Book cover of “Forbidden Lovers. Book 2“ by Unlessyouremad

Forbidden Lovers. Book 2

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Unlessyouremad
Debby falls in love with Rob and is convinced to run away with him. However, a mysterious masked vigilante murders her aunt, and she is taken by the desire for revenge. Rob fulfills his mission to destroy the mafia that was ruining his city but wonders where Debby might be until he meets her again at an event in his city. 

Chapter 1

"What's new? "Bob asked, raising a hand for Rob to hit.

"You're the one who should tell me," Rob said, hitting Bob's hand. “Dany sent me a message saying that he had found Travor Kohl's location.

Robert could not allow himself to feel a little disappointed to realize that Dany had progressed so quickly. He just wanted to be able to spend more time with Debby in that city. He had realized that, although she was lying a little at the moment she said she had been raised in a convent, he noticed that she really did not have much knowledge about everyday life. Rob really felt moved by her life story, because despite the gaps, he noticed that she was not lying when mentioning her childhood. That monster inside him wondered why he had removed Dany when he noticed that she had already gone through difficult relationships, but now he didn't even think about doing the still with Debby?

Although he thought it would become very difficult to stay in the city for some more time after that night about the discovery of Travor Kohl's whereabouts, he did not want to allow him to have contact with Debby, he did not want to allow him to hear the sound of his voice and think about his wide smile. He didn't have a way to call her, and possibly, who knows, invite her to spend a few days in Detroit. And he definitely didn't have the slightest courage to ask Dany to do an investigation.

"Probably Dany found," said Bob, shrugging. “She has been locked in her room for hours. First I thought it would become some kind of depression because the story between you didn't work out very well, you know. Then I finally understood that she was only focused on finding answers.

Rob frowned, watching Bob lying down and spread on a sun lounger in front of Annabeth's pool. He looked for the woman in the few minutes he had alone in that house at the moment of his arrival, and as far as he had noticed, she should still be at work. Bob, lonely and very likely to enjoy a break, lay down with a book on his lap and on the side of a small table with package snacks and an empty bottle of soda.

"What do you mean the story between the two of us? "Rob asked, sitting in the chair at his friend's side. "I've said more than a thousand times that Dany and I have nothing, Bob.

"Oh, Rob, spare me," said Bob, joking with irony. He pushed his sunglasses away and turned his head Slowly to look into Rob's eyes. "You and she were in the greatest climate from the moment they arrived. I don't think I've ever noticed how you guys were indirect to each other.

"She was only talking like that because of Annabeth," Rob said, making an ugly face. "We became friends and co-workers. Dany would never flirt with me, especially in front of other people.

"She consisted of being able to still be doing that just so as not to lose the joke, but what about you, why were you flirting with her? "He shot Bob. Rob opened his mouth, but the words escaped him. Bob laughed, making the sound of laughter echo through the well-kept leisure space around the pool. “Oh, Rob... You're not worth anything yet.

"And who are you to judge me?

"Only the friend who all the time has to visit you in the morning after a night out and give some hints so that the girls you had sex with at night feel that you don't want to compromise anything," replied Bob. "The guy who is the rude one and asks them to leave the house, as you are stuck in your basement, waiting for the end of the embarrassment to be able to come back. I am that person, and I can judge you for deceiving the heart of our poor and romantic friend.

"I'm not deceiving the whole person," Rob said in such a blown voice that it sounded like an angry animal. "And Dany knows very well that I was joking.

"Oh, you know? So why did she look so sad last night and even sadder this afternoon when she noticed that you were not at home?

“Did she notice?

Bob gave Rob an incredulous look.

"Friend, we're talking about our hacker, of course she noticed that you weren't at home. Besides, you also noticed at the time that you should be meeting every woman. And even I heard about the whole story Because she was too angry to hold her tongue inside her mouth, you know how Dany is too invasive at the moment she is angry.

"And what did she say? “Asked Rob.

"Oh, she said that she thought it was absurd that you were getting involved with a woman who had understood only the name," said Bob giving a low giggle, as if he would be able to see the image of Dany grumbling in the corners his discontent. "She said she did some research on the woman and didn't find much. She could not even consider who consisted of being the woman's parents, and said that a person who does not even have the identity of his parents in every genetic record did not deserve any security. She said a lot of more nonsense about the satellites not working properly, I don't know... Sometimes I think Dany wanted to be an astronaut someday. Have you noticed how she talks about the satellites? It gives me the intuition that all the time will invent a machine to go up there and move, just to see if the gesture improves.

Rob laughed out loud.

"You would be the person responsible for creating the machine.

Bob laughed softly, but his laughter gradually disappeared, and a worried expression went up to his eyes.

"You know, Rob, sometimes I think about what I was doing right now if I hadn't accepted that crazy idea of yours of creating a gun with a claw. It seemed like such an innocent request at the time, and look where we are.

Rob remembered with pleasure the first time he talked to Bob. Both seemed very old at that moment, remembering a life that seemed so distant, as the stars in the velvety sky kept him company. There was no sound in the house, so it was easy for Rob to hear that Annabeth was arriving with her noisy convertible.

"Now we are trying to stop a masked and crazy bandit, as the women around me think they are in some kind of competition to assume the post of Mrs. Washington..." Rob commented with disgust. "Who knew.

Bob let out another laugh, putting on his glasses again.

"And just like Annabeth... Does she still think she has hope or has she already disenchanted?

The conversation was abruptly interrupted by the arrival of Dany, who smiled like a child at a Christmas party. She was carrying her notebook and advanced to where they were sitting, in front of the pool. Clearly worried that the humidity would become able to reach his notebook, Dany squeezed it against his body, keeping the screen open, and approached with cautious steps to avoid slipping.

“I found it! "She said the moment she kicked Bob out of the chair on Rob's side and leaned back on it to show the screen. "You won't understand everything I had to do to get to this address. I practically hacked traffic cameras, cell phones, GPS, and even found a way to launch a beautiful virus on each of the internet networks of the people Rob contacted at the party. Of course, everything was very imperceptible, so they kept using their cell phones throughout the day, using the cars to cross the city, and as this thing, I found itself seeing everything.

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