Book cover of “His Biggest Fan“ by Infinitylocks

His Biggest Fan

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Infinitylocks
Olivia's life turns upside down when she moves to the States and falls for Joey, the popular basketball player at her new school, who doesn't even acknowledge her. Things get even more complicated when she meets Joey's friend, James. As Olivia finds herself caught in a love triangle, she must navigate the challenges of high school drama and her own... 

Chapter 1

“Go, Joey! Go! Go!” I cheered for Joey, completely screaming and praying that we would win this basketball game. Our school is currently leading 6 points and Joey just need to stop the opposite team from scoring. 

I bought 2 cold water and a small towel with me. I always stand by for him in every game. 

Joey Walker is the star of our school. He’s the most popular guy and everyone loves him. Guys wanna be his friends and girls wanna date him. Almost all the girls are in love with him and they all have different methods of expressing it. Yes, I’m one of them. I support him by cheering for him and giving him water along with a towel at every game. If he’s sick, I’m ready to get him medicine and cook him porridge so he will feel better. If he doesn’t bring a book to class, I’ll give it to him even though I have to face detention. 

That’s how I tried to get him to notice me. Other girls have different methods like wearing sexy clothes, beautiful makeup, flirting and some of them are offering their bodies but Joey is not interested in them. 

“Ahhhh!” Kelly, my best friend, screamed. I turned to see the game has ended and I can’t help but scream with her. 

“They won!” We jumped up and down. We hugged each other and we’re just.. out of this world. I saw Joey hugging all of his teammates and people congratulated him for being the team ace. 

He walked towards his bench and I quickly walked towards him. I put the water and the towel in front of him.

“For you. Great game.” I smiled and he took the water drinking it fast. 

“Congratulations..” I said and he shrugged. Joey always ignored me and it’s nothing new for me. I walked away towards the bleachers as he celebrated again. 

“Let’s go!” Kelly said.

“No, let me see him first.” I said without taking my eyes off him.

“We’re finished, Liv.” Kelly said in an annoyed tone.

“Let me buy him some energy drinks and food. Wait here okay?” I said without waiting for her answer. I ran out from the basketball court to the cafeteria. I looked at the fridge and grabbed his favorite drink and sandwich. I ran back and found some of his friends already walking back towards the classroom. 

I waited for him and when I saw him, I quickly ran and stopped in front of him. I put the drink and sandwich in front of him. His friends teased him and he looked at me annoyed.

“Dude, take it.” Michael, his best friend, said laughing.

“I don’t need it.”

“Don’t be harsh, dude.” Harry said.

“Here, take it.” I said waiting for him to take it. He took it and then he threw it to the ground. The drink spilled and the sandwich box opened slightly. I looked at the ground completely speechless and he walked past me. 

“You’re being rude.” Michael hissed

“I don’t like girls like her.” Joey said it loud and clear. I sighed and cleaned up the mess.

“What the fre-” Kelly hissed and I squatted down. 

“Hmm?” I cried. Yes, I cried. This is not the first time him rejecting my gifts but it always hurts. Kelly looked at me sadly. 

She always reminded me what a piece of jerk Joey is but I never listened. She said someone like Joey doesn’t deserve my time, let alone my love. I always wanted to move on from him but I can’t. 

“You’re an idiot! Stop doing this stupid shit! Whatever you have for him is.. making you hurt. You have already done enough, Liv. You deserve so much better.” Kelly helped me and I know she’s right. 

“Stop liking him. You always get hurt. At the end of the day, you’re nothing to him.” Kelly said and she said it a thousand times already. Kelly hugged me and I sighed.

“You need to move on, find someone who is better than him.” Easy for her to say. She has half of the basketball team crushing on her but too bad she hates all of them.

“I can’t. I don’t think I can”. 

“Look, let’s get out from his place first.” She said as she helped me stand up. She led me to the garden at the back of the school and sat on the bench.

“Stop liking him. I mean it! For real!” She said pointing her index finger straight to my face. 

“I can’t. You know I can’t. I’ve tried many times..” I said as I looked up to the sky completey frustrated. 

“He hurts you.. a lot.”

“I know.”

“Then why? Until when will you act like this? 

“I don’t know, maybe until I’m.. sick of it.” I said as I turned to her. She sighed and looked up to the sky. 

“You’re too good for anyone, but Joey doesn’t deserve you at all.” 

“I know, but a part of me still believes that one day he will notice me.” I nodded.

“I hate him, I really do.” Kelly hissed and I chuckled.

“One day I’ll get sick of him and maybe one day, I’ll go back to London.” 

“Let’s go back to London soon.” She suggested and I smiled. 

Kelly and I have known each other since we were babies. Our mothers are best friends. I was born and raised in London, but why am I in Los Angeles? It’s because my brother has a business here and I want to have a new experience instead of staying in London. 

My brother is 6 years older than me and he hated the idea of me following him at first but he then admitted that it’s less lonely that I’m in LA with him. I have an older sister too and she’s 2 years older than me. My parents and my sister are all in London so I rarely talk to them. 

“Let me ask you something..” Kelly said and I turned to her curiously

“What is it?” 

“I never ask you this but.. do you like him.. as in admiring him or.. you like like him? Like you want to be his girlfriend?” 

“I don’t know to be honest.” 

I’m being real here. I admire him, really, like really admire him. He’s a really good basketball player, he’s cute and not to mention he’s academically excellent. I like him for being so perfect but do I want him as my boyfriend? I don’t know. I might want it but I don’t know. 

“Well.. I’m surprised that you don’t know about yourself.”

“What do you mean?”

“Cause it’s clearly that you’re in love with him. You told me at first that you’re only admiring him but look at you, you cried when he rejected your drink and sandwich. You love him and he’s too blind to realize it. He hurt you countless times and you just forgave him like it’s nothing.” 

“Love? I’m in love with him?” Am I that dumb? I know love is such a beautiful thing and I don’t even know how to identify it.

“You’re even too clueless to realize your own feelings. You’re in love with the wrong person to be exact.” She added and I let out a deep sigh. My phone rang and I took it out from my pocket answering it without looking at the caller ID. 

“Hello my olive..” I smiled hearing my sister’s voice.

“I miss you!” I squealed.

“Really? You miss me? I’m going to LA in 5 days.” She said and I turned to Kelly putting it on the loudspeaker.

“Are you for real?” I asked.

“Yes! Let me send you the ticket..” She said and I screamed in excitement. 

“Hey hey don’t scream..” She said chuckling.

“I miss you, Summer!” I said.

“I know.. I do too.” She said.

“Tell Will for me, he’s not picking up his phone. See you in 5 days, Liv.” She said and then ended the call.

“Can’t wait to have Summer here.. she’s legit like a ray of sunshine!” Kelly said and I couldn’t agree more. 

“It will be fun!” With that I forgot about Joey.

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