Book cover of “Luxury Man: The Fight for a Happy Ending. Book 3“ by Little Maze

Luxury Man: The Fight for a Happy Ending. Book 3

JaeHwa and HaYoon's relationship is now official. Everyone already knows, including JaeHwa's ex-boyfriend, Kang, the renowned and unpredictable doctor whose life JaeHwa almost ended. The news is not well received by Kang, and as a result, he will do everything possible, even the impossible, to break up the couple. His main target is the dancer, Pa... 

Chapter 1

With a cake full of bunnies decorating the top part of the white frosting, Hayoon was careful to balance it so as not to knock over the two candles that formed the number twenty-seven.

Euna was at his side. Together, they had ordered that tiny cake to start the day that meant the birth of their favorite person.

Hayoon laughed when his mother-in-law opened the door to his room. Jaehwa was dressed in pajama shorts and a T-shirt, but he was all wrapped up in the sheet, while his cheek was squashed against his hand and his face was partially covered by his long hair. He enjoyed the sight of his beloved completely cute with his mouth in a huge beak and positioned himself next to his mother-in-law, as she sat next to her son.

"Honey, wake up..." Euna called in her sweet voice. He caressed JaeHwa's hair, moving it away from his face, and saw him mumble, still pouting. "Good morning, my son."

JaeHwa stretched, turning around on the bed as he slowly pulled the sheet back. Her eyes widened subtly, and her mouth now supported a small smile.

"Happy Birthday, my love." Hayoon wished, approaching. "My little bunny…”

JaeHwa's eyes fell on the cake and his smile widened.

Park sat next to the older one, watching the other get up to sit between the sheets. With a small tinder, Euna lit both candles and sang the birthday song in a low key.

There wasn't even a second left for JaeHwa not to let his smile dazzle them both. At the end, he blew out the candles, making a wish, since Hayoon didn't make him forget that part.

A light and small kiss was given by the lovers and Euna was last, calmly sealing the center of her son's forehead.

"The day has just begun, and I already know this is the best birthday I've ever had." JaeHwa spoke, looking at them. "I have you with me, mom, and after so much time of fear and insecurity if I would have you with me again... And you too, Hayoon. It's our first anniversary, together."

"The first of many to come, love." left a chaste caress on the pillow-scarred cheek.

"Are we going to skip class?" JaeHwa laughed, he was at the end of the course, he couldn't miss class anymore, much less when he was already preparing his final paper with Taeil.

"Just for today." Hayoon spoke. He was also aware that he couldn't miss so many classes, but there were still additional hours that ensured he would miss that day. Hours coming from some lectures and extra classes that had gone with Minsun and Junsik after the end of the internship.

"All good." JaeHwa agreed, there were also additional hours that would likely get lost. Besides, he would pursue the matter with Taeil later.

"Okay. Now let's eat, I'm starving."

Euna laughed but got to her feet too, beside her son, who had fumbled with the sheets.

"What is this cake from?" JaeHwa asked, following Hayoon.

She sat in the chair when Hayoon placed the cake on the table and stole some frosting when he walked away to get cutlery and crockery.

"The dough is traditional chocolates, but the filling is walnuts with dulce de leche."

JaeHwa watched as his mother cut a large piece when Hayoon returned and sat next to him. Her mouth watered when the woman placed it on one of the plates, and her smile couldn't be smaller when it was handed to her.

"Eat well, today is your day." the woman said, handing him a fork.

He waited for the other two to be served and tasted the cake together. He needed nothing more than the faces of pleasure they made at the sensation of the sweet taste on his tongue.

A serene conversation, without very important agendas, ensued during that coffee. Hayoon was stuck with her boyfriend, she didn't know exactly what to do to make his day completely special, but she had plans that, with Minsun's help, she hoped would work out.

In the afternoon, they watched a movie together on the sofa in the living room, but right after the end, JaeHwa had to go to the club, since Taeil had sent him a message quite urgently about something they needed to organize.

And it was strange to JaeHwa that his best friend didn't wish him happy birthday, but it wasn't like he could ask for anything, maybe Taeil was just tired, or... that wasn't so important.

"Did you bring everything?" Hayoon asked when Minsun arrived with her hands full of bags. To the side, YoonHa was wearing her usual bored expression.

"I don't like lying to my friend, you know? But I was into it just because I like you so much."

Hayoon rolled her eyes and helped her best friend with the bags.

"I promised that if he kept quiet, he would get something good." Minsun whispered, when Min walked away to talk to Euna. "After here, we'll go to the most expensive motel in Seoul, and I'll pay for everything, so I hope this goes really well, understand?"

"Of course it will, relax. Where are the flowers?"

"Not here yet?" Minsun frowned. "Taeil said they would deliver at three."

Hayoon picked up her cell phone and looked at the screen.

"It's already half past three."

"That's weird. I'm going to call him and ask him if he's been told anything."

"Do not do that." grabbed Jung's hand. "If you do, JaeHwa will be suspicious. You know how smart he is."

"The JaeHwa?" Laughed, fun.

"Of course it's him. Jae is very smart, but come on, help me with this. Did you bring all the balloons?"

"It was hard to find all the letters, but I did it."


"You're excited, aren't you?"

"A lot. I could never have a little party like that, not even for Jiwan, that insufferable one, always wanted to go out for dinner."

"Speaking of him, didn't he bother you more?"

"He texts me sometimes. He sent me some right after I moved in with JaeHwa."

"You should block him."

"I block. It's the third time. This last time, I peacefully asked him to go suck a stick and leave me alone. So far, I think it's worked."

"Why does he have to be so insufferable, huh? He never valued you, but since you decided to stay with JaeHwa, he's been like this.

"Maybe he's just another possessive freak. But I swear, if he doesn't stop, I'll report it. I don't care if his fucking uncle is the chief of police, now that I'm watching Kang's trial go by, I am confident that justice can be served."

"Ranah let me know it was set for early November, didn't she?"

"Yes. I don't understand why all this delay. It should only happen soon, I'm so looking forward to seeing him behind bars."

Minsun smiled, Hayoon's excitement and confidence was good to see. Especially for him, who saw his best friend afraid of so little, and, for years, having accepted absurdities coming from so many sides.

"I'm still sad that I got rid of Jae's gift."

"Shouldn't. You got Five thousand, almost the full amount of it."

"Even so... That boots were just like him. Besides being very meaningful..."

"Aish, Hayoon, stop it. Didn't you already buy another gift? Besides, you are organizing the surprise for him now. All of this is as meaningful as an expensive shoe."

Hayoon nodded, Minsun was right. YoonHa watched YoonHa go to answer the door when the doorbell rang, and she got excited when she thought it would be the flowers, but withered when she saw it was Junsik, her grandfather and again the puppies.

Fluffy, on the other hand, was lying down and quiet, but she ran when she saw the other canines and, as if commanding the troop, went straight to the backyard.

"Grandfather." Hayoon greeted the man as he stopped by the counter. "How are you? How was your appointment yesterday?"

"The doctor said that everything is fine with my heart. It looks more like that of a fifty-year-old."

Hayoon laughed, loves the man's sense of humor. He shifted his eyes to Junsik who was approaching, curious about the letters.

"What does that form?"

"Happy Birthday Baby." Minsun spoke. Lee looked at his face with a wrinkle of his nose. "Yeah, I had the same reaction."

"What's too much?" Hayoon asked, blowing one up with the firecracker. "Baby is in a caring way... JaeHwa loves it."

"Can I help you?" Junsik raised his hand, asking for the reserve inhaler next to Hayoon.

And while everyone else had their own business, Taeil had the crucial role to play in keeping the birthday boy entertained. The problem was how to do it.

"What do you mean you can't see it, JaeHwa? It's crooked!"

JaeHwa had both hands on his waist, staring at the lining that Taeil insisted on having placed crookedly, but he couldn't see anything wrong from there.

"You're crazy." said. "There's nothing wrong here, Taeil."

"Of course there is. And there's more."

JaeHwa rolled his eyes, watching his best friend go to the bar.

"Did you see that these cups are different?"

"Is it because we're going to serve them different drinks?" He arched an eyebrow, not understanding the other's paranoia. "Moreally, I can't believe you took me out of the comfort of Hayoon's embrace, right on my birthday, to show me these things. Did you drink?"

"I drank my hand in your face. Look at that crooked shit!" He pointed to the paneling on the wall again.

"What do you want?" JaeHwa didn't care, he sat on one of the bar stools and faced Kim. "It was Hayoon who told you to distract me."

Taeil sighed, fetching a napkin and throwing it in JaeHwa's face.

"If you say I told you something..."

"But you didn't tell me." laughed." yet."

"And I won't even say it. Just stay here until six. That way the little guy is happy, and I get my wonderful fuck in a luxury motel."


"Minsun. YoonHa and I made a deal with him. We helped him and Hayoon to… I can't tell. Anyway, let's play around until six o'clock."

"And your best idea was making me face a completely lined liner?"

"At least I tried." shrugged. "Would you like a drink?"

JaeHwa laughed, denying it.

"A soda is fine."


Junsik held the chair tight so Minsun wouldn't fall, as Jung insisted on getting up there to hold one of the golden balloons.

"Ready." he said, smiling at Lee. "It turned out good, didn't it?"

"It was."

"Minsun, where are these flowers?" Hayoon appeared at the side, her face showing her annoyance. "Will they never arrive?"

"You wouldn't let me call Taeil, he ordered it."

"Holy shit, it's five-forty already!"

"Do you even know the name of the flower shop?" YooJin appeared to the side. I was helping Euna finish organizing some food and drinks in the kitchen.

"I don't think so." Minsun got down from the chair, thoughtful." YoonHa, my moon, do you remember?" he shouted to his boyfriend who was in the backyard with Sunjin and Namsun.

"There was something about the sky."

"Sky?" Hayoon wrinkled her nose at her best friend. "You didn't order flowers from a funeral home, did you?"

"Of course not, you idiot. Google it, something will come up."

"We can sue for damages to the customer." Ranah appeared at the side. "Who has seen such a ridiculous delay?"

"You won't sue anyone." Bae laughed, pulling his girlfriend back to the couch, where they were waiting for Taeil to return with the birthday boy.

"Leave it there." Hayoon withered." Tae is coming back, let's get ready."

Junsik and Minsun "who helped Park" nodded, however, their eyes failed to budge when the doorbell rang."

"Quick, run! Hide!" Hayoon screamed.

"Shut up, you bastard!" Minsun reminded him, making him quickly cover his mouth.

The light was turned off and Hayoon felt her heart speed up.

"One... Two..." he told himself, holding the doorknob. "Three." the lights came on, everyone jumped." SURPR… you're not JaeHwa!"

And with a laugh, JonHee looked around, seeing every pair of eyes on him.

"Of course." replied the obvious, entering the house.

"What a bag." Hayoon grumbled. "There's beer in the kitchen, okay?"

JonHee nodded, greeting one by one in the house.

"Damn it, where's Taeil?!"

Hayoon grumbled, but got a beer to drink as the minutes ticked by.

He glanced at his watch one more time and snorted.

"You will be widowed." said to Minsun, in a threatening tone.

"You're going, where did those two end up?"

Hayoon almost gasped when the doorbell rang again, but unlike before, she ran to look through the peephole and snorted.

"Finally." he complained, opening the door as he faced the flowers and then the delivery man.

"A thousand apologies, sir." the man asked.

"What happened?" Hayoon looked for the flowers, delighted with the bouquet of roses.

"I fell."

Slightly averting her eyes, Hayoon saw the delivery man smile a little.

"Like this?"

"The bike, it skidded, and I fell."

"And how did you manage to leave the flowers in one piece?"

"I didn't. I had to go back and get another bouquet. What ended up on the road will be deducted from my paycheck."

"Oh my..." Hayoon analyzed the man, he wasn't wearing dirty clothes, but on his right hand there was a band. Besides the chin that was bandaged.

"What is your name?"

"Oh, my name is JinKi."

"And did you go to the doctor?" Hayoon wanted to know.

"Don't stay at the door, Jae will be here." Euna pulled them inside. The delivery man widened his eyes, looking around."

"Oh... I don't, but you don't have to mind."

"Is nervous?"

"There are a lot of strangers looking at me." whispered to Hayoon.

"Oh!" and Park laughed, handing Euna the bouquet. "Guys, this is JinKi." pulled the man by the shoulder, leading him to the middle of the room." these are all my friends, Minsun, Junsik, YoonHa and JonHee, that one over there is grandpa, his name is Sunjin, and... ah, this is my sister, Ranah, and her girlfriend, Byeon. The pretty lady who brought you in is my mother-in-law, mother of the birthday boy, JaeHwa, my boyfriend."

"Ah..." The man smiled shyly, still looking around.

"See those little dogs over there?" But Hayoon continued, pointing to the little dogs running between the other people's legs. who took my nickname because he is also the smallest."


"But don't worry, everyone here is one family, you know? How old are you? Want something to drink?"

"You're scaring him." Minsun appeared at the side, looking at the boy. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise. You are which of those names he spoke?

"Minsun. Jung Minsun."

"I am Junsik." Moon introduced himself, curious as he looked at the brunette's chin. "Are you okay?"

"Oh yes, thanks for asking."

"You still haven't answered the question." Hayoon insisted.

"I'm nineteen."

"How young." he smiled, as if they were so many years apart. "Do you want a drink? There's beer, soju, soda, water and coffee."

"Coffee ran out." Minsun said. "I drank before drinking soju."

"You're going to be sick!" Hayoon looked at him.

"I won't. But then, JinKi, would you like a beer?"

"Doesn't he need to go back to work?" Junsik stared at them.

"Actually, I got fired. I'm just going to get my paycheck on Monday." JinKi laughed at his own situation.

"You know you can sue them? It wasn't your fault you fell." Hayoon said." If you want, I'll give you my sister's contact, she's a lawyer and a good one."

"Thank you, but there's no need. I was already wanting to get out of that place anyway. I'll look for another one soon."

"I hope you're lucky."


"So, would you like the beer?" smiled.

"Oh yes. Thank you."

Minsun put her arms around the delivery guy and, talking as if she had known him for a while, took him to the kitchen to fetch the beer.

"He is cute." Junsik whispered. Hayoon looked at him promptly, with the bottle of beer between her lips. After a long drink, he laughed.

"And that trick of yours? Is it over?"

"It hasn't even started...

"And who was it?"

"You really don't know?" Junsik denied it. "It was right in front of you, Hayoon."

"Minsun made a guess, but I don't know..."

"What was the guess?"

Hayoon bit her lower lip.

"Professor Moon?"

"Bingo." laughed, weakly denying. "I was made from the sole of a shoe, can you believe it?"


"He is married." Hayoon's eyes widened, almost popping out of the box.


"I swear, but I didn't know. I didn't suspect he just wanted to go out with me late at night and always to a place far away from the city... I was silly."

"It wasn't your fault. But did you…have sex?"

Junsik sighed. I didn't even have to answer.

"I am really sorry." Hayoon touched his shoulder." If you want, we can set fire to his clothes when he goes to the shower at the gym. It's our last week on the internship, the worst that happens is we get arrested, but my sister gives a way about it."

Junsik laughed but denied it.

"No need, but thanks for caring about me like that."

"We're friends, Junsik, of course I care."

Hayoon raised the beer he was drinking, toasting with his friend. He took a sip of the drink, but almost choked when he heard his mother-in-law look out the window and announce that Taeil's car had parked.

Hayoon ran to the door, holding the flower bouquet, while the others held some confetti spears.

Taeil, on the other side of the door, asked his best friend to remain as someone who didn't know anything, pointing out again what he would lose in case Minsun suspected that he, unintentionally, let JaeHwa know about it.

Jeon nodded, watching him open the door, and as soon as all the voices shouted in unison and his Park appeared there with a giant bouquet of roses, his face was one of complete, and false, surprise.

"My... my…!" he said, looking at everyone while he had his hand on his chest. "What a surprise!"

"Happy Birthday Baby." Park approached, leaving a kiss on the thin lips before handing over the bouquet.

"How beautiful, Hayoon." thanked you. "you all here, I didn't think you'd be preparing this."

"Yeah, your mom said you never had a surprise party, but then we did. Didn't you know?"

"Not a bit. I swear."

Hayoon smiled proudly, letting her boyfriend walk past the others, thanking each "happy birthday" he received.

"Are you the birthday boy?" JaeHwa frowned but nodded. "Happy birthday, man." and JinKi hugged him.

Returning the hug, JaeHwa looked at YoonHa's face right behind the man, still not understanding anything.

"Thank you..." he said, seeing JinKi smile and leave with a bottle of beer in his hands. "Who is that?" asked YoonHa.

"The flower delivery guy. JinKi, Hayoon invited him after he heard he got fired after falling off his motorcycle."

"Like this?"

"Long story..."

Hayoon returned to JaeHwa, pulling him with her to the table where he, Minsun and Junsik had set up.

"Another cake?" JaeHwa laughed, still holding the flowers.

"Yeah, but look over there." pointed at the balloons.

""Happy birthday, baby"" laughed again, a little louder, enjoying how careful and cheesy Hayoon was.

But I loved that about him.

"Did you like it?" he asked anxiously.

"I loved love." he approached to wrap his arms around the younger's waist with one hand, leaving the flowers in the other so as not to crush them. "Thank you very much, my dear."

"I love you, I'm happy to be able to prepare all this for you. Then I'll give you the gift."

"Um, is it sex?"

"So as to." he laughed, denying it as he walked away. "Someone can hear."

"So it's a no?"

"A maybe. But I got you a real present, silly."

"Okay. I loved the flowers."


"Uhm, they're beautiful. But why is the delivery guy here too?"

"Poor him, Jae, got fired. He fell off his motorcycle when he was bringing the bouquet I ordered, so he had to go back to the flower shop and get another one, and he got fired."

"Hey, but... that's an accident at work, no one can be fired under circumstances like that."

"I told him he could sue the flower shop, but he wouldn't. He even said he'd look for another job."

JaeHwa looked at the boy in the kitchen, talking animatedly with Junsik and Minsun.

"Is he of legal age?"

"He's nineteen, that's what he said."

"I'll talk to him later. But for now, how about giving me one more kiss and sharing a beer with me?"

Hayoon smiled, nodding. He looked for the flowers to leave in a vase with water and went to get a new beer, since the previous one had disappeared from where he had left it.

Euna had probably already thrown it away. She hated glass bottles scattered around the house, especially at celebrations where there would soon be some drunks lying around too.

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