Book cover of “Stuck Between Two Handsome Boys“ by Blackpearl

Stuck Between Two Handsome Boys

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Blackpearl
Amy Evans, a nerdy tomboyish high school girl, has always been the invisible girl until Noah Hiddleston, a new boy, arrives at school. Amy can't help but fall madly in love with him after spending some heart-fluttering moments with him. She decides to write him a love letter, but in her haste to deal with an emergency issue, she accidentally puts t... 

Chapter 1

There is something different about the first day of senior high. It feels like a whole new beginning, and I would like to start this with the aroma of freshly baked bread topped with peanut butter and cranberry jam.

Everyone thinks baking is my hobby, but actually, it’s not just a hobby. It’s more than that. It’s memories.

I still remember how during Christmas my grandma and I used to bake gingerbread and cupcakes. We used to have so much fun decorating them.

She always used to say, “Baking is not only about making a cake and decorating it any way you like. To provide a better-finished product, the baker’s abilities must be used in the proper proportion. A skilled baker uses his or her knowledge, beliefs, methods, and strategies to produce exceptionally distinctive baked goods.”

Unfortunately, she isn’t with us anymore. But whenever I bake, it makes me feel like she is with me.

It’s the first day of senior high, and I can’t figure out what I should be wearing today. Even though I don’t care much about appearance, I still like to dress perfectly. It might be just one of my insecurities, but I believe if you dress inadequately, people will consider you a loser and torment you.

When I was 13, they didn’t let me in at Christine’s birthday party because I looked messy and informal.

You might be thinking, “Who the hell is Christine?”

Well, it’s Christine Watson. Height: 5'5". School’s most popular girl who used to be my best friend since we were eight, but after she got popular, she began to ignore me.

The birthday party that I mentioned above was the very last time when I ever interacted with her. 

“Listen, Amy Evans. It’s not a crime to dress like that. But it’s kinda embarrassing to have a buddy who looks like a loser. Being friends with an anti-glamorous girl is gonna ruin my image. We can’t be friends anymore. And no friendship, no invitation. Byeeee!” She humiliated me in front of everyone.

It hurts! It hurts when your best friend breaks up with you because of your dressing manner. Nobody appreciates the sensation of being abandoned, and neither did I.

It has undoubtedly been one of the most difficult emotions I have ever had to cope with, at least for me. A rejection cuts to the very heart of what makes us human. It is arguably one of the most terrible and sad emotions we can feel out of all the emotions we may feel, in my opinion. Different people react differently to rejection. I am one of those people who brought a lot of that baggage with me into my teenage years since I experienced rejection by my closest friend.

And it’s not like I look gross or nasty. I’m just underdressed. I feel comfortable in hoodies and 5-pocket jeans. I like to dress as per my comfort.

Also, I don’t care what people think. But that night, when I realized what Christine thought about me, I started caring. “What would people think?”

After pondering the infamous question, “What should I wear today?”, I went for my casual short-sleeve black blouse with the words ‘KILLING IT’ printed on it and my brown cargo pants.

What? What did you think? ‘I could wear my Gucci on? Or I could wear my Louis Vuitton?’

Well… I know, I said I think about what people will think. But I only think about it. It’s not like I’m obsessed with it.

Additionally, I now have a much better fashion sense. I used to own only sweatshirts, sweatpants, and 5-pocket jeans in the past. But currently, I own shirts, sweatshirts, cargo trousers, bush pants, thin jeans, carpenter pants, skorts, hoodies, 5-pocket jeans, and a limited-edition gown in a stunning purple hue. It was the last gift from my grandma. She wanted me to enjoy my teenage years like a princess.

I practically grew up at granny’s house as a small child. She played a huge role in my life, and without her, I would not be the same as I am today. I spent all of my early years living with my grandmother. She had a sizable, lush, and steep field in her backyard in her country house. It was peaceful to sit outside in the yard and just watch the wind move the tall grass. I can recall all the memories we created there. When I was a little girl, we used to play on my swing set, go to church every Sunday, and cook together. I miss her very much.

A car horn honked. It was Jenna with her new Chrystler Pacifica.

Jenna Smith. Height: 5'3". My current best friend and partner in crime.

“Hurry up, Amy! We’re gonna be late!” Ariana shouted.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming. Don’t shout, Ari!” I stuffed the remaining slice of bread in my mouth and started running.

Ariana Evans, my ten-year-old little sister. It’s my job to drop her off every day because her school is right on my way.

“Okay. I’m leaving. Bye, mom!”

“Have a good day, girls,” mom replied.

Since we were thirteen-year-old, Jenna and I had been great friends. Yes, immediately after being humiliated at Christine’s party, I met Jenna for the first time. If she hadn’t been beside me, I’m not sure what I would have done. Jenna motivated me to be resilient and self-assured.

Today, I’m about to start my high school journey. I was both excited and nervous. My mind raced through thousands of thoughts. What about me? Will I meet new people? Will my teachers be friendly? Will I be harassed?

I’d been nervously anticipating this for the last few weekends. While girls of my age were hanging out, making new boyfriends, and shopping for the first day of high school, I spent my weekends worrying about my anti-social skills, reading superhero comic books, taking taekwondo classes, and writing superhero fan-fic.

However, the moment I passed through the prestigious gates of Liberty High, everything and everyone seemed ordinary. No fresh faces. Just brand-new dresses and vibrant shoes. I don’t know why I was expecting some dramatic twists and turns where the most unexpected girl bumps into the most handsome guy in school, and then they have some love-hate relationships like in those cringy high school dramas.

Meanwhile, Christine gave her glamorous entrance with her boyfriend, Noah Greyson, in his brand-new Buggatti Mistral. Christine was an inspiration for all those girls who desired to have a handsome boyfriend like Noah.

Noah Greyson. Height: 6'1". The hottest boy in Liberty High. The genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. He is technically Bruce Wayne of Liberty High. No one can compete with his charisma.

Nevertheless, it appeared that fate had some other plans as another student arrived at Liberty High in a brand-new Buggatti Divo.

Oh. My. God! Is this my life or an advertisement for expensive cars?

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