Book cover of “Alice, the White Werewolf“ by Ferozye

Alice, the White Werewolf

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Ferozye
What happens when an ordinary college student is suddenly cursed to become a half-wolf, all because of recurring dreams? Meet Alice, a young woman who must come to terms with her newfound identity as a half-wolf. The strange and bewildering experiences she encounters leave her feeling confused and despondent. Once underestimated by her college ... 

Chapter 1

“Go away... get away from me!” I was running around in a dense forest filled with fog.

That night, I felt like he had run very far. I ran and kept running away from the black wolf that was chasing me. Not only that, but I also felt that all the trees passing by were running toward me.

“Where are you going, baby? Wait for me!” said the black wolf while running after me.

I was holding my leg, which was very painful. My breath panted as the black wolf approached me.

“Get out of my sight!” I shouted while shaking off the branches I reached for. I shook my head as the black wolf was about to pounce on me.

“I’ve come, honey. Come with me!” said the black wolf in a hoarse voice.

“No! I don’t want to!” I shouted while closing my eyes and clasping my own body.

I felt a pain in the neck when the black wolf stuck both fangs in my long neck. The long-haired beauty screamed in pain and asked for help, but not a single person heard me.

“I already have you, baby. So, come with me!” said the black wolf with a howling sound.

I continued to cry in pain until I finally woke up from my dream. For a month now, I have been dreaming about the same incident—an incident where I am always chased by a black wolf every night.

I opened my eyes and awoke from my sleep breathless and sweat-soaked all over my body. I held my neck, and strangely, even though it was just a dream, everything seemed real. The neck of the long-haired beauty was sore.


“Morning, Josh!” I greeted my friend, who was preparing breakfast. That morning, I was ready to go to college. With simple and neat clothes, I am a student at one of the universities in New York City.

“Morning, too, Alice,” Josh replied as he kept stirring breakfast without looking at me.

Josh is my friend and works as a chef at one of the famous restaurants. Almost every day, I am always pampered by Josh’s delicious meals. Now Shanun and I can enjoy the food that people used to order only in restaurants.

I sit opposite Josh, enjoying a breakfast that feels very special every morning.

Shanun hasn’t woken up yet. I asked with a chewing mouth.

“I don’t know. She should have been up at this time because, yesterday, she told me that there was a morning photo shoot.”

It was with Josh and Shanun that I stayed. In the house they rented, every night they spent time together because in the morning and during the day, they were preoccupied with each other’s activities.

Unlike me and Josh, Shanun works as a model. She is busy every day with her cell phone, which always rings because of the many incoming job offers.

“Am I just trying to wake you up?”

“Yes, please. I hope she doesn’t have a hard time waking up like a child whining that he doesn’t want to go to school,” Josh replied, continuing to eat without looking at me.

I stopped eating. I walked into a room larger than the one occupied by me and Josh.

Shanun first lived in this house so that she could occupy the main room, then was followed by Josh, and five months later, was followed by me.

Shanun was the first to help me when I was blind in New York City, more precisely two years ago. I am still an innocent girl; even to hang out, I do not dare.

One house with a man worried me. However, my worries are now dispelled when Shanun tells me that Josh is gay.

A noise came from Shanun’s room.

“Shanun? Are you okay?” I shouted, putting my ear to the door.

“Yes, I’m okay,” Shanun replied while shouting in the room.

In recent days, I often heard a rowdy voice from inside Shanun’s room. And Shanun quickly closed the door of her room behind her if Josh or I tried to get in.

“Hi? Let’s go down and have breakfast,” Shanun said after leaving the room.

“Okay,” replied me, who then followed Shanun’s footsteps.

Shanun walked quickly to Josh, who was already waiting for him.

“Morning, Josh! I’ll just take it to the shooting location, yeah! I don’t have time for breakfast right now; I’m too late,” Shanun said, looking at a clock circling her right arm.

“Oh, okay,” Josh replied.

Shanun then put her breakfast, which she hadn’t touched at all, into a food box.

“Let’s go, bay...” Shanun said as she waved and passed by a city bus.

I let out a long sigh when I saw Shanun’s attitude: “That artisan who is always in a hurry.”

“Are you still dreaming about the wolf?” asked Josh, opening the chat.

I again let out a long sigh as I fondled my neck. “Still, and strangely, they all seem real.”

“Does it have anything to do with the issue of werewolves that have been talked about lately?”

“I don’t know. I’ve been dreaming the same thing for almost a month.”


I descend from my ancient car, a car that was a gift from my late father. With my ancient car, I underwent activities every day, such as college, and was only limited to hanging out with my friends.

Initially, I was considered a strange woman by my friends. Riding in an old car, looking as it does, and having an introverted personality make it so that I have not had many friends until now.

Even I herself admitted that I was inferior when I was with my friends, who were originally New Yorkers and always looked like models. They never fail to match the clothes they wear every day.

“Alice!” shouted one of her friends from a distance, called me, and approached me, named Sashi.

“Alice, do you know that Rumi is being bullied by some gangsters?” she added with a gasping breath.

“What?” I asked with a surprised face.

“Yes, all the children are running to the back of the building; don’t you want to see too?” Sashi pulled my arm.

I pulled back my arm. “No. It’s none of my business. I’m not interested.”

Increasingly, I saw almost all the students running toward the back of the building. Seeing everyone running around with panicked faces, I finally put aside my indifferent feelings. I then walked with quick footsteps towards the same location.

Arriving at the back of the building, I walked in the midst of a crowd of students who were seeing bullying in front of their eyes, but no one dared to stop.

My eyes widen when I see Rumi being treated arbitrarily by a gang of five campus gangsters: Alex, Jordan, Zaki, Pieter, and Chris.

“Stop it!”

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