Book cover of “In Love with the Lycan“ by Midnight Snow

In Love with the Lycan

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Midnight Snow
Fleeing from her wicked stepmother, Queen Annabelle, who possesses dark powers, Princess Lyca seeks refuge in the mysterious Mystic Forest. This forest is notorious for being the den of the Sons of Darkness, who strike fear into the hearts of all who hear their name. As Lyca runs deeper into the depths of the forest, she encounters a captivating... 

Chapter 1

Lyca’s POV

I look in the mirror with a smile and a glint in my eyes. Today is my eighteenth birthday, but I can’t help but feel sad because my mother isn’t here to celebrate with me.

My mother passed away three years ago. Despite the fact that we were royalty, the queen died of a disease that doctors couldn’t figure out. I signed because just thinking about my mother made me feel better.

I turned around when I heard knocks on the door.

“Your Majesty, Queen Annabelle,” I said quietly as my stepmother opened the door.

King Wilbert, my father, married a year after my mother died. I never got the chance to question my father about why he married so quickly.

Because the king left shortly after my mother died, and Queen Annabelle was by his side when he returned.

“You look lovely tonight, Lyca Celestine,” Queen Annabelle said as she looked at me in the mirror. I can’t put into words how happy her eyes were as she stared at me from head to toe.

I gave her a shy smile and thanked her for throwing me a birthday party.

I gave her a shy smile and thanked her for throwing me a birthday party. “Queen Annabelle,” I said. “I appreciate you organizing this party.”

“My beautiful daughter, you don’t have to say thank you…” Annabelle replied, gently brushing my lustrous hair, which was hanging loose at my back. “I wanted to give you a grand celebration, but because of your father’s condition…” sighed the queen.

“This is too much… with my father’s condition—” I couldn’t finish my sentence because I was squinting.

My father is also in critical condition. He had a sudden onset of weakness a few months ago, but the doctors, like my mother, were unable to diagnose his illness.

“Shh… it’s your father’s request; he wanted you to feel extra special on your birthday,” Queen Annabelle calmly responded. “We should celebrate because you’re at the right age; your eighteenth birthday marks both the beginning and the end of a long journey…”

Queen Annabelle helped me to my feet while weaving a strand of my hair that had become entangled around my face. “You’re so beautiful… The shine and sleekness of your jet-black hair complement your porcelain skin,” she said as she tied the red ribbon to my hair.

“Will you let me see my father?” I inquired eagerly. Since my father became ill, I no longer have the opportunity to see him. Queen Annabelle forbade me from visiting him.

Annabelle’s smile faded away gradually. “No!” The rage in her eyes rendered me completely speechless.

“We already know my father’s disease isn’t contagious because you’ve been caring for him since he got sick and you’re still in good health,” I reasoned.

“Your father would prefer not to have any contact with you!” the queen said firmly, then let go of my hand. “Put an end to this squabbling because I will not allow you to visit your father; now, go out! Your guests are waiting.”

I couldn’t stop the tears from falling from my eyes. “I don’t believe you… I’m sure my father wanted to see me,” I mutter, wiping away my tears.

While trying to calm myself down, I tell myself, “I will see my father tonight, and nothing will stop me.” Before leaving my room, I check my face for any traces of tears.


“Oh, our debutante has finally arrived…” Queen Annabelle remarks as soon as she sees me at the top of the stairs.

I gave a tittering smile as I looked down the hall. As Queen Annabelle stated, the reception was simple, with only a few guests invited.

“Princess Lyca Celestine,” says the title.

“Prince Matthew,” I say, smiling as I look up at the owner of the voice.

“I’m glad to see you’re well, and please accept my apologies for not visiting you after your queen mother was buried,” Prince Matthew said as we walked down the stairs.

“I know you’re busy… Your father has been preparing you to take the throne; that’s why I understand,” I said as I took Matthew’s hand in mine.

“You’re right… But before I become king, I’d like to ask for your hand as my future queen… Just like the promise I made to you when we were kids,” Matthew said happily.

The prince’s remarks surprised me, but given how long we’ve known each other, I still consider him a friend.

Queen Annabelle interrupted our conversation and stated. “Prince Matthew, I appreciate your desire to make our princess queen, but this is not the time to discuss it, especially since our king is not doing well,” I said, interrupting our conversation.

“I wish to make this known so that other princes who want Princess Lyca to be their queen will be unable to approach her,” Prince Matthew explained while looking at me with a warm smile on his face.

“We should start the celebration,” Queen Annabelle said as she led me to the center of the hall, smiling and gently moving me away from Matthew.

Before the music began, my stepmother made a brief speech that everyone in the hall could hear, and, as I had expected, Prince Matthew invited me to dance, which I gladly accepted.

“What’s the problem? You appear concerned…”

“Huh?” I was caught off guard by Prince Matthew’s question, which is why I couldn’t think of a response ahead of time.

‘Do I appear worried?’ I think to myself.

I didn’t notice the change in my face because I was going to my father’s room.

“I’m curious about your relationship with your stepmother, but you appear to be very reflective right now…” Matthew added.

“I apologize; I’m just worried about my father… But, to answer your question, my stepmother has been wonderful to me, so don’t worry.” I smiled at Matthew to make him feel better.

“How does your father feel? Is it true that he has the same disease as your mother?” Matthew asked, gently squeezing my hand.

“To be honest, I have no idea how my father’s health is… Since he’s been sick, the queen hasn’t let me get close to him,” I mumbled, holding back tears.

Matthew’s expression changed, and he turned to look at my stepmother, who was also watching us.

You are his daughter, so please go see the king! Matthew’s words were feeble but persistent, and he continued, “Do you want me to talk to Queen Annabelle?”

I smile and shake my head gently. I no longer want to involve Prince Matthew in the current situation. “Don’t worry, I’ve figured out how to see my father,” she says.

Matthew’s gaze was fixed on me the entire time. “I understand you don’t want me to get involved in this, but—”

“Stop worrying about me… I’m at the right age, so I can solve my problem,” I cut Matthew off in the middle of what he was about to say.

Because the music had stopped, I let go of Matthew’s grip and walked to the far corner of the hall.

“Princess Lyca—” I could hear Matthew calling, but he couldn’t follow me because he had been interrupted.

Everyone was having a good time while holding a glass of wine a few minutes later.

“This is my chance…” I hushed when I saw the queen conversing with the other guests.

I didn’t want to waste any more time, so I hurried out of the hall while remaining cautious. Despite my faith in my stepmother’s goodness, I still want to know how my father is doing.

To get to the king’s bedroom on the other side of the castle, I had to walk down a long corridor and up a tall staircase. When my father fell ill, the queen decided to confine him to a room that only she could enter.

“This is it,” I muttered as I ran out of breath. I sighed and pushed open the large door in front of me. But what happened next took me by surprise…

“Did I walk into the wrong room?” I wondered.

I had no choice but to press my hand to my nose due to the dim lighting and strong odor in the room.

“My father isn’t here…” I said as I turned to leave.


I came to a halt as I walked out of the room. “That’s my father,” I muttered as I stormed into the room. My eyes widened as I looked at the man on the bed.

“By the grace of God… what in the world happened to you?” I murmured to my father. The man standing in front of me is not the father I expected… The man in front of me has sagging skin and cheek humps. His skin tone is pale.

“Father…me, it’s your daughter Lyca Celestine…”

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