Book cover of “Fables of the Past: Wrath. Book 1“ by Erarexon

Fables of the Past: Wrath. Book 1

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Erarexon
“She is dangerous.” Apollo said. “Now is she?…just a regular werewolf.” “It isn’t that simple and you aren’t so naive but we trust King Hades. You won’t break the rules of nature for her.” He smirked. “Trust gets you deceived.” “She is cursed and she isn’t a goddess-” “I don’t know what vision you saw, Apollo, but my mate isn’t cursed and she ... 

Chapter 1. Cursed

Rejection… the most beautiful woman, exquisitely carved out of stars and the most ethereal goddess to ever grace heaven, hell, and immortality of celestial beings was rejected.

Serene silver hair spilled on her shoulders, glowing, straight and thick waves falling to her waist, swaying with her each step were now stagnant. Her scarlet lips parted in shock with dark blue eyes showed nothing but fury and astonishment.

“Are you seriously rejecting me, for a lowlife who isn’t even born yet?” Her melodious voice that was nothing but a screech at this moment bounced off the magnanimous violet pillars adorned with black pearls and was heard by the male who was opposite to her.

Innumerable glass chandeliers embellished the dark room with the radiance of the sun.

A throne was perched at the far end of the courtroom, on the elated ivory turf. Black roses lay on its path with their counterpart silver ones.

The man to reject the woman stood from the throne in all his mighty glory with his leather black cloak trailing behind him. Gray eyes lively like thousand moons shining together stared into her blue ones making her breathing shallow.

“Haven’t I made myself clear yet, Selene?”

His chocolate hair with amber streaks appeared to be softer than any silk, chiseled features putting all gods…each god combined to shame – the ruler of the Underworld, the supreme power wielder – King Hades.

“No, you have not! What is there in a mortal woman? What powers does she have that I, protector of werewolves, don’t possess?”

His crimson lips curled into distaste. “Watch the way you talk about her.” His deep, cocoa-rich voice filled with chilling anger distracted her but as soon as her mind registered his words her eyes filled with malice.

“Do you even know whom you have rejected? Do you know the consequences of going against me, Hades?”

He did.

He had said no to the moon goddess – Selene.

The epitome of beauty, power, and guardian of wolves, the maker of mates.

She was the one who blessed wolves with bonds yet this one bond she did not bless, she wanted Hades for herself and never in her dream had thought that one day a girl would snatch him away from her.

“I do, I know you better than anyone else, Selene.” She stared at him. Her lips curved into an evil smirk.

Despite hatred running deep in her veins if there was one person she actually respected…it had to be Hades. She hated him but loved him at the same time, complex emotions ruling her heart for him.

“Nobody can understand you as I can, Hades, nobody can love you more than me. Reject the mate bond, reject her. Come with me, and I, in turn, shall give your rejected mate another werewolf male… the one she actually deserves.”

The sky thundered, frost forming on the floor. Her eyes widened when the silver irises of King Hades flashed in wrath making her flinch. He came close to her his jaw clenched hard.

“She will be my mate, Selene, whether you like it or not. I have waited so long for her, felt loneliness ripping apart my soul but now that my mate has taken birth… how impudent of you to think that my mate can be rejected by me. Warriors! Escort the moon goddess out of the gates of the Underworld and make sure she never returns.”

Two soldiers in armor and shields came forward stepping toward the infuriated female.

One hundred excruciating years…it had taken Selene one hundred years to gain her powers, to enter the Underworld and it took him one breath to throw her out.

Her mind swirled with blinding rage, this icy terrain of the Underworld never stayed at the same place in the cosmos, she had spent years of life finding it and once she did, they did not let her enter… Now when all obstacles were removed, why must he reject her proposal?

What if she can’t have him this time, she will have him soon and there will be a time when he will call her himself…he will be her king, and she the ultimate queen of the Underworld.

If she can’t stay here, he will, and so will his terrain…forever.

“I, Selene the creator of mates, the moon goddess herself, curse you to be trapped in the Underworld till a destined half rejects his mate, remember me, King Hades, it will never happen… you will not be able to search for her. YOU WILL NEVER MEET HER! She will never be able to find you and you will not be able to go out of your realm to find her.”

The werewolf history… no wolves have ever rejected their soulmates, their other halves. It had never happened and it was more likely it will never happen in the future also.

Selene never made mates haphazardly, she made sure to couple the two souls which were similar thus it was only she that can make the rejection happen.

Those lethal words dripping with poison rang as the goddess disappeared into the air. Hell demons hissed when Hades felt the curse taking its effect.

“She will find me, Selene.” His eyes closed with the floor rumbling with his wrath. “And then… I will find you.”


Every fiber in the universe hears, every star in the Galaxy responds, and each deed has a repercussion.

When a soul suffers, the whole Creation cries, the sorrows never to be gone unnoticed.

Never curse a fair, never make their heart weep – the ultimate rule of Life.

Each breath of the sufferer had an effect and the tormentor had to pay.

Moon goddess Selene had broken the rule but time always ruled and the person to hold its reins was captured in his own world…it won’t be long when his chains will be destroyed…so will the goddess’ destiny.

A child was born with eyes of the ocean. Sweet nectar seemed to flow as her cry rang the first time. Dark blue eyes with an aquamarine tint seem to glimmer with joy.

Her mother clasped her mouth crying tears of joy as her father held her small wrist wondering what had he done so good in life to be blessed with such an angel.

Her brown hair in small wavy curls seem to be flowing with the wind, soft breeze caressing her with the utmost affection.

The oblivion which was roaring with thunder seemed to bow down to her, calming the catastrophic rain.

The one to command powers of life and death was born as a werewolf…a mortal herself which was an irony.

Goddess Selene watched the child from the skies as the new soul was welcomed among her wolves, that little girl was Luna…a powerful aura that seemed vague right now would bend the world one day.

“Goddess S-Selene, U-Underworld has gone calm, it’s g-glowing… radiating like heaven.” A messenger informed with his eyes blown wide, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

Radiating like heaven? …the cold place was the representation of King Hades, his emotions changed the weather… it can’t be happening.

The goddess again looked at the girl in disbelief, she sure was a Luna, realization hit her like tons of bricks… not any Luna, she was King Hades’ queen. So this was the child Hades was hiding from her and that too a werewolf under her?

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