Book cover of “Sugar Mommy: Hopelessly in Love“ by Empress Kei

Sugar Mommy: Hopelessly in Love

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Empress Kei
Beautiful, sexy, and smart. And most of all, she has money as a result of her hard work and perseverance in life. Her sense of responsibility is really too much because even in a relationship, she will take care of everything. She's a sugar mommy in the making! But when she meets Jacob, he helps her change her style of dating men. 

Chapter 1

"When are you going to introduce us to a man who will last you?"

"When are you getting married?"

"You're not getting younger so you need to find someone to spend your life with!"

That's what I keep hearing from my friends. Who doesn't want to have a partner in life? But what do they think? It's not so easy to find someone to be with you.

As I have been through cheating men, men who are good at words but not in action, I don't know if I don't trust men anymore or if I'm afraid to love again. Add the job I have.

Being an Accountant in a big company is no joke. I have tons of paperwork to do, especially on Fridays. When it comes to accounts payable, my boss doesn't want us to have anything pending with any contractors. Every Friday we will forward the payment requests to Finance so we have to work double time.

Honestly, the lives of my colleagues at EC Brokerage are enviable, especially Kylie and Lorena. Starbucks here, movie there. Eat here, wander there. I just sighed while staring at my watch. It's almost three o'clock but Mikaela still hasn't finished what she's doing.

Mikaela is one of the company's accounting clerks and she is assigned the preparation of requests that I will review and approve before passing them to the in charge of check preparation.

Five minutes before three o'clock, I decided to go to see Mikaela at her desk. First of all, I don't want to wander around the office during snack time because I will be forced to smile at my male colleagues who meet me.

I'm not really crazy. I just get annoyed when there's nothing to talk about, especially when it comes to love life. What do they care about my love life? When I saw Mikaela busy on her cellphone, my BP immediately increased, so I approached her immediately.

"Aren't you done with what you're doing yet?" The clerk was surprised when I suddenly appeared in front of him. Who was he talking to and he didn't seem to see me coming?

"I'm done, Natalia. I was about to deliver it to your office, but suddenly my son called," answered Mikaela.

Mikaela is a single mom and she used to be my classmate in college. It's been a long time since we've seen each other so I was surprised to see him at the company I work for. "It's mine," I told him so he wouldn't be disturbed.

"Just a moment," Mikaela replied and placed the printed payment requests in a long, brown envelope. "Can I do under time now, Natalia? Because my son has a problem, eh."

I looked at Mikaela for a moment. Honestly, I want to scold him for lying. He printed the payables ten minutes ago and if he had given me the requests right away, I probably would have finished something. I want to scold and scold him, but I'm not that rude.

"Say goodbye to the Manager," I suggested to him.

"You're really smart, Natalia!"

I just smiled at him but didn't answer him and immediately went back to my office. It's only two hours and it's five o'clock in the afternoon. Can I finish everything before five o'clock?

A loud gasp came out of my mouth as I faced my computer again. I will start checking, and I hope the attachments on the payables are complete so I can approve everything faster.

Thirty minutes before going home, I passed the requests for payments to the person in charge of making the check. Guinevere didn't like that I gave her the requests so late. Like Mikaela, the girl is also a single mom but she is very different from Mikaela.

"Do those checks on Monday, after all, Ma'am isn't here today either," I told her to remove the frown on her face. Because he only has thirty minutes and more than one hundred checks to prepare.

"Hey, that's good. Do you really want to join us later? We're going to a gay bar," Guinevere whispered to me.

"Gay bar? My God, what are we going to do there?”

"Hmmm drink and talk to the daks," Guinevere joked.

"Just you guys first. Kylie and Lorena invited me earlier, eh." Of course, I refused.

"You're always busy at work, Natalia. Enjoy yourself from time to time," insisted Guinevere. "How can you have a boyfriend if you're always busy?"

"I already have a boyfriend," I answered.

"I hope your boyfriend is sober now. My God, that boyfriend of yours used to be useless," she said.

"I hope so. Oh go ahead and I'll go back to the office because I have something to finish, ” I lied to him.

I was about to shut down the computer when my Boss's name suddenly popped up. He had an email even close to five o'clock so I was nervous. I was staring at the monitor for a moment while wondering if I should open his email on Monday when the phone suddenly rang.

"Accounting office," I greeted the caller.

"Did you read my email?"

"Mr. Chavez, it's you. Good afternoon. I'll just open it, sir."

"It's urgent, Natalia. Please expedite,” ordered the man on the other line, and didn't even give me a chance to say no.

As I read the email of Mr. Chavez to me, I suddenly realized that lying is really bad. Earlier, I just lied to Guinevere that I was going to do something, and it came true! I have tons of reports to finish for my Boss and it's useless for me to apologize because he forgot to tell me right away.

As expected, I can't get home at five o'clock again!

As I was typing away at the keyboard, the phone on my desk rang again. I don't want to answer because I know Mr. Chavez is on the other line. Every time he has to make urgent reports, the man won't come home either.

"Sir," I said when I answered the call.

"Come here to the office around 7 PM and we'll eat together," he ordered and immediately hung up the phone.

It would be nice if the food he delivered was delicious, but it's not, eh! Our Boss is strict about his diet and it's no secret to us that he doesn't eat unhealthy foods. For sure, I can only get a salad and boiled eggs in his office!

At seven o'clock I immediately went to his office because I didn't want to be told that I was late on purpose. After all, he was expecting my arrival so I didn't knock and went straight to school.

"You must be the Accountant," said the smiling man to me when I entered the office.

I just nodded but I don't know him, although he looks a bit like my Boss. "Mr. sent me here. Eliakem Chavez,” I said.

"He did mention it to me. Sit down, Natalia, and I'll just prepare our dinner," he said. "My brother has an emergency so I will be your boss in the meantime. I'm Jacob," the man introduced himself after explaining where Eliakem Chavez was.

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