Book cover of “Chained by Choice: Slavery Series. Book 4“ by LiL A

Chained by Choice: Slavery Series. Book 4

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: LiL A
Julia's love for steamy fiction takes a turn for the unexpected when her husband catches her devouring one of her favorite books. Intrigued by the content, he suggests they try out some of the games they've been reading about. Julia eagerly agrees, and soon she finds herself living out her wildest fantasies as her husband's obedient slave. "Now ... 

Chapter 1

Warning: The book contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts and situations. It may be distressing for some individuals and could trigger emotional or psychological discomfort. Reader discretion is advised.



Julia seemed to have the matter of Evelyn in hand. I told my other two slaves to enjoy themselves in whatever way they could for the next couple hours. Sam suggested Marcia and Chantelle might be up for some fun and games. They left to look for them. Bill and I led Shasta and Sean to Brianna's bedroom. No one had to get undressed. We didn't even need much encouragement. All three of us were stimulated at the idea of breaking Shasta in for her first airtight experience.

"Go stand in the corner, slave," Shasta ordered.

"If I might offer a suggestion," I said, "when I fuck someone new, my slaves like to assist me in putting my cock in the new person. It's a lesson in subservience. Julia did it the first time I fucked Lisa. They both helped me fuck Rhonda the first time. Perhaps Sean should help prepare you for our cocks, watch up close as we fuck you."

Shasta smiled. "Yeah. That sound right."

"We're here to give you the best possible experience, Shasta," Bill said. "Who do you want on the bottom fucking your cunt?"

"If it's okay with you, Mr. Thornhill. I'd like you on the bottom. I'd like to be facing you."

"While you suck my cock to get it wet for you, have Sean lick your pussy until you're nice and wet."

"I don't think he need to lick me to get me wet. I been thinking about this all day. Pretty wet already. I'll suck you though."

She stuck two fingers in her pussy, then pulled them out, demonstrating she was indeed quite wet. Shasta sat on the bed and grabbing Bill's cock, drew him into her mouth, topping off his erection and soaking his prick in saliva. I was impressed with how deep she was taking him in her mouth. For a non-slave, she was doing great. Whoever ended up in her mouth wouldn't be disappointed. Bill lay back on the bed and Shasta climbed over his prick, easing herself down his length.

"You got a damn fine dick, Mr. Thornhill. Feels mighty fine inside me."

"Shasta, considering I now have my cock in your cunt, could you please call me Bill instead of Mr. Thornhill?"

"Yes, Bill, real nice cock. Fills me up good. Sam, would you mind fucking my ass? I don't need to tell you to go gentle, do I?"

"Not at all, Shasta. Sean, lick your Mistress's ass and prepare her for my prick," Sam ordered.

Sean climbed on the bed and Bill parted her buttocks. Sean's tongue worked up and down her crease, even delving into her bunghole to prepare her. Sam had taken some lube out of the nightstand and was greasing his cock, standing rigidly at attention. Sam told him to get out of the way, but to watch closely as he penetrated her ass. Sean was silently weeping, but he watched as Sam put the head of his cock against Shasta's crinkled star and exert pressure. It slowly parted for the crown, Shasta moaning as he steadily went deeper and deeper.

When his hips were resting against her buttocks, he asked, "How you doing, Shasta? Is everything okay?"

"Everything good," she panted. "Fuck! I'm so full. Never been so full before. Just give me a minute. This feels so good. As soon as I start moving, you move. I cum quick. Scott, only thing I need now is your fat prick in my throat. You bigger than other cocks I sucked, so you might have to work to get it all in, but I can take it, so give me all of it, okay?"

"Every inch, Shasta. As much as you want."

I got on the front of the bed and touched the crown of my cock to her lips. They parted and I pushed in about four inches. She couldn't speak now, so I tried to pay attention to movements and sounds to ensure she was enjoying herself. About every fifteen or twenty seconds, I pulled out enough I knew she could breathe, then thrusting a little deeper. I could feel her swallowing to take more of me down, so knew she'd been practicing deep throating.

It was so strange to have her sucking my cock. I was always cautious with my female employees. I never wanted any of them to be concerned about their work environment. Then, she started working for Julia and Lisa and we'd learned what happened to her and we were so careful around her due to the trauma she'd undergone. Yet somehow, she'd had the strength to recover, find herself, get help, reaching the point where she might have sex with someone again. Today, she'd asked three men, two of them relative strangers, to give her an experience which might have been a nightmare nine months before. She was so strong.

Becoming comfortable with her triple penetration, Shasta slid further down the two poles splitting her backside, grinding against the two cocks impaling her. Recognizing this as a sign she was ready for more, Sam and Bill began withdrawing and thrusting in concert with one another. As she'd predicted, she orgasmed right away with their first forceful prod deep inside her. She was moaning frantically around my cock as she was seized with a massive climax, which further opened her throat for my next push. Their next mutually powerful drive pushed her up the bed and all the way on my cock. She gurgled, so I pulled out enough for her to grab another lungful of air.

From then on, we toyed with her, all three impaling her at once sometimes, other times, plunging into her one, two, three and pulling out the same way so only one cock was ever buried in her body at the same time. She was cumming often and hard, stretched wide on three shafts and loving it. Bill had been fucking her the longest and was the first to cum, groaning as he bucked into her cunt, losing his seed in her. Sam was only a few seconds behind, Bill still pulsing when he rammed deep in her ass and released. They still hadn't gotten soft enough to leave her body when my own salty cream flowed over her tongue.

Our spasms ended, we collapsed on the bed in a loose tangle, panting hard.

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