Book cover of “Blood Moon Rising“ by Elizabeth white

Blood Moon Rising

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Elizabeth white
In the small town of Millfield, the newly appointed sheriff, Tom Harrison, soon realizes that the killings may be connected to a larger conspiracy involving a pack of werewolves. As Tom delves deeper into the investigation, he begins to notice strange occurrences in the town, including animal attacks and unexplained disappearances. He discovers tha... 

Chapter 1

As the sun began to set on the small town of Millfield, Tom stepped out of his car and looked up at the sky. The first stars were starting to appear, and he knew that meant the full moon was only a few nights away. He shuddered at the thought of what might happen when it rose and turned his attention to the task at hand. He was the new sheriff in town, and he had a job to do.

Tom made his way toward the sheriff’s office, taking in the sights and sounds of the town as he went. Millfield was a sleepy little place, nestled in a valley surrounded by dense forest. The buildings were old and weathered but well-maintained, and the people were friendly, if a bit guarded around outsiders like Tom.

As he walked into the office, Tom was greeted by his deputy, a grizzled old man named Hank. Hank had been the sheriff before Tom but had stepped down to make way for the new blood. Tom respected him but knew he had big shoes to fill.

“Evening, Hank,” Tom said, nodding in greeting. “Anything new to report?”

Hank shook his head. “Quiet as a mouse, Sheriff. Too quiet, if you ask me.”

Tom frowned. He knew what Hank meant. The last full moon had come and gone without incident, but there was always a sense of unease in the air when the moon was full. The townspeople knew what lurked in the forest, and they were rightfully wary.

“Let’s take a look at the files to see if there’s anything we missed,” Tom said, making his way to his desk.

He opened the drawer and pulled out the file on the last murder. It was gruesome, the work of a savage animal, but Tom couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to it than that. He had a gut feeling that there was something sinister lurking beneath the surface, something that went beyond simple animal instincts.

As he flipped through the pages, Tom heard a knock on the door. He looked up to see a young woman standing in the doorway, looking nervous and unsure.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

The woman hesitated, then stepped forward. “Hi, Sheriff. I’m Sarah. I work at the diner down the street. I was wondering if I could talk to you about something.”

Tom gestured for her to take a seat. “Sure, Sarah. What’s on your mind?”

Sarah took a deep breath, then spoke in a rush. “It’s my boyfriend. He’s been acting strange lately. He’s been staying out late, and he won’t tell me where he’s been. And tonight, he said he’s going out into the woods. I’m worried something might happen to him.”

Tom nodded, understanding. “I see. Do you have any idea where he might be going?”

Sarah shook her head. “No, he wouldn’t tell me. But he said something about meeting up with some friends.”

Tom thought for a moment. It was possible that Sarah’s boyfriend was involved with the group of teens that had been causing trouble in town. They had been getting into fights and causing property damage, but Tom had yet to catch them in the act.

“I’ll keep an eye out, Sarah. Thanks for bringing this to my attention,” Tom said, standing up.

Sarah looked relieved. “Thank you, Sheriff. I just want to make sure he’s safe.”

Tom nodded, then escorted her out of the office. As he watched her walk down the street, he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to her story than she was letting on. But for now, he had other things to worry about.

He made his way back to the station, lost in thought about the woman he had just met. When he arrived, he was met with a flurry of activity. Officers were rushing around, shouting orders and answering phone calls. Tom quickly made his way to his office, where he found his partner, Detective Jane Rodriguez, waiting for him.

“Tom, you’re back,” she said, standing up from her desk. “We’ve got a new case.”

“What is it?” Tom asked, taking a seat at his own desk.

“A body was found in the woods just outside of town. It looks like another one of those monthly killings,” Jane said, her expression grim.

Tom felt a pang of anxiety in his chest. The woman from earlier had mentioned these killings, and now here they were, faced with another one. He knew that he needed to focus on the case, but his mind kept wandering back to the woman with the silver eyes.

“Let’s go check it out,” Tom said, standing up from his desk.

The two detectives made their way out of the station and into Tom’s police cruiser. The drive to the woods was silent, each lost in their own thoughts. When they arrived, they were met with a grisly sight. The body was mutilated beyond recognition, and there were signs that the killer had been in a hurry to dispose of it.

Tom and Jane began to scour the area, looking for any clues that could lead them to the killer. They found nothing. No footprints, no DNA, no witnesses. It was as if the killer had vanished into thin air.

As they were getting ready to leave, Tom noticed something out of the corner of his eye. A glint of silver caught his attention, and he walked over to investigate. It was a necklace lying in the dirt. Tom picked it up and examined it closely. It was intricately designed, with a wolf’s head as the centerpiece.

Tom’s mind went back to the woman with the silver eyes. Was this her necklace? Could she be involved in these killings somehow? What and who was behind all these gruesome killings? He knew he needed to find out more about her.

As they drove back to the station, Tom couldn’t shake the feeling that things were about to get even more complicated.

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