Book cover of “My Forbidden Mate“ by Mr.Delicacy

My Forbidden Mate

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Mr.Delicacy
My life as a crowned princess is a goddamn chaotic — from my untamed brothers, undisciplined people from my beloved land, and endless clashes between different empires. Having a great power will give you damn responsibilities. Responsibilities that I am born to handle. My life is already planned… Until one day my power takes me to the mysterious fo... 

Chapter 1


My life as a crowned princess is goddamn chaotic. From my untamed brothers, undisciplined people from my beloved land, and endless clashes between different empires. Having great power will give you damning responsibilities.

responsibilities that I am born to handle.

I am a royal-blooded vampire, beautiful, perfect, and envied by every single vampire girl. The high and mighty Lily Esmeralda Gazellian, the ideal princess of Parsua Sartorias.

It's night again, the favorite time of vampires. I closed the book I was reading about the abilities of my power that I haven't tried to use yet.

I was currently looking out from the balcony of my room as I watched the red roses explode in front of our palace, my favorite place. The flickering fireflies illuminate the entire beauty of the outside of the palace.

A soft knock interrupted my silence.

"I'm sorry, dear princess, our first prince just wanted to let you know that we have guests coming tomorrow." I didn't let our follower finish because I waved my hand away.

"Another marriage proposal?" I asked fatly. The follower nodded gently at me.

"Next, let Dastan know I'm happy with his good news." The follower nodded to me apologetically before leaving my room. Because it already knows that I mean the opposite. I just held my breath while thinking about how many marriages I have rejected.

I opened my book again and started testing my power to move to different places. If I can master this power, we will have no trouble traveling between different empires.

When I released a very thick smoke that would serve as my tunnel, I didn't waste any more time and immediately stepped into it. and once I got past my red smoke, I was just amazed; my power really took me to another place.

Where can I be part of Parsua now? I don't understand why my power spat me out in the middle of the forest. I first started walking while analyzing where I was, and the longer I spent, the more amazed I was at what I had accomplished.

I'm in the Halla empire; it's far away from Parsua. If I'm not mistaken, it will take three months to get here with our carriage.

I was about to take another step when I was held to my chest. My knee immediately went soft, and I fell to my knees. I tried to put my hands on the dense forest to support myself as I continued to fall. What's happening to me?

Suddenly, my fangs came out as every part of my body began to heat up. Even my eyes, I know, are red.

What the hell is this feeling? My throat is also starting to dry up. I was suddenly thirsty. My fangs sought something, and my thirst sought blood.

This feeling...

My mate is nearby, and I know he is getting closer to me. I didn't think he would have this kind of effect on me when we first met. Is that why my power brought me here? Will the man who is destined for me meet me? Will he save me from my endless rejection of marriage?

Even though it was difficult for me to move, I tried to hide myself behind a huge tree when I heard that there was more than one person coming. All I could hear was the strong impact of the fists. I tried to look at the noise I could hear from the newcomers.

and when my eyes finally hit them, I was suddenly stunned to see that a female vampire and a man who I was sure was a wolf even though he hadn't changed his form were currently fighting.

I scratched the tree several times to stop myself from coming and biting the lob man's neck.

Wolf?  I felt like I had been doused with cold water when I finally processed what I was seeing.

He's a werewolf...

"I can smell a sweet scent," I heard the wolf say. I immediately hid behind the tree when he slightly looked at where I was.

"I will kill you, wolf!" I listened to the loud cry of the female vampire. This is where I completely came out of my hiding place; currently, the body of the werewolf that was supposed to be chased by the vampire is being thrown.

I involuntarily released a poisonous smoke that slowly enveloped the vampire's body. Her eyes widened as she turned to me, and my power began to poison her heart.

My eyes stared blankly into her eyes. She was saying so much that I couldn't hear or understand it anymore.

"You traitor! You're a traitor to our race." I didn't seem to hear what she was saying. My poisonous smoke only stopped her when I was sure she was dead. Her lifeless body fell before her wide eyes.

When I noticed that the trees were starting to fall near me, I immediately came to my senses. It just means that the wolf is coming back in my direction, and I know he can feel my presence. I quickly released my red smoke, and I didn't wait for a moment; I immediately returned to my empire.

As soon as I took my first step into my room, my strength immediately gave out. I weakly stretched out on my bed as I panted, staring at my hands.

I killed my kind. I killed my own kind for the first time. I would kill for a wolf. I killed the female vampire for the male wolf. I'm not a traitor. I didn't know what I was doing at that time.

I'm not a traitor...

I have no connection with that wolf.

He's not my mate. My mate is not a werewolf.

It can't be... He can't be a wolf, please.

He can't be a werewolf.


I chose not to leave my room for a week because of what I found out. I'm no longer surprised by the ability of my powers; I'm more surprised by half of my being.

I was almost afraid of myself when I remembered again the treachery I had committed—I had killed my own kind for a wolf. I killed a vampire to save a wolf.

I didn't understand myself anymore when I saw the wolf man's body splattered because of the vampire woman. I felt all my blood boil in my body, and everything flared up with anger when I saw the wolf hurt. No one can ever hurt him.

I almost cursed myself at the last word that came out of my mind.

I admit to myself that there is a big part of my personality that can't bear to see the wolf I saw hurt.

I am not dumb; I am not a stupid and ignorant princess. I know the wolf I saw; I know him with my eyes, fangs, heart, and soul. The man with the muscular body that messed up my system was the man meant for me.

But a very big question remains: why is he a wolf? Why let a princess like me experience a complicated situation like this?

I've been asking all week; I've been doing nothing but asking why. Why? Why? Why? Why?

No matter how many times I try to forget, no matter how many times I try to stamp in my mind that we can never be together, I can't dictate every part of my being more than my heart.

He's mine, and I am his. But even if we try to emphasize our feelings for each other, I know that our different worlds will only separate us.

I dreamed of having and experiencing love like my queen mother and king father. I have admired their love and longed for it since I was young. But it seems very unlikely to happen.

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