Book cover of “Caged Inferno“ by Kadeshbarnea

Caged Inferno

  • Genre: Young Adult
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Kadeshbarnea
“We need the truth, Simeon. It might be difficult, but I hope you understand that this is important if you are ever going to be free. Think of this as a confession for the whole world to see and know what you have done for them.” Special Agent Simeon Cush unveils the chilling truth hidden beneath a veil of red roses. Join him as he exposes “The ... 

Chapter 1

“Are you ready for this debriefing, Agent Simeon Cush?” Supervisor Kang asked.

“Yes, sir,” Simeon answered, rubbing his eyes.

“I hope you understand that we would not have loved to do this, but it is something that has to be done. Look at it this way. It’s a good thing you have the chance to tell your story to the world. At least, it will help them understand these so-called gifted individuals,” Dr. Jones, the therapist, said, smiling approvingly at him.

“Alright, we are about to begin. Also, we need the truth, Simeon. It might be difficult, but I hope you understand that this is important if you are ever going to be free. Think of this as a confession for the whole world to see and know what you have done for them. Your parents may not have loved you in the family way, but just know that you have succeeded in creating the love you need and will always feel comfortable with,” Supervisor Kang said while engaging the recorder and microphone. “Good day, the time’s 14:00. We are here for the debriefing of Agent 2257. Code name, Firestrike. Full name, Cush Simeon Kudabrien. I, Supervisor Kang Celestine, am present here with the departmental therapist, Dr. Jones Mac. Agent Cush, do you have any questions you would love to be cleared on before we proceed?”

“No, I don’t. I fully understand the objective and process I’m currently in and beg to proceed.”

“By all means, proceed,” Supervisor Kang said, nodding at him.

Simeon took a deep breath and let it out, the courage evident in his eyes.

“It was a bright day when I opened my eyes to this world, my mama used to say,” Simeon began his story as he looked down at the carpeted floor. “She always reminded me of the relief she felt as soon as I burst into the world. The relief being that the pain began to subside, but she also constantly reminded me that due to my being overweight, 5kg in her dictionary was a child being overweight, I had destroyed the correct balance of her feet and brought about a constant waist pain for her.

She would always join the people that visited her during the three months she stayed at home for recovery to praise God that I was a male child. According to the then culture of my hometown, the birth of a male child was a big achievement as it was agreed among them that the conceiving of a male child was a blessing and was a rare find.

It was tradition to them that any woman who had succeeded in birthing a male child had established her womanhood and was done with her work of childbirth as the male child, who was to be the heir of the family and carry on the name of the family, had been born. So to my mother and many others who had my family in mind, it was a thing of joy.”

He swallowed, took a deep breath, and let it out slowly, emotions of pain running through his face like marathon runners.

“My family was a pack of staunch disciplinants. We were committed to the welfare of the society and were very respected. It was like after the sheriff, not counting his kids, we were the next highly respected family. Our words were taken in high esteem, both by those wishing us greatness and those working against us.

Growing up was what my current self would define as a hazardous lifestyle. My parents were so different that I could always picture Pharaoh and Moses whenever I saw them. My Sunday class teacher back then told us that Pharaoh was a man of force and Moses was the man who took it upon himself to save Israel from Pharaoh’s hands.

I have always tried to find out from my parents how they met, but I only got scratches of the story from my sister. Apparently, they met when a certain friend of my mother, a Mr. Peters, who wanted to marry my mother back then, came with my father to introduce him to his would-be bride, but along the line, the tables seemed to have turned. After meeting my father, my mother now decided that it was my father she was interested in. Many people protested, but my mother turned a deaf ear to their pleas as Mr. Peters in question was a well-to-do young man who was preparing to leave the country soon. However, my mother said no, though, at that time, my father had nothing much he could boast of as his own. He was just okay in terms of finances and had a place of his own, tastily furnished. My dad, even in his old age, has always been a man of exquisite taste in dressing, choice of furniture, cars, etc. I got that from him, though.” Simeon chuckled to himself, still having that faraway look in his eyes.

“I really appreciate that you have chosen to come to me. I know you have a dozen excuses to give if you had not come,” Mr. Jones, the therapist, said, beaming at Simeon approvingly. Others sitting before Simeon also nodded their heads in approval and pity.

“It is a nine-year secret, but I believe it’s time for it to come out before I die of heartache and pain,” Simeon said, clutching his heart.

“You’re doing great. This is the best thing you can do for yourself. Keep going. Let it all out, all that pain,” Mr. Jones encouraged him. “Make yourself experience freedom by releasing those fears.”

Simeon took a deep breath as if trying to extinguish the pain before continuing.

“Now, my grandmother, on my mother’s side, died when my mother was a little girl, so I didn’t get to meet her, and neither did my mother. Her father had married another woman to help raise her and her five siblings, but little did he know he had married a venomous snake in human form.”

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