Book cover of “Deal with the Mafia Lord“ by Midnight Snow

Deal with the Mafia Lord

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Midnight Snow
“About your promise…” Celine whispered. “You are now Celine Bridgerton — my wife, so anyone who wrongs you will face my wrath,” Leon replied calmly, looking into her eyes. “That’s all I need…” Celine said, clenching her fists. “As long as you stay in this house, you will get everything you want…” Returning to Cambridge after studying abroad... 

Chapter 1

[Warning: The book contains explicit content that may be triggering to some readers.]


In the late evening, everyone could hear a loud slash of whipping in the courtyard of the Bridgertons.

"Useless!" Leon Bridgerton exclaimed, and the whip swung again on the servant's back.

Because of what had occurred, he was unable to control his rage. If he does not arrive on time, his adversary will kidnap Celine.

Then, recalling the earlier flashback, Leon clenched his fist.


(FLASHBACK - The afternoon before Celine was almost kidnapped...)

"Please, Ma'am Celine, eat your lunch... "Master Leon directed that you be fed on time," one of the servants said as she placed the food tray on the table inside the room.

Celine signed the document while holding the servant's hand. "Can you assist me in getting out?" "Please promise I'll be back before Leon returns..." she begged, her eyes welling up with tears.

The servant's face darkened, and she quickly withdrew her hand. "Master Leon told you not to leave the house, Ma'am Celine..."

"I know, but he won't know... promise, I'll be back before Leon gets home," Celine reasoned. “Please…”

The servant felt sorry for her but attempted to ignore her. "Madam... I-I love my work and my life, so please don't ask me to help you..."

"I just wanted to pay a visit to my parents," Celine explained. She has never left the house since marrying Leon Bridgerton. Celine's prison is the mansion, and she has no choice because she made a deal with Leon.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but I'm afraid I can't help you..." The servant quickly responded and exited the room.

"Then don't bother me!!! No one is allowed to enter my room until I say so!" Celine replied coldly.

"Yes, miss..." the servant responds politely before closing the door.

Celine fisted her fist. "Leon won't be angry if he doesn't know I left..." she grumbled, smirking.

Celine carried out her plan after changing her clothes... She exited the room with trepidation; she doesn't care what happens next; she just wants to get out.

Celine made certain that no one could see her, and she was successful because she arrived at the spacious hard without being seen.

Perhaps the servant is so confident that I will not leave without permission. Celine opens the gate with a smirk on her face.

But that smile quickly faded... Black cars approached in less than a minute, and as soon as they stopped, the passengers, all dressed in black coats, descended.

"Shit," she thought to herself as she watched the car approach.


"Master, you've been gone for a week... "I'm sure the lady is thrilled to see you," Leon Bridgerton says, looking out the car window without emotion.

He has his doubts... 'Because his relationship with Celine is not like other couples who have fallen in love and married.

Leon is confident that even if they don't see each other for a year, Celine will never forget him.

Seeing Leon's cold expression, the driver/bodyguard remained silent and focused his gaze on the road.

When they arrived in the village where the mansion was located, the driver/bodyguard turned pale when he saw what was going on in front of the gate.

"Master! Cars are on their way to our port!"

Leon was already aware of this, and the figure of a woman who had just emerged from the gate could not escape his attention.

"Celine!" he yelled.

Leon Bridgerton never lost his temper, but he was furious this time.


"What do you want from me?" Celine asked, trembling in fear as she looked at the unknown man attempting to apprehend her.

"Get her!" one of the men shouts.

Celine came to a halt when the two men grabbed her arm and yanked her into the car.

"No! Please! Please let me go!" Celine screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks. I had no idea what was going on or who these individuals were. Celine tried to fight back, but she was met with a hard slap on both cheeks that nearly knocked her out.

"You're too loud!" retorted the man, raising his fist once more to punch Celine in the stomach.

Celine closed her eyes and waited for the assault, but it never came.

"You have no right to touch my wife!"

Celine didn't have to open her eyes to figure out who was behind the cold and authoritative voice...

"How dare you... disobey me..." A strong and lean arm coiled around her body in response to her remark. The hands that had been restraining Celine were violently removed.

But Celine wasn't sure whether she'd be happier or more terrified because the one who saved her was crueler and scarier.

"Leon... I see you're back..." Celine opens her eyes and whispers.

Celine gulped one after the other as a result of his icy stare.

"It appears that you are not pleased to see me... Is it because you ignore me?!" Leon makes a cold remark.

"I wanted to pay a visit—"

Celine's explanation was cut short when Leon picked her up and led her into the yard.

After leaving, the group of people resumed the fight.


"Wait! Let me explain... I'm not fleeing; I simply want to see my parents..." Celine explained, a little nervously.

But Leon is too enraged to listen. When he got to his room, he threw Celine on the bed.

"What I despise the most is disobeying my orders! I'll make certain you never disobey me again!" Leon abruptly declared that he had torn Celine's dress.

Celine's pupils dilated as she covered her nakedness. Leon's rage is so intense that she gets a creep.

"Leon, could you please..." Celine pleaded as she stepped back... Her entire body trembled as she watched Leon undress.

Celine tries to get out of bed, but Leon is quick to pin his naked body to her, forcing Celine to stay under him.

"You are completely mine!" While his hand stroked the delicate part of Celine's body, Leon declared and violently claimed her lips.

Because Leon is bigger and stronger, Celine's struggle is futile. "I despise you, Leon Bridgerton! I despise you!!" Celine makes a remark. She can taste the blood in her mouth because Leon bit it a few times.

"You can hate me all you want, but you can't disobey me!" Leon reacts by cupping Celine's breast.

Celine was at a loss for words; the sensation caused by Leon's tongue was unfamiliar to her. But Celine would rather die than let Leon see how much his caresses affect her.

"Keep in mind that you are now my wife! So you can't get away from me... Nobody can get away from Leon Bridgerton!"

"Ah!!! You scumbag! You're torturing me!" Celine screams in surprise as she feels pain in her stomach. Leon's full potential is within her. Because it was her first time, she almost passed out from the pain.

Leon, on the other hand, froze on Celine's top. He had no idea it would be her first time. But he couldn't stop in the middle, saying, "I-I'll try to be gentle..." before moving again. Leon's movement was more careful this time, but it wasn't enough to relieve Celine's pain.

"I'm going to hate you forever!" Celine burst out crying.



Leon signed and threw away the whip he was holding.

Celine is now in the room with Erza, who is administering fever medicine to her. Celine lost consciousness and became ill after rashly claiming her.

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