped the rest. It was just the three of them that had survived the attack of the creature. Jimmy was shivering in fear. He narrowed his gaze at the creature and swallowed a lump in his throat. 

“What the hell are you?” he asked in a faded voice.

“We come in peace!” the creature replied in a static voice. He reloaded his lethal weapon with a white magazine and had it pointed at Jimmy. “We come in peace,” the creature repeated.

Before the creature could pull the trigger, Jimmy rolled over. His action enraged the creature as he flicked around and started shooting aimlessly. The two other comrades of Jimmy were hit. The force from the glowing blue balls blasted them away with a deadly shockwave.

“Oh no!” Jimmy cried out. Realizing he was left all alone, he pulled himself up and started running toward the camp they set inside the woods. As he was running, he was pondering what the creature had said: ‘We come in peace.’ This meant that the creature might not be alone. And again, he wondered why it claimed to have come in peace and yet had killed his men. None of this made sense to him.

As soon as he got to the camp, he quickly jumped into the military jeep and drove off. Thinking he was already getting away from the creature, he was disappointed when he saw the creature standing a few kilometers away from him with his lethal weapon pointed toward the military jeep.

“Fuck me!” Jimmy exclaimed as he swerved off the rocky road. He just made the wrong turn in his life. He was heading toward the rocky hills. As he was about to jump off the jeep, the creature fired multiple shots at him, destroying the jeep with the shockwave from its lethal weapon.

“My work here is done,” said the creature in a static voice as he put down his weapon.

An Hour Later

Jimmy’s captain didn’t abandon his men in the woods. He sent a helicopter to rescue them, but they arrived late. However, they were able to find Jimmy, who was fatally wounded. He managed to jump off the jeep before the creature fired shots at the military jeep.

“Stay with me, Jimmy,” echoed one of the nurses.

They were fast enough to get Jimmy to the nearest hospital after they managed to stop his bleeding. When he jumped off the jeep, he hit his head on a rock.

“Stay with me… Keep your eyes open…”

Jimmy drifted in and out of consciousness, but this wasn’t the time to let him close his eyes.

“Jimmy… Jimmy… Don’t shut your eyes!”

“Jimmy, can you hear me? Keep your eyes open!”

The nurses did their best to keep him awake. They kept on calling for his attention so that he stayed awake as they quickly rushed into the operation room. But his eyes were already shut by the time they could get to the main ward. 

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