Book cover of “Guarding the Mafia’s Prince“ by Eurydice

Guarding the Mafia’s Prince

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Eurydice
Cathalina Frances Valeria is Italy's top-notch agent. She tackles missions with ease like a pro, all while rocking the international modeling scene. But behind the captivating beauty and successful career lies a heart full of despair. Until one day, her life takes a sharp turn. Her organization assigns her a mission that will test her to the cor... 

Chapter 1

Mafia PrinceTristan’s Point of View: 

After my girlfriend Amara and I photoshoot, we immediately changed our clothes. I went to the dressing room assigned to me. This is how my life always goes: to have a photoshoot and come back to the company. I only get to be with my friends once because I’m always with Amara. My girlfriend and I have been together for a long time. Maybe we have reached five months and I can say that I am happy with her. 

Her beauty is simple but bold. We met when we were in high school and I was fascinated by her beauty. Plus the fact that she’s so smart that I didn't even know and I suddenly liked her. It was difficult to obtain her, but because I am a dedicated admirer, I was able to get her. She, like me, works as a model for her mother's company, and I make a lot of money from it. I also run my own business. I have my own company and can say that I am successful in life at the age of 23. 

Now that I am old, I no longer need a guard for my safety. Sometimes, Dad sends a convoy and bodyguards, but everyone backs out because I insult them all and run away. My parents would always say it is for my good. I am an only child and I know that they just want to protect me. I don't even know why. But I just let them, as long as they don't make fun of my work, we will be fine. I am close to the two of them and I am relentless in giving things that they both will like. Of course, I live with them and they also don't want me to live far from the two of them. They treat me as their baby, sometimes I get annoyed but deep inside I am happy. There was nothing I could do but follow them all. 

My activities are limited but they have not been a hindrance to everything I do now. I wore the denim jacket that was here in the dressing room, it was black and matched the white t-shirt I was wearing inside. I immediately went out and caught up with Amara who was once again teasing the new models. Amara is hard-headed but I don't want her behavior because it might only get worse. I straightened my hair and approached her, I touched her elbow. She immediately smiled at me and she looked at the models who were also shooting ahead. I nodded and looked at them all, they were beautiful and had potential so it wasn't bad either. 

"Love, let's date?" Amara said softly and clung to my arm.

I raised an eyebrow at her. "Where do you want to eat?" I said and put her hair under her ear. 

She pouted her lips. "Everywhere as long as you're with me." 

Because we each had our manager, we bid our goodbyes to her. While we were in the elevator, I placed my arm on her shoulder and kissed her on the forehead, which made her laugh. I helped her get into my car when we exited the elevator together. I followed her inside when she came in. 

"I want to go to our favorite restaurant, love," She said and arranged his seat. I nodded and turned my car around to get to the restaurant she wanted. 

We have been together for a long time and we are also legal on both sides because Amara's Mommy is kind but when I look at her Daddy, I just want to disappear from where I am. Her Daddy is strict and they have another Italian blood and all I know is they have another sister. I already know Noemie and she is also kind but she avoids people too much. I don't know who one of her sisters is but I have no intention of getting to know her. My girlfriend is so jealous that I don't want the two of us to fight. 

Only my friends know about us because modeling is forbidden. 

Yes, my parents know but since we are famous we have to hide. We won’t receive a big offer when we say the two of us have a relationship. We both like it and I have no complaints. 

"We're here," I said and got out of the car. I immediately helped her get down and 

I kissed her on the lips to which she immediately responded so we both laughed. I caressed her waist and we both went inside and we quickly followed the waiter.

"What do you want to eat?" I asked while reading the menu. "Sushi and teriyaki," She said calmly and smiled. "Ice tea too." 

I informed the waiter of our order, emphasizing that I am two years older than Amara, who is only 21. Also, she is not my first love because I will never forget the girl I met previously, whom I regard as my first. My partner is unaware of my first love since I refuse to tell her and I am not cheating, so that's alright. I love Amara and I love her so much. 

It's not hard to love Amara because apart from being smart and kind, I have nothing more to ask for. 

"How is your company?" Amara broke into the silence. 

I stabbed the meat and immediately chewed. "It's okay and we have a lot of projects in different countries," I said calmly. 

“Oh, is that so? You also made Daddy's rest house in Palawan, ” She said in a calm voice so I nodded when I remembered the rest house.  

"Yes, it's a little better and we can do it. We hired some architects so that we won't have any difficulties with the design," I said and drank the gelatin from my glass.

“I'm excited about Daddy's rest house and I don't know who it's for. I hope it's for me because it's beautiful. ” She smiled sweetly so I was shaken because she was beautiful. 

 "Maybe there's a purpose so he built that house or maybe that house is for your family vacation," I said calmly and shrugged so she frowned and rolled her eye.

 "He just said that someone would stay there when she was on the mission," She said in a soft voice as she ate. 

 "Mission?" I asked in astonishment and was interested in what she said. 

 “Yes, Daddy is an agent in Italy. I haven't been able to go there yet because he doesn't want to, ” She said, so I felt sorry for her. "Then they will stay there when they have a mission." 

 "Woah!" I laughed at what she said. “You mean your Dad is an agent? As a spy agent? ” 

 We rested for a while after eating, and then I stood up with her hand in mine. We left because it was now dark and I planned to drive Amara to her parents' place. I led her to my car and instantly turned around, but I noticed someone in the restaurant's dark corner on my side. I frowned as I hurriedly hopped into the car, my gaze still fixed on the road. I simply disregarded it and drove away, because it was often like this, someone is always following me and attempting to murder me.

 I'm not sure why they're attempting to murder me for no reason. 

 "What's the matter?" Amara's soft voice caught my attention. 

 I sighed. "Nothing, love, just thinking." I smiled so she wouldn't have to worry about me.

 "Okay." She smiled so I took her hand and kissed her. "Clingy." 

 I chuckled. "I just love you…" I said and I saw the redness on her cheek so I laughed. I parked my car at their mansion and took a deep breath and immediately got out of the car. 

I opened the car door for her and she immediately grabbed my arm so I just let her and we entered their house together.

 "Mom, Dad, I'm home!" Amara in a loud voice while raising one hand. 

 Amara kissed her as her Daddy was on the phone when we caught up with them in the living room. Noemi is back in her chair, drawing, and I've noticed she's not as near to her Mommy and Amara as she usually is. I just didn't want to involve myself into them since they may be just having a miscommunication. 

 "Alright, I'll bring some of my men there and take care," Amara's Daddy said softly so my forehead furrowed. "Alright, no I… won't be mad as long as you're safe there."

 I saw Amara's frown so her Daddy looked at us so I nodded and bowed slightly in respect. We sat on the sofa and I quietly listened to the two of them talk. 

 "Dad," said Amara's sister, so Uncle looked at her. "I just went upstairs." 

 "You should just go up because you don't belong here," Amara said rudely so I squeezed her hand. "I'm just telling the truth here because she doesn't belong in this family." 

 "Amara ..." Uncle’s voice threatened as he looked at Amara who frowned. 

 I could see Noemie breathing deeply and I could see tears welling up in her eyes. She immediately turned around while carrying her belongings and went upstairs. I looked at Amara badly so she became silent and rolled her eyes. 

 "I already told you, Amara, stop insulting your sister," Uncle said coldly, so I was horrified by the tone of his voice. 

 "Dad, I'm great at modeling," Amara changed the subject so Uncle sighed and shook his head. 

 "You know when she finds out what you're doing, you don't want her to see mad, right?” Uncle said in a serious voice.

 "Dad, why are you always defending them?" Amara said in an irritated voice. "They are of no use to this family!" 

 "Amara…" I call in a threatening voice while staring at her seriously. 

 Uncle just sat up and shook his head, so I just sat there and listened to what they were saying. When they talked to Amara's Daddy, her face lit up again, and I hugged them both farewell as soon as the conversation finished. Amara wouldn't take me to my car because they were still talking with her Daddy, so I bowed first and left the house right away. 

That's weird, Who is Cathalina?

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