Book cover of “I Love Your Tears“ by Shakti

I Love Your Tears

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Shakti
He is a fire that burns the people who come in his way. He loves money and hates relationships. But he hides his true self deep down in his soul. She is a flame that gives warmth to the soul. She sacrifices herself to save the life of a girl. Her love is pure and unconditional. But their love is dangerous. Will she root the seed of love in hi... 

Chapter 1

Jwala’s POV

I was in preparation for my final exams. I was struggling with a pile of books to complete the revision. Achieving the gold medal was my goal. I know it’s tough, but nothing is impossible if we trust ourselves and continue our smart work. I finished my preparation and laid on the bed to rest. I switched on the music player in my mobile to enjoy the soothing music to relax from the exam stress and tension. I closed my eyes leaving myself to the music. The ringtone started playing disturbing my music time.

I opened my eyes and looked at the display of my mobile to see the caller ID. It was Agni. I got up from the bed at once. I was in a cold sweat, and goose bumps formed all over my body.

I remembered the day that changed my life forever. I don’t know why God made Agni meet me. I was a cheerful and energetic girl before his arrival in my life. But now I lost my life and liveliness. I don’t remember when I smiled for the last time. Agni took away my smile, joy, life and everything from me, but not without my permission. Yes, I gave him the right to take away my happiness and control my life.

I never thought that I would lose my virginity to a person like Agni before the marriage. However, he didn’t force me nor did anyone make me a scapegoat. I chose to give Agni the right to break my virginity. We don’t love each other and know about each other. My heart forced me to accept him for a girl unknown to me. I became his prey to save the virginity of another girl. I don’t know whether I did right or wrong. However, it was my decision, and I was the one who should face the consequences. I received the call calming myself.


“Hello, baby!” Agni said.

“Why did you call me, Agni?”

“Don’t you know why I call you?” he said in his seductive voice.


“Wow, it’s a pleasure to hear my name from your juicy lips. I want to savor those juicy rambutans. Come fast, baby,” he said huskily.

“I have an exam tomorrow. I can’t come today.”

“Baby, we did not talk about your exams in our deal. Anyways you can write supplementary if you fail in this exam. If you fail to visit me, another innocent girl may become my prey tonight. Are you going to visit me or not?” he said making me realize his cruelty and lust.

“Tell me the place.”

“Come to my home, my dear call girl.”

“Agni, shut up!” I shouted at him.

His words were as disgusting as his behavior. I didn’t know how I can tolerate him for four more months.

“I love your tears. Come fast, baby. Don’t forget the fact that you are just a call girl to me and nothing more than that. For raising your voice, you will receive your gift tonight,” he said and disconnected the call.

I went to his house that night and stood in front of him in his room. He sat on the bed looking at me.

“You are looking hot. Why are you wasting my time? Come on, my dear personal prostitute. Day by day, I am getting addicted to your body,” he said.

My eyes started shedding teardrops. I went to Agni being helpless. Day by day, my aversion for him was increasing with his words and acts. He moved his forefinger across my face. I lost my sense in his touch. Though I hate him the most, my heart feels happy in his proximity. I always forget his sadism and torture with his one touch. Is my heart that weak or his touch that powerful?

He kissed my lips and neck. I moaned his name responding to his every touch. He teased me for some time and at last, entered me. I closed my eyes feeling the pleasure. He left me after a few minutes.

I tried to get up, but he signaled me to lie there on the bed. Then he took his chilled champagne bottle and returned to me. He opened it and drank it in one go.

“Don’t move,” he said and came again to bed.

He kissed, teased and gave pleasure to me many times in one night. Soon, pleasure became a pain, indicating to me that it was my punishment for shouting at him on the phone. I lost my control over tears. My tears didn’t earn his mercy. Instead, he enjoyed my tears. He left me after confirming that I was exhausted and can take no more.

In the morning, I woke up late as I didn’t sleep the last night. I took a quick shower and hurried to college, though his words and acts still occupied my mind.

I went to the college and invigilator asked me to show my hall ticket. I checked my bag to show the hall ticket, but I didn’t find it. After the session with Agni, I took a painkiller to cure the pain of my sore body, as I have an exam. Maybe my hall ticket fell in his house while picking the tablet from the bag.

I didn’t understand what to do. My exam starts within ten minutes. It was essential for me to write that test. It was my goal. I missed everything because of Agni. I sat in front of my college sobbing.

“Hall ticket,” someone said.

I looked at the person. He was Agni’s driver.

“Madam, sir told to give it to you” Agni’s driver gave my hall ticket.

“Thank you so much,” I said holding his hands with happiness.

I will be grateful to this driver throughout my life. I didn’t miss a chance to achieve my goal. I gave my exam and returned to the hostel. I got a call from Agni. I received it.

“Agni, I can’t come today. I am tired,” I yelled.

Just because of him, today I almost missed an opportunity to win the gold medals. If I didn’t give this exam, all the hard work I have done for these four years would go in vain. I hate him.

“No worries. I didn’t call you for that. Don’t you know that hall ticket is necessary to write an exam? You should be careful about the things which are important in your life like your virginity, hall ticket, etc. However, I guess you have a habit of neglecting essential things in your life.”

I forgot my hall ticket because of him. He tortured and exhausted me, the last night. Now, he started his unwanted lecture to me.

“I don’t want your lecture, Mr. Agni.”

“It’s just advice, baby.”

“You are not my friend or a relative to advise me. I don’t want your bloody suggestion.”

“Come right now to my home. Just within ten minutes. Every late minute costs you,” he said and disconnected the call.

I was scared of his voice which changed into a dangerous one. I went calmly to his home as I know what will he do if I refuse.

“What did you say on the phone?” He asked pinning me to the wall as soon as I reached his room.

“I said you are nothing to me,” I shouted again.

He caught my jaws making my teeth pierce my jaws, and bleed. I can’t even speak or shout. I tried to push him away, but he caught both my hands with another hand tightly. His nails found its way into my soft skin bringing out few drops of red liquid. I can’t scream, or escape from him. I stood there bearing his torture hoping it will end soon.

He looked into my eyes which were full of tears by now. He withdrew his hold on my jaws and hands. He kissed me roughly leaving a hickey at the corner of my lower lip. He broke the kiss realizing my struggle for breath.

“Your tears give me more pleasure than the pleasure I get from you when you are in bed with me. I love your tears,” Agni said and sat on his bed.

“Leave now,” he said closing his eyes and moving his hand through his hairs.

I immediately ran off from there to my hostel before Agni changes his decision. I heard my friends calling me, but I went directly to my room. I cried sitting on the floor. Why should this happen to me? I remembered my family who loves me a lot.

I heard several knocks on my room door and opened it. It was already morning. I slept on the floor unknowingly while crying. As soon as I opened the door, my friends threw colorful balloons at me.

“Happy birthday, Jwala!” they shouted.

“Thank you!” I said giving a fake smile.

“Come fast to downstairs. You have a surprise” my friends said and went off.

I closed the door, and my phone rang again. I hate this Agni’s call.


“Happy birthday, baby! What’s the special for today that you are going to make me taste?”

Poison! I felt to say but stopped remembering his anger, the before night.

“Even if you give poison with your hands, it will give only pleasure but not death my personal prosti....” he stopped his words.

“Oh, today it’s your birthday. So I won’t call you with that name. However, baby, you sacrificed your virginity to save a family unknown to you. No girl takes such a risk. So I know the levels of your humanity and kindness. How can I think that you will kill me? Come to my office, baby; I will celebrate your birthday in my style,” he said.

“No need. I will celebrate it with my friends.”

“You have no such chance. You are my girlfriend for the world. Only we both know what’s our relationship is. So, if I skip celebrating your birthday, people may doubt our relationship. So, come fast,” he ordered and disconnected the call as usual without leaving a chance for me to reply.

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