Book cover of “Mommy, Is He My Daddy?“ by Black Widow

Mommy, Is He My Daddy?

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Black Widow
Dylan's eyes darted at the little boy's features. He had those round hazelnut eyes, pointed nose, and red lips that could be compared to a cherry. But Dylan's contemplation led to the question of why the kid resembles him. Why did he look like the mini version of him? His eyes glanced at Penelope, who seemed in horror, and then shifted to the kid,... 

Chapter 1. Not a Good Encounter

“Excellent! Drill me some more!” Aaliyah, Dylan’s current fling, yelled in utter delight; her eyes blazed white as she reveled in their mind-blowing sex.

Aaliyah was unhappy with their existing position, so they changed it, riding Dylan from the top.

“Not so quickly, honey; let me devour you—Ugh!” Aaliyah shrieked, curling her toes and clinging to Dylan, who was moving below. Their tongues twisted together as they exchanged hot kisses.

Aaliyah’s eyes welled up with tears as Dylan did her from behind, his hands probing every inch of Aaliyah’s mouth, filling the entire room with a woman’s whimper of delight. Aaliyah, on the other hand, became convulsed as a result of the profound trance.

“I’m on my way! Nghk!” Aaliyah yelled. Nevertheless, as Dylan drew his steel, his lips curved into a cheeky grin, causing the woman to grimace.

“Aaliyah, you adore lollipop. Take a bite, babe.” Aaliyah displayed an abnormal passion that was mingled with her obsession with Dylan’s cock. Who wouldn’t want to? Dylan Davis is such a hotshot that any lady would commit a horrific act to entice him. So what if he’s a womanizer? He has the ability to offer pleasure and drills her like a piston, transporting her to the seventh heaven.

“Please, give me the—”

Aaliyah almost choked on her cries of joy and contentment. When he moved and entered her mouth, she could feel Dylan’s penis deep in her throat.

“You’re really good at this. It’s no surprise that you can handle my size.” Dylan gripped Aaliyah’s hair and pushed his steel farther into her, making her moan even louder. A lady eager to spread her legs for him is something, but Aaliyah was simply one of his dumpsters where he could vent his joy.

“Hrrk!” Aaliyah gagged as Dylan groaned in ecstasy, digging her throat to the core. He released his juices into her lips. When Aaliyah opened her mouth, his mouth moved into a grin, and he came into her mouth. Aaliyah gulped it down. She smiled and even stuck out her tongue at him.

Dylan carried Aaliyah to their bed. Aaliyah’s legs were shaking; the previous woman he enticed had trouble walking for weeks.

The woman laughed, believing Dylan adored her; she had no regrets about being one of his girlfriends. Dylan even wrapped a blanket around Aaliyah’s body and left the fatigued woman in bed to shower. Dylan wasn’t embarrassed to stroll naked in front of the woman he fucked and ignored the day before. His body was faultless as if he were a Greek god. Being born with a comprehensive package appearance didn’t stop him from luring his targets. Dylan and his sibling inherited a good appearance from their parents’ genes.

While taking a chilly shower, Dylan sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Women are nothing more than a hazard,” he grumbled and rubbed his eyes, feeling the chilly atmosphere. He met Aaliyah inside the bar where he used to hang out with his pals. The woman was fiery, and as he established eye contact with her, she instantly made her way to cling to his waist and gave passionate kisses, which is why they ended up playing fire.

As soon as Dylan finished his bath, he called the hotel staff and asked them to get him a fresh set of clothes. He was drying his hair when the doorbell rang, signaling the arrival of his clothes. Dylan stood in front of the door and deftly twisted the doorknob, revealing a woman handing him a bag of expensive clothing.

“Thank you,” he said firmly.

“It gives me great joy, Mr. Robinson,” the woman said while staring at him, hoping to flirt with him. Dylan couldn’t help but feel disgusted as he smiled slyly at her before closing the door.

He pulled a paper from his pocket and penned a note for Aaliyah as soon as he dressed himself.

“Thank you for a hot night. Goodbye.”

Dylan took one last look at the sleeping lady before departing for the underground. His car was already parked nearby, and Dylan couldn’t help but feel bored by the day.

His propensity was to seduce ladies. Dylan would locate his prey, entice her, and have sex with her. And the next day, he would leave a letter about their performance and drop her like garbage. He grew tired of it, though. The only thing that mattered to him was pleasure.

Women are cruel, dangerous, and hidden behind deception and lies. They enticed guys to dupe them and obtain what they wanted, then dumped them after they got what they wanted. He didn’t believe in love. Love is nothing but a fool, leaving scars and anguish in its wake.

He and his brother were born to a fleeing mother; how can a mother bear the thought of abandoning her child so young? There was no hint of love leaving a child behind. Dylan saw his father suffer from sadness after his mother abandoned them without showing compassion, and he vowed he would never take love seriously again.

Meanwhile, Penelope knew their flight from Chicago had arrived as soon as she heard the landing announcement. She let out a sigh and looked out the window. When it was her turn to step outside with her bags, Penelope closed her eyes and felt the chilly wind on her cheeks outside the airport.

“Wait, it’s been a while...” Penelope muttered something.

Penelope couldn’t help but think back on events from her past as she walked. She had been gone from Los Angeles for six years. She was young and naive back then, easily manipulated, and even her heart could be duped. Six years have passed since that dreadful day occurred. She was branded as a disgrace to her family after her parents discovered she was pregnant with someone else’s child at the age of 15.

When she remembered the words her parents showered on her that day, a bittersweet smile formed across her lips. She was looking for warmth and comfort, but all she got was a cold shoulder and disappointed looks. “...Mo...”


“Mommy!” Hearing the voice she had wished to hear interrupted Penelope’s thoughts. Elijah was her son. Her son’s eyes shone with delight as she turned her back to welcome him.

Elijah was standing next to Lucas, who was waving to Penelope. Penelope didn’t waste any time and quickly bridged the gap between them. She encircled her kid in a tender and motherly embrace, and Elijah said how much he missed his mother.

“Welcome home, lovely,” Lucas greeted her by pulling Penelope into an embrace and kissing her on the forehead.

“Yeah, I’m back, handsome,” Penelope said cheerfully.

The two clasped their hands together while Penelope’s son held her other hand. When she saw her two precious boys, she couldn’t help but feel at ease. Penelope couldn’t bear too much joy in her heart right now. She was delighted that Lucas came into their lives and brought her such joy.

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