Book cover of “Crush“ by Reema


  • Genre: Young Adult
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Reema
Kaylee Blaine changed schools when her family moved to a totally new neighborhood. She thought her new school was no different from her old school until she realized there was someone who would make her heart flutter - Mark Kavinsky. For Kaylee, it was love at first glance, and she had gone so deep into it till the point of no return when she s... 

Chapter 1. Rude Kid

Kaylee looked outside the plane window, there was a beautiful view down there. It is a wide blue sea surrounded by a green color, 'maybe land or even a forest', she thought.

She felt someone's arm suddenly on her lap and she turned to look at her side. Her younger sister, Laura had fallen asleep beside her. Her cute innocent face was bright under the plane's artificial light. She removed the arm gently from her lap and placed it on Laura's lap instead.

She sighed before she brought out her phone to check out her messages. Her friend, Sam has been texting her all day since they left Manhattan but Kaylee wasn't in the mood to talk at all. She sighed for the umpteenth time before she switched off her phone and placed it in her trouser's back pocket.

She looked across her and Laura's row at her Dad and she saw that he was fast asleep as well. She brought her headphone which was at her neck to her ears and closed her eyes slowly, not sleeping but resting.

The flight was finally over and they all walked out of the plane with their baggage, Mr. Blaine and Laura were fully awake by now. They walked towards the exit of the New York City airport and the security man opened the door for them and bowed in respect. They found an uber outside. They all entered, Mr. Blaine sat in the front seat while the two girls sat at the back.

"Where would you like to go?", the driver asked

"Sycamore estate", Dad replied and the car started moving.

After some minutes, the car stopped at a large black gate. They got down since not all cars could enter cause of the security of other residents' owners and Mr. Blaine spoke to the security man. 

"Good morning", Mr. Blaine greeted the security man available.

"Good morning, sir. How may I help you?" the security man who looked like he was in his mid-forties asked.

"We bought a house here online, The Blaines?", Mr. Blaine said and Kaylee folded my arms against her chest.

"Oh yeah, we were notified you were coming today. I am very sorry for not recognizing you, how was the flight?", the security man asked 

"Nice", Mr. Blaine answered and the security man handed Mr. Blaine a bunch of keys.

"That's good", the security man said with a smile 

"Too much generosity", Kaylee thought as she rolled her eyes 

The security man also helped them to beckon on a cab which had a tag on top of it saying "SIKAMORE ESTATE".

The three of them entered the cab and Mr. Blaine checked the body of the key for the house number.

"House 53", Mr. Blaine said as they got inside the cab.

They got there like five minutes later and Mr. Blaine wanted to pay the cab man.

"It's part of the business", the cab driver said 

"Okay, thanks", Mr. Blaine said and the cab driver responded with a smile. 

Mr. Blaine opened the door and Laura gasped.

"Wow, it's huge and beautiful", Laura said as she walked into the apartment first. Kaylee and Mr. Blaine followed after her and the room was unique really. 

The sitting room has been furnished with chairs, a table, and even a television. Laura sat down on the sofa quickly. The house was painted in cream color which has different patterns on it. The dining room is behind the sitting room beside the kitchen.

Kaylee walked towards the dining room which had been furnished as well. The stairs which led to the upper floor were beside the dining room.

"Take a room upstairs, Kaylee", Mr. Blaine said suddenly and Kaylee nodded. Kaylee dragged her luggage up the stairs and took the first room on the right.

She entered the room and sighed. It was painted white and was wide. She arranged her clothes in the wardrobe and bounced on the bed when she was tired. She made a list of all the things she needed and she would give her father later. In a few minutes, she slept off.


"Mom!" Kavinsky shouted as he took the stairs coming down from his room.

Mrs. Mark ran out of the kitchen quickly with a blue apron around her neck. "What is it, honey?", she asked standing at the bottom of the stairs 

"Believe me when I tell you that these stairs are cursed, I almost fell just now", Kavinsky complained coming down the stairs 

Kavinsky sat on one of the chairs in the sitting room and grabbed the TV remote. He scanned through all the channels and it all seemed boring to him.

"Is your ankle okay? Did you sprain it?", Mrs. Mark asked out of concern 

"Am fine Mom", Kavinsky replied coldly 

"Are you sure?", his mom asked again.

"Yeah, see", he replied twirling his feet for her to see 

He knew his mom, she could book an appointment with a doctor for a simple needle prick or better still ask the doctor to visit.

Mrs. Mark walked to the kitchen back while she mumbled enough for Kavinsky to hear 

"And he shouted my name as something happened"

Kavinsky smiled at her, he loved teasing his mom a lot 

"What of Dad? Gone to work?!", Kavinsky asked loudly from the sitting room 

"Yeah, there is an emergency at the hospital", his mom replied from the kitchen.

"Okay", Kavinsky said and sighed 

Just then, his Mom peeped out of the kitchen and walked to sit beside him on the sofa. He knows that face, it was his mom's gossiping face. He sighed before asking,

"What is it, Mom?"

"I heard we are having a new neighbor, they would be arriving today", she said smiling 

"So? How do you know that?", Kavinsky asked 

"Harry's Mom told me", Mrs. Mark replied still smiling 

"You are going to implicate Harry's Dad", Kavinsky said with a groan 

Harry has been Kavinsky's friend since fifth grade. Harry's Dad is a police officer majorly the tech one. He tells his wife anything he hears and his wife tells Kavinsky's Mom. They liked gossiping about everything. Kavinsky couldn't help but shake his head when he thought of it.

"You are the only one have told, how are we going to implicate him like that" she, asked folding her arms on her chest. 

Kavinsky shook his head and got up. "where are you going to?", his mom asked quickly standing up 

"I have a piano lesson today", he replied picking up his wallet from the top of the television shelf 

"what about breakfast?", she asked widening her eyes 

"I will eat when I come back", he replied standing up 

"Okay, don't overdo it", she said straightening his shirt 

"Okay", Kavinsky replied.

"Wait, have you taken your clothes to the dry cleaning company?", Mrs. Mark asked all of a sudden  

"No", Kavinsky said putting up a confused look 

"Why?", Mrs. Mark asked in surprise 

"Tomorrow is Saturday, I will take it tomorrow", he replied going out of the door quickly and shutting it behind him.

"Such a rude kid", Mrs. Mark commented silently and smiled before retreating to the kitchen. She finished preparing breakfast minutes later and she ate all alone in the dining room. 

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