Book cover of “Fake in Love“ by Infinitylocks

Fake in Love

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Infinitylocks
In a world where love and hate are just a heartbeat away, Sky and Deandra, two A-list actors, find themselves cast as lovers in the same drama. But as their fiery on-screen chemistry starts to heat up, they discover that there's more to their relationship than meets the eye. With a shocking twist that will leave you breathless, join them on a journ... 

Chapter 1

“Cut!” The director said.

I love my job as an actress, I can say that I’m proud of myself. As a 22-year-old, I can say that I’m living everyone’s dream of becoming a star. I love acting. I’ve been acting since I was a kid. 

Maybe I’m lucky since my parents are from the industry. I guess the blood runs like a river. I have a twin brother and his name is Seth. He’s a swimming athlete and he’s older than me by 3 minutes. 

“Jess, we’re done for today right?” I asked my manager.

“Almost, you only have one interview left.” She told me as she looked at her schedule book to make sure. 

“Okay then!” I checked my phone and saw a lot of notifications from my friends and some guy who had been hitting on me. His name is James. He’s a famous actor too. It’s not that I don’t like him but I’m still not sure about my feelings. He’s a really nice guy and always cares for me. 

As for Rick, he’s a singer and he’s been hitting on me since last month. He’s so much bolder than James, he’s not afraid to tell the world that he likes me. He loves to send a lot of flowers to my set too. 

After done with the set, I’m on my way to the interview. I’m hungry and really need to eat. 

“Jess, can we stop at the coffee shop near here? I’m so hungry.” I said.

“Yeah, sure.” She stopped the car and I got out to see the bakery right beside the coffee shop. Oh there’s my precious cinnamon roll. 

“One cinnamon roll please.”

“Cinnamon roll one.” 

I said it together with someone right beside me. I turned to see Sky Valentino. He’s a famous actor too and I can’t believe we ran to each other here.

“This is the last one, who’s first?” The staff said. 

“Me.” We both answered it at the same time and I turned to him completely glaring. I love my cinnamon roll and will never let anyone take it.

“I saw it first.” He said.

“I ordered first.” I said.

“I’m the first to get here.”

“I was the one who said it.” I hissed.

“Oh really? I said it first, Deandra.” He emphasized my name.

“Okay, you two need to stop fighting. We can cut it in half and you two can pay half half.” She said smiling sweetly.

“No.” We both said to her and she looked so confused. 

“Can you just back off?” He said and rolled his eyes.

“No, I won’t. How about you Sky? You can back off.. that’s my cinnamon roll.” Thank God that there’s only us in the bakery or else.

“Deandra, it’s mine. People do be lying when they call you sweet, you’re like an evil witch!” 

“You did not just say that.”

“I’ll take it!” Sky said.

“No! I’ll take it.” I said sweetly to the staff.

“Let me pay double.”

“I’ll pay triple.” 

“Listen, Deandra. I saw it first so don’t try me..”

“I’m not afraid of you!” I hissed. 

“Here!” The staff burst and we both turned to her. She had already cut the cinnamon roll in half.

“Why did you cut it?” My heart broke.

“You two bicker so much, you both are famous. Since I like you both so much, I decided to cut in half.” She smiled.

“We don’t share.”

“I don’t know her!” Sky pointed his hand at me.

“Take it.” I put the money and walked out of the bakery with half of the cinnamon roll. 

“Hey!” Sky called me but I got into the car quickly.

“Go!” I told Jess.

“What took you so long?” She asked.

“Nothing, let’s just go.” She drove me to the studio. They already prepared me a waiting room. My hair stylist changed my hair into a pony tail and do a little touch-up for my makeup. 

“Be ready in 5.” The staff said.

“Okay.” Jess said. I walked outside and almost bumped into my cinnamon roll stealer. 


“You again..” Sky hissed.

“Why are you two here? Go to the studio now!” The staff pushed us both to the studio. 

“Ready?” They asked and I nodded.

“What are you doing here?” I asked Sky.

“I should be the one who asked you that.” He rolled his eyes. 

“Please welcome Sky Valentino and Deandra Rose!” The MC announced.

“Shoot..” I hissed.

“Why? Don’t want to do an interview with me?” He whispered before walking out.

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