Book cover of “The Contract Wife: One-Night Stand Billionaire Romance“ by Empress Kei

The Contract Wife: One-Night Stand Billionaire Romance

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Empress Kei
Because of her excessive drunkenness, Zara finds herself entangled in a one-night stand with the man of her dreams - Lucas Blackwood. But their encounter quickly turns sour when Lucas, feeling betrayed and having lost his longtime fiancée, despises Zara for her actions. Fate takes an unexpected turn when Zara discovers she is pregnant, and Lucas is... 

Chapter 1

Zara's POV

Once, I got adventurous and listened to my buddies, I had no idea I would be involved in a scandal.

How did it happen that I woke up next to my famous batchmate in college?! Lucas Blackwood?! Why him? There were several guys who were more handsome than him, but why? Why did I surrender my exquisite honeypot to Lucas?

My name is Zara Delafontaine. I am that goody two shoes, daughter of the respected principal in our school, and also the most beautiful granddaughter of our village chief. As a daughter of a principal, I was too serious about studying, and I never got the chance to fool around.

My parents are what, we can say is overprotective. Men were like bees who would love to taste the nectar of my flower but my parents would do anything to stop them from coming near me.

However, last night, I got drunk. My officemate, Antoinette, took me out for a night out. She was also my seatmate way back in college when I studied Accountancy.

I was so wasted that I had no idea about what happened after being wasted by alcohol. Then, I woke up beside Lucas, and he was naked for goodness sake! Before going out with Antoinette, I never expected something like this to happen to me.

Because of Antoinette, I got the chance to spend a night with my ultimate crush, Lucas Blackwood. However, I was so worried. It’s a one-night stand with a wasted man, and we were both intoxicated last night.

What a horrible way to lose my V-card!

“Finally, you are awake!” he said, but there was something frightening in his voice.

“Good morning, Lucas!”

“Good morning?! Zara, do you even know what happened last night? How could you just spread your legs after being drunk? My God woman! This is unacceptable!”

“What do you mean, Lucas?” I asked innocently, then I tried to get away from him, however, I couldn’t move my body.

My muscles were sore, and my entire body felt heavy. When I glanced at him, he just smirked, as if he knew the cause of my discomfort. Then, he started to insult me. He insulted my upbringing, and my entire womanhood, and he also mocked me for sleeping with him.

“Why are you blaming me?” I inquired because I really had no idea why he was so worked up.

“Because it’s your fault, Zara! If you didn’t challenge me last night, then it wouldn’t happen. I wouldn’t be compelled to take you here!”

For a moment, I didn’t know how to take all the insults I heard from Lucas. I was like ice instantly melting from his harsh words, and it seemed that I was just frozen in a corner of the bed while he got up to get dressed.

For a moment, I wanted to cry. I wanted to cry for losing my virginity to a horrible bastard. He probably knew he was the first man I slept with even if he was drunk, so the least he could do was to insult me!

“What the fuck! Fuck you, Zara! Damn you, bitch!”

As he cursed me, I bit my bottom lip to stop it from quivering from being humiliated.  Then, he glared at me as I did something so wrong. If there’s something he should do after doing it with me, he should be gentle or even apologize. Why the hell did he keep on cursing at me?

He was so mad, and I couldn’t imagine that the person I admired for so long would hate me like this. The audacity of Lucas Blackwood to insult me after taking my virginity!

“I have no idea that you’re just another desperate whore! You like what happened last night, right? Fucking right, Zara? Answer me, bitch!” he screamed at me.

I quickly shook my head while avoiding his stern gaze. I couldn’t take his insults anymore, and he went overboard with the cuss words.

“You knew I was drunk, Lucas. You also took advantage of my weakness,” I told him, and he became so furious.

"Stop! Just forget about what happened, okay?! Don't ever try to screw me...or I'll make your life a living hell, Zara!"

When he threatened me, I felt his anger, but when he threw some crisp bills into the bed, I couldn’t help but cry. He just didn’t insult me with words, but also paid my body with a handful of cash!

“I hate you!” I told him but he just smirked at me.

“I also hate you, Zara! You cornered me into doing it with you, and this is cheating! Do you know that I am getting married soon?”

He asked but he didn’t give me the chance to reply. After putting his clothes on, he demanded that I should get up from bed. He was scared that his fiancée would find out about what happened, and at that moment, I was so pathetic.

Lucas continued to show how much he despised me because instead of taking me home after what we did last night, he just hailed a cab for me, then I was sent away from his condominium.

When I got home, I was dazed! My mom asked what was wrong but I had no energy to respond. I decided to be alone in my room…and it went on for several weeks.

My routine would be boring. Home to office, then office to home, and nothing in between. It was boring but I couldn’t be bothered about it. There were times when Antoinette wanted to go out again but I didn’t want to be reminded about what happened last time.

One morning, the day I dreaded the most came. I experienced several symptoms of being pregnant, and I immediately confirmed it with I bought a pregnancy test kit.

I seem to have caught a cold. My mom was also a single mom so I couldn’t bear to disappoint her by becoming a single mom, too!

For several days, I tried to hide it, but for some reason, my grandfather discovered my secret. The ticking bomb just went off and my mom almost collapsed when my grandfather became so furious that he wanted to hit me with his fist!

“Dad, stop it!”

Mom tried to calm him down but he was so stubborn. Then, he glared at me, and he looked at me with disappointment in his gray eyes.

“Anna, what have you done to your daughter? Didn’t you teach her well? Why does it have to happen again?”

“Dad, please, it was in the past. Let’s just forget about it,” Mom requested Grandpa to stop talking about the past.

“And you, Zara! You don’t even get to meet your father because he abandoned my daughter, and yet, you dared to follow in her footsteps! Is it too hard to keep your legs close to anyone?”

When my grandfather asked those words, I remembered every single insult I got from Lucas Blackwood that day. Once again, I remembered the pain of being used and insulted.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized for my mistake.

“Sorry? Would it be enough? I raised you well so that whatever happened to your mom wouldn’t happen to you, Zara! Tell me the man’s name! He needs to be responsible!”

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