Book cover of “In Love with an Alpha. Book 1“ by Pencraft

In Love with an Alpha. Book 1

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Pencraft
She is a fierce and daunting lawyer who always gets what she wants. But when she meets a hot werewolf and at the same time starts having feelings for a gentle human, she starts seeing clearly that the laws of life are sometimes crueler than those she's been working with for years. 

Chapter 1

“Let go of me! Let go of me!” Her scream pierced through the air as she struggled with some men who were about to abduct her. She struggled fiercely but was no match for them. There were four of them, heavily built and with broad chests.

“I said you should let go of me!” She yelled with a shrill voice as she kicked one of them in the belly so that he landed on the floor, groaning intensely.

“Hold her tight and let’s get her into the car,” the leader of the squad commanded. “We must carry the instructions out before it’s too late.”

He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and placed it over her nose. She fell asleep immediately as a result of the dose induced into the handkerchief.

They put her into the car that was waiting for them and then drove off at an alarming pace, stopping only when they got to where they were headed.

It was the full moon, and it was shining so bright across the city, overshadowing the light provided by the street lights. The street was unusually quiet, and not even a soul could be seen, considering what time it was.

It was only 10 PM, and the abducted lady who had decided to work overtime at the office that night was about to leave when they attacked her.

She was Diana Wellington, a renowned lawyer known all over Texas and beyond. She was only five years in practice but had gone on to handle cases that even those more experienced often rejected, and in all, she had never lost one.

That and the fact that she was daunting made her a favorite with people.

The car arrived at the mouth of a forest and then stopped. The screeching sounds of birds as they flapped around could be heard. It was the Forest of Doom, and only the brave went there. There were reports that over two dozen persons had lost their lives there, but the circumstances of their death weren’t known.

“Hurry! Get her out! We need to be done with this in the next quarter-hour.”

The men came out of the car and then struggled to bring her out. She weighed much more than they expected her to.

“But why had the master insisted that we kill her here?” One of the men asked, panting heavily as if he had just completed a marathon.

“Are you a moron? Don’t you know it would be easier for them to trace who killed her if we have her killed in the city?”

“Oh, that’s true. Well, well. Thank goodness, she’d be dead now and stop causing us trouble,” he said, and they all burst into laughter, all except their leader who was always irritated by their childish talks.

“Can you keep your mouth shut and get this done?!” he yelled, and they all became silent.

They carried her into the forest until they were at a point that seemed good enough for them.

“Tie her hands and legs,” the leader ordered as he brought out a revolver. He cocked it and then pointed it at Diana...


It was a sleek house in the heart of Austin with everything to make life comfortable for the rich.

It was the house of Judge Clinton, a renowned judge in Texas and the United States, and very soon, he’d be made the chief justice of the state.

He sat on the chair in his study, sipping wine from a glass dangling from his hand. A bright smile etched on his face made him look more like a demon than a judge.

His major enemy was about to be taken from his path, giving him every reason to be excited.

Diana Wellington had been a source of problems for him in the last three years as she was always disrupting his plans.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when she filed a report against him to the chief justice of the state that he was harassing lawyers and clients in exchange for them being acquitted. That had strengthened his resolve to kill her without further ado.

He picked up his phone from the table and then dialed a number. It was the number of one of his guards whom he had sent to get the job done.

“Hi, is the job done?” he asked with a sarcastic smile that revealed his dentures.

“We are on it, sir; I’d call you the moment we get it done.”

“All right. I’d be expecting your call in the next quarter of an hour,” he said and hung up.


The sound of owls and bats as they flew around filled the air, making some kind of music in the ear. It was a piece of strange music, one that sent shivers down the spine of those that heard it.

“Get this done and let’s get the hell out of here,” the men protested when the leader refused to pull the trigger after almost a minute.

“Are you sure we are making the right decision?” he asked with a frown.

“Of course. I can’t believe you are asking this question now. Why didn’t you ask the boss when we were with him?”

“Come on, how did you expect me to act so? You want me dead?”

Just at that moment, a strong breeze blew across the place, sending debris across. It was so strong that it pushed them off their feet.

“What’s this?” They yelled as they tried to cover their eyes from the dust blowing around.

The wind increased, with a strong howling sound accompanying it. They had never experienced such in all their lives. “Let’s get out of here immediately!” They yelled at each other, but their yell came out no louder than a whisper as the wind increased.

They managed to get up and were about to leave when someone appeared in front of them.

He had a heavy shape and a look that sent them out of their wits.

“What is he looking for here at this time of the night?” The oldest amongst them muttered under his breath as the stranger slowly approached them.

“How do you expect us to know?” They responded, reaching for their guns tucked underneath their shirts.

“Who are you and what do you want?” They chorused in unison, pointing their guns at him.

“I should be asking you that question. What are you doing in my territory late at night?” he asked. His voice was the thickest thing they’d ever heard, causing them to shudder. He came closer to them, and that was when they saw him in his entirety.

His body was covered with hair. Long nails protruded from his fingers until they were almost reaching the floor.

He was a werewolf. Tall, fearless, and evil.

He fixed his eyes on them, giving a loud howl that echoed through the night.

“We are sorry. We came here by mistake!” One of them responded, shivering like jelly. They were all shivering, but he was more visible.

“And what are you doing with that lady tied up there?” The strange being asked with his hands clasped on his chest. His eyes went to Diana lying on the floor.

“We brought her here for…for…for,” they stammered, unable to say a word.

“You brought her here to be killed, right?”

“Not at all! We didn’t bring her to be killed!” They responded, shivering like they were thrown into a tube containing chilled water.

“Then what did you plan to do?” The strange being asked. His eyes were as red as blood as he stared at them.

“Nothing, sir!” They said, and before they could say any more words, he slew them. Their heads flew from their bodies, landing on the floor with a thud.

He smirked his lips in excitement as he untied the damsel in front of him and placed her on his back... 

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