Book cover of “My Sassy Boss“ by snowmoon

My Sassy Boss

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: snowmoon
Sunny is an aspiring writer who wants to venture into the world of writing erotic romance. One night, while she was browsing some photos to use as her book cover, she saw a picture of a very handsome man with golden blonde hair yet green emerald eyes. Sunny used the photo without knowing what awaited her after the man in the photo knew that his pho... 

Chapter 1. Damon Furlord

Damon threw his Stuart Hughs Tablet PC on the gray ceramic tile floor, but fortunately, Edward, his forty-year-old best friend and a very attentive assistant was too fast to catch it in one hand. Knowing that he has been doing this for so many years of working for the young CEO who loved to throw things on the floor whenever he was mad. “What the hell is that?!” Damon yelled as he ran his fingers through his pale, yellow-colored hair.  

Edward put the tablet on the wooden desk. Then he stood straight, looking at his boss, whose face was turning red because of what he had just read. “Mr. Furlord, based on our sources, an aspiring writer named Sunny Peruvian used a photo of yours as a book cover of one of her erotic romance novels. And since the people know you well, they were quick to find it and thought that you somewhat have a relationship with that…er…writer.”

“What?! I don’t even know who that asshole is!” he scowled. His sharp square jaw tensed and slightly jutted forward as his thick black eyebrows furrowed. But despite the fearful feature that he showed, his assistant was not taken aback. Edward cleared his throat and remained still. “I don’t think the woman knows you either.”

Damon’s brows wrinkled even more, and his parallelogram-shaped green eyes widened as if it was burning with fury. “Edward, who the hell in this world wouldn’t know about the Great Damon Furlord? Perhaps she came from a different planet!” 

Edward held back his laughter. Despite being the most well-known self-made CEO in the country, the immature side of his boss hasn’t changed even a bit. “Get her, Edward.” Damon looked at him with sharp eyes. “Get that woman and bring her to me!”

The old assistant nodded. “Very well, Mr. Furlord. I’ll bring her to you as soon as I could find her.” He said, then warded off the office. As soon as the door closed, Damon sank into his swivel chair, massaging his temples. His eyes found the tablet again, making him feel insulted again. Who the hell was that woman who had the audacity to use his photo in an erotic novel?! And she didn’t just use his photo. She even made a character out of him that seems like someone who has satyriasis. Damon already had sex with a few women, but only when he was bored. He never had a girlfriend or someone he loved, or did he?

His phone suddenly rang. Damon erased the thought of killing the woman who used his photo for a while and pressed his matte black phone to his right ear. “Furlord.”

“Lemon?” a sweet voice of a woman was heard over the phone. “I mean, Damon? Is Mr. Damon Furlord there?” she asked. Damon was speechless for a moment. He can’t be mistaken. The voice of the woman was the same as the girl she used to love back when he was in his second grade. He was stiffened and couldn’t find his voice for a minute, but then he gathered all of his strength and tried to speak. “E-Eris?” he almost whispered. He gulped, “T-This is Damon, D-Damon Furlord.”

The woman didn’t speak for a while, so Damon thought that she had already hanged up the phone, but then she spoke again. “Oh My God, lemon!! Your voice sounds different now. I almost mistook you for another man!” he heard her chuckle, and he smiled as he leaned on his swivel chair. “Your voice didn’t change at all. It still sounds like a voice of a ten-year-old girl.” 

“Oh, here comes the biggest bully in my life again!” she laughed. 

Damon’s smile became wider. He really missed the sound of her laughter. “Why did you call me, by the way?” he asked. 

Eris stopped laughing. “Mom’s planning to have a welcome party in our house next week, can you come over?” 

Damon looked at the note on his table where Edward wrote all of his appointments for the next few weeks. He knew how forgetful Damon was, so he put it everywhere his eyes could look so he would always be reminded even though he told it to him every single time. Damon heaved a sigh as he shifted the phone to his left ear. “About that, actually… I have so many appointments waiting for me next week so….” 

He heard Eris sigh. “I understand, maybe you can just come when you finally have the time.”

“I’ll come.” He spoke. “I can always ask Edward to move the meeting anyway.”

“Oh come on Damon, I don’t want to mess with your job. Let’s just hang out when you’re no longer busy okay? Just call me.” She insisted. 

“But Eris—

“I’ll always wait for you. Bye, Lemon!” she said, then hung up the phone. 

“I missed you, Eris….” Damon was about to tell her, but it was too late.

He stared at her name on his phone for a while before he finally put it back above his desk. He heaved a sigh and took a picture frame inside his drawer, and there was a photo of a little girl smiling sweetly at the camera, holding a cute brown teddy bear in her arms. "Eris..." he mumbled as he rubbed his fingers on it. "I'm so glad to know that you're finally back."

Eris was his first love, the only girl that he had loved for the past few years and the one that he had been waiting for. He didn't really have serious relationships with anyone after she left. He has been waiting for her to come back, thinking that maybe this time, he would be able to confess the feelings that he has been keeping inside his heart. These feelings caused him to have a cold heart with other girls. It was Eris, his childhood friend, the only woman in the Great Damon Furlord's life. The only girl he will love.

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